Posted by qwaring's clone#1 (Member #48 ) on Fri Jun 11, 2004 6:10 pm
**After a brief stop at the Nadesico Qwaring's clone#1 appears at the welcome party place as he walks "on panel". The orange clone begins looking for his niece in this abandoned place. His lengthy search is concluded by a thorough examination of the bar.**

**He follows this examination with some quick rummaging through the contents of the bar.**

**Which is followed by some careful exploration of the area around the bar.**

**Which is followed by a long period of scrutiny over the layout of the bar.**

**Which is followed by a quick drink, because all work and no play doesn't get a clone drunk.**

**After searching for Quaxo here for a few hours the clone concludes that his niece isn't here. So QC#1 takes one last drink for the road and stumbles his way "off panel" to continue his search.**
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