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    Gloria was glad to have met Amy. Hollywood seemed a little scary. It was a lot different then home. However, now that she met Amy, she didn't think of as it scary. The other woman was very nice. Gloria was hoping they would be friends. Amy could help guide her through this big transition. She was hopeful that both of them could make it big.

    Gloria nodded her head to Amy.

    "I understand that, I just hope to get some kind of chance. Even if it is a really small part."

    Gloria didn't expect to make it big right away. She just wanted someone to give her a chance. She'd be willing to do just about anything, except take her clothes off to make it. Good things came to those who waited. If she worked hard and was patient, maybe someone would be willing to take a chance on her.

    Gloria had no plans to cause trouble at Maggie's hotel. All she planned to do was get settled in and work a job to pay the bills until she got signed with an agent. Gloria followed Amy and nodded her head that she worked as a receptionist. She hoped to find a respectable person to work for too.

    '"That's good. I need to find a nice job."

    She certainly didn't have enough money to stay in the motel for too long. It was a nice room. Nothing fancy, but it would definitely do. There were a lot worse places to stay. Gloria smiled at Amy.

    "You're right, it is nice."

    Mrs Maggie seemed like a very nice lady. It also relieved Gloria that it was mostly other women who stayed here. That meant it would be relatively safe for a single woman to stay at.

    "Thank you for recommending this place."

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    Amy was very happy to have met Gloria as well. She felt that she would give something and get something out of that relationship. She could offer the other woman some ways of being safe, and she could get a new friend - and Amy knew full well how much she needed one in there. And if she managed to get a good contract out of Rich Porter, she might even offer Gloria the position she would end up having to leave. It was a good place to work, and the boss was a very respectable man, so it would be a good idea for Gloria to work for him instead of risking finding someone who was not so nice.

    When Gloria said that she hoped to get a chance, Amy nodded. “Small parts are easier to find”, she replied. “A lot of girls who want to make it big think they are too good for those, but this is where agents sometimes catch wind of your face. And of course, even if you seek them out yourself, it helps to have something to show for yourself. Photos are also good. You should find a way to get a portfolio done. Agents love that”, Amy advised. It was clear that she had already learned some of the ropes. “I can show you mine if you’re not sure about how it’s supposed to be, and let you in on how I have gotten it for next to nothing”, the girl continued. It was clear that she really wanted to help.

    Hearing Gloria say she needed to find a nice job, Amy decided to make her an offer without telling her about her possible break - Amy had heard from her mother that one should never tell about their plans before they came to fruition. “If you would like, I can talk to the gentleman I work for and see if he can get you a position with him, or someone he knows and trusts - I believe it would be safer”, the girl offered, gently.

    Once Gloria had seen and approved of the room, Amy felt a little more relaxed. It was good to know that the other girl would stick around. She showed a bright smile when Gloria thanked her. “Oh, not at all. It’s gonna be great to have you around, I’m sure. I’ll let you finish get settled, while I write a letter home and do some tidying up. But please, knock at any time I’m around, all right?”, she offered, knowing that was what friends were for, and hoping that they did become friends pretty soon.

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    In a city like this, there was nothing wrong with having a friend. Gloria felt like she and Amy were similar people. Two small town girls, trying to catch their big break. Gloria hoped that Amy got her big break, as much as Gloria wanted one for herself. She also hoped that by meeting Amy, she might be able to get used to Hollywood faster. It was a big city and could be dangerous to those who weren't used to it.

    Gloria nodded her head at what Amy said about small parts. She'd take any type of work, as long as it was respectable and allowed her to keep her clothes on. She didn't want to stoop too low.

    "You're right about the small parts. Everyone has to start somewhere. And I never even considered photos."

    Although it did make sense that photos and a portfolio would be a good idea. Until she could find an agent or direction to give her a chance, her portfolio would be pretty slim. She smiled at Amy.

    "If you don't mind, I'd like to see it."

    Gloria realized she came a little unprepared for this city and was glad she had ran into Amy. She felt better about her chances now that she was talking to someone who had been where she was. Seeing Amy's own portfolio would help her get ideas what her own should be. She was surprised when Amy offered to talk to the gentleman she worked for. She smiled.

    "I'd like that. I truly have no idea where to start looking. Any help and advice you can give is very much appreciated. And someday, I'll pay you back for it."

    Gloria didn't want Amy to think she planned to take advantage of the other girl's kindness to her. She would pay her back someday for all the help she was giving her now. She nodded her head to Amy when she suggested coming around any time.

