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    Amy Stevens

    Amy felt incredibly excited and nervous about this audition. This was her big chance. She had to make things work. This had to be it. She had to get this role and do well in the movie. This was her first, and maybe only, chance to get a place in Hollywood. It was now or never.

    When the director came back with Martin Hayes, Amy felt her heart race. That was it. That was her chance. Be professional, Amy, be professional, she told herself silently. Taking a deep breath, Amy nodded in a greeting to Martin and smiled back. "Hello, Mister Hayes", she replied to his greeting. "It's a pleasure", she added politely, before taking another deep breath to calm herself down and walking to her spot on the set as soon as Martin had taken his.

    "Yes, sir", she replied when the director told her to run the scene with Martin.

    Once she was sure she was positioned correctly - a few steps behind the main actor, but not enough that the people watching the movie could notice -, Amy closed her eyes for a second and opened them again. She had acted before, at least enough to know that this position was the best to put Martin in evidence.

    "I know you do, Daniel. What I don't know is why you are sitting here with me, instead of going after her", she replied, beginning her part of the scene, in which she was supposed to play the supportive sister.

    Despite the fact that she was nervous, Amy had practiced enough with Gloria to know her part by heart, and it wasn't too hard to get in character and do her best. Sure, she wasn't as good as Martin Hayes - and she wasn't supposed to be. But she was at least good enough to look good on camera and say her lines in a convincing way.

    Once the scene was over, Amy didn't dare to move from her position, leaning forward and touching Martin's arm in a supportive way. She would have to wait for the director to cut the scene before moving, she knew that much.

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    Scott Rodgers & Martin Hayes

    Martin could see Amy's nervousness, she wasn't a good enough actress to hide that. Not that he blamed her. He had been nervous as well, before he got his first big break. It was only natural to