    "I'll definitely take you up on that. I should call home and let my parents know I got here safe."

    She was sure her mother was quite worried about how the long bus ride had went. Although calling home would get expensive fast and planned to write more letters then make phone calls. She planned to not only see Amy's portfolio but hoped to become friends with her.

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    Amy would definitely appreciate knowing that Gloria hoped that she would also get a break. She definitely hoped that Gloria would find a way to have her dreams come true, and that she would find her own way to the top. There was enough space for everyone, after all, and Amy wasn’t really a selfish girl. She had been raised, like Gloria, in a small town, after all. And in small towns, people helped one another, instead of trying to step on everyone else for money and success.

    Once she had decided that she would help Gloria, Amy decided to get right on it. She knew that the sooner one got started, the closer they were to the big break. When Gloria said that she had never considered photos, Amy nodded. “Oh, I hadn’t thought about them either, someone suggested it after I got here - it’s a nice way of making your face known, and there’s always a small gig here and there, modeling clothes. You don’t have to do much other than look nice and do as you’re told”, she explained.

    Nodding when Gloria told her that she would like to see her portfolio, Amy agreed right away. She had offered it, after all, and not just out of politeness. Amy really wanted to offer Gloria a hand and help her find herself a place in the sun. “Sure, I’ll bring it in soon”, she promised, since Gloria was just getting settled.

    She was also willing to set Gloria up with her employer, as she was about to move on for a better job, and her boss would need someone to work there. And having a small town girl work for him would probably be good for the man as well. When Gloria said she would pay her back, Amy smiled and made a gesture to mean “don’t worry about that”.

    “Sure, call your folks, I’ll take this time to get my portfolio. You can hold on to it for a while if you want to”, Amy replied.

    She would excuse herself before leaving, and go to her room for the portfolio. When she came back, Amy would wait patiently until she heard silence inside to knock on the door. She didn’t want to intrude while Gloria was talking to her family, after all.

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    Gloria nodded her head to Amy.

    "That is a good idea."

    She hadn't thought of modeling, but it would help get her name out there. Maybe people would like her look, Gloria thought. Plus, she didn't think it was too difficult to wear nice clothes and let someone take her picture. As long as she was properly covered up, she'd be okay with it.

    "Sounds good."

    Gloria replied when Amy said she'd get her portfolio while Gloria called home. Gloria hoped that both her and Amy's dreams came true. She wasn't a selfish girl. While she wanted a big break, she certainly hoped her new friend would get one too. Gloria might be in the big city now but she had still had small town values. In a small town, people looked out for one in another. It was going to be nice to have a friend here, she thought. She wouldn't feel so alone, which she was.

    This was the farthest that Gloria had ever been for home. It had been scary to get on that bus and leave everything she knew behind. She had debated not going at all. Marry that nice boy down the street who had a sweet smile. But...Gloria knew deep down that she'd also feel like something was missing. Even if she fell flat on her face in Hollywood, at least she could say she tried. That was better then doing nothing at all. Besides, she made a new friend. That was always a positive.

    Gloria had a nice chat with her parents. She didn't talk to them too long. Her parents were happy she arrived safely and had made a new friend.

    "...Yeah, Mom, you'd really like Amy. Okay, I love you too. Bye."

    Gloria told her mother and told her she'd call again tomorrow. Her mother wanted lots of updates about Hollywood. She hung up the phone and heard Amy knock and invited her back in.

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    Amy smiled to Gloria when she agreed that modelling would be a good idea. As long as she knew how to pick the right jobs, she would be safe, and her face would become known. It had been a lesson Amy had learned that had served her well in getting small parts for more exposition.

    “It will be good for you. It’s basically the first step of the ladder, right before they start giving you silent parts, and then a line or two”, Amy explained. “As long as you choose the right people, you should be safe and make some money”, she completed, patiently.

    When Gloria said that taking a look at her portfolio sounded good, it sounded like a good cue for Amy to excuse herself and go for it.

    While she gave Gloria some time to call home, Amy would take a look at her portfolio. It had her pictures set in the order they had been taken, and Amy couldn’t help but smile at her first pictures. She looked so young, even though it hadn’t been that long ago. It was a testimony to how much Hollywood changed people, Amy thought to herself.

    Once she was invited back in, Amy stepped into the room and closed the door. She smiled at Gloria and sat by her side. “You look homesick”, she commented in a gentle intonation. “It gets better once you start getting busy”, Amy completed, trying to offer some encouraging words.

    After these words - and after waiting for Gloria to say something back -, Amy opened up her portfolio. It was pretty simple - basically a notebook with the pictures pasted on a page each, and some information about the job the picture had been taken for - date, name of the photographer, and which company they had been taken for. The pictures were all very basic, featuring Amy sitting on whatever pieces she was modelling, and also very decent.

    “This is pretty much it. Of course there are professional portfolios, but I can’t afford one. Having proof of previous work helps out a lot, though. Most photographers are willing to give you a copy of the picture for about a dollar or two”, she explained. “You can also take down the names I have here - you will see that I have worked with the same people several times -, as they are all reliable and don’t work with the “other” kind of pictures”, Amy offered, not detailing what the other kind would be, since it should be pretty obvious.

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    Gloria nodded her head to Amy. What she said about the pictures made sense. People had to like your look before they'd ever consider you for a movie. Even for a small walk on part, with no lines. There was so much to learn about Hollywood, she realized. How lucky was she that she had met Amy and that Amy was so nice. Willing to help her out here. She'd be a ship lost at sea if she had not ran into Amy. Perhaps they were meant to meet and become friends. That was a nice thought.

    When Amy commented that she looked homesick, Gloria nodded her head.

    "A little. This is the first time I've ever been away from home for more then just a night or two visiting family in the next town over. Tonight is meatloaf night. My mom makes a really good meatloaf."

    She said, her mother had certain meals her father always liked her to make. Meatloaf was a weekly meal at the Neal household. She didn't realize how much she missed not having that meatloaf tonight. She hoped it would get easier when she got some real work. Then she could call home with good news and be a step closer to co-starring in a movie with the Martin Hayes.

    "Do you still miss home? Or is this place home to you now?"

    Gloria asked her, curious of what Amy considered her home now. Gloria looked at the portfolio with Amy. Such a difference in the pictures, she thought. Amy was looked so fresh faced and naive when she first arrived. Like Gloria would surely looked like right now. She was glad it didn't have to be anything fancy. That agents and directors apparently cared more about the pictures themselves then what they were in. Even she could afford a simple notebook.

    "That's pretty reasonable."

    She replied when Amy said the general cost of a copy. It would make sense the photographers would keep the originals. After all, they needed stuff for their own portfolios.

    "Thank you. I'd like work with reliable people and avoid 'other' things, if I can."

    She had been raised to be a respectable girl. Gloria knew, without asking, what 'other' stuff Amy was talking about. Her father had made her promise to not be involved in that type of stuff. He hadn't raised her to that kind of girl.

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    Amy showed Gloria a kind smile when she said she was a little homesick. She could remember how she had felt shortly after getting to Hollywood. It seemed hostile, scary, like a lonely desert. She was glad that Gloria would at least have someone to talk to, something she had not had for a while.

    “I feel you there. I had never spent more than a week away from home when I came here too, and even then, it was with family, so it wasn’t really… away from home, I guess”, she replied. “I’m sure she does. Maybe we should do something nice so you won’t feel so low?”, the girl suggested. Of course, they couldn’t do anything fancy, but they could at least go for a cup of coffee or something of the sort.

    When Gloria asked her if she still missed home, Amy nodded with a sigh. “Every minute of every day”, she confessed. “It’s not too bad when I’m busy, but when I go to bed, I really miss hearing my mom say good night”, the girl explained with a soft sigh. “It does get better, though”, she carried on. “Mostly when you get busy and start having time for nothing but work”.

    After these words, Amy kept silent while Gloria looked at her pictures. When Gloria said that she would like to work with reliable people, Amy nodded. “I will introduce you to this gentleman I often work with”, she offered. “His name is Phil, and he has daughters about our age, so he feels a bit of a sense of responsibility. He has helped me a lot since I have come here”, Amy explained.

    After another break and yet another sigh, she tapped her forehead. “Of course. You need to write a list of your skills too. Whatever you can do that can be interesting. You know, anything special, like riding a horse, or speaking another language, anything that makes you different”.

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    Coming here was a huge adjustment for Gloria. She was so far from home and she did miss her family. Although, maybe if she spent more time with Amy, she wouldn't feel as lonely. Having one friend was better then having none at all. It already felt like she had known Amy for a long time. They just clicked together. It was quite easy for Gloria to talk to her. Especially since Amy knew what she was going through.

    Gloria smiled. It would nice to do something with Amy. Neither girl was rich but maybe going out for coffee and sandwich would help.

    "I'd like that. Is there anywhere nearby that sells some good coffee and sandwiches but doesn't break the bank?"

    Gloria asked. She then nodded her head that keeping busy helped. That made sense, if you were busy, you couldn't think about home and the loved ones you were missing. Gloria definitely wanted to meet Phil. He sounded nice from what Amy said. If he thought of girls their age like his daughters, then that meant he was safe to work with. He wouldn't expect 'other' things from them. She nodded her head about the list of skills.

    "Well, my parents put me in dance classes as a kid. I can tap dance and do a little ballet."

    Gloria offered, wondering if dancing was a skill agents and directors looked for.


    After sending Amy on her way, it was back to business at Rich's office. He lined up two meetings with two movie directors for his star client. He kept Martin Hayes busy a lot, the more Martin worked, the more money Rich earned. He looked up when Diane, one of his secretaries, walked in. She had her arms full of bags.

    "Here, I got the stuff for Matthew's birthday party."

    Diane said, plopping the bags down on his desk. He used Diane for his more personal errands. His eldest son's birthday party was this weekend and he had told his wife that he'd handle the shopping. Actually, more like he'd send Diane out to get stuff. He briefly looked at the bags, assuming whatever she picked out would work.

    "And did you get a present for Raquel? Friday is our anniversary."

    Raquel was the name of his long time mistress. Diane nodded her head and held up a smaller bag from a jewelry store.

    "Yeah, I think she'd like this."

    Rich opened the box inside the bag and saw a gold bracelet. It looked expensive.

    "It was on sale."

    Diane commented. Rich could be quite the cheapskate. Hearing that pleased him. He handed her a folder.

    "We got a new girl coming in tomorrow. I need you to work up her contract and have it ready before nine tomorrow."

    "What? But it's almost five-"

    Diane said, looking at the clock. The office closed at 5:30, there was no way she could get it done before that. Contracts took time to draw up. Diane had to make sure all the ducks were in order. She had to be careful and make sure there was nothing wrote wrong that could lead to a lawsuit. The time she had spent doing his personal shopping, she could have spent actually doing her job. Rich shrugged.

    "I'll pay you overtime."

    Rich said, not pleased with her attitude towards doing her actual job. The one he had hired her for.

    "But I have a date tonight."

    "So, reschedule it. I'm sure your little grease monkey will understand."

    Rich replied, not understanding what the big deal was. It wasn't like Shane Malone could take Diane any where fancy. He was an auto mechanic, Rich was sure Diane made more money then her boyfriend.


    "Diane, I pay you very well and I don't ask much in return. Would you much rather your 'side' jobs be given to someone else? That way you can do the job I hired you for."

    The 'side' jobs were how she could send extra money to her parents back home. Make sure her father's debts got paid and his knee caps stayed intact. Diane lowered her head.

    "No, Mister Porter."

    "Good, now get to work. And don't forget to lock up when you're done."

    "Yes, Mister Porter."

    Diane said, leaving his office with the folder about Amy Stevens in her hand.

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    Amy was glad that Gloria had agreed with the idea of going somewhere. It would definitely be much better than sitting there and missing home. And she could learn how to walk around the area as well. Amy was more than willing to help her new friend out. That’s what friends were for, right?

    “Yeah, there’s a really nice diner just across the street. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’m always there”, she explained. “It’s a Mom and Pops place, and they don’t charge a lot of money for the food”, the girl completed. It was a good thing that Gloria was a simple girl like herself, who dreamed of making it big, but knew she wasn’t there yet. Things would definitely be a lot easier this way.

    Hearing about Gloria’s skills, Amy nodded. “Definitely mention that. They pay you a little better when you get a role if you are a ‘specialty’”. She explained the term. “It’s basically when you can do something not everyone can. For instance, my grandma is French, so I can speak French pretty well. That makes me a little more useful if they need that. You know, pretty much any learned skill apart from acting”, Amy explained calmly. “I know it sounds like a lot to learn, but I’ll help you out. For now, though, I’ll change into something simpler so we can go for coffee, okay?”, she completed.

    The girl would wait for Gloria’s reply before excusing herself again. She had to keep her nice clothes tidy for when she needed them, until she could buy new ones.

    It wouldn’t take too long for Amy to return, though, now wearing a nice navy blue dress. It was clearly home made, but it made clear that her mother, or whoever had made it, had a good way with a needle. “Shall we?”, she called for Gloria, waiting so they could take their stroll across the street.

    For now, that was all she could afford. But things would definitely improve as soon as she started working with Rich Porter.

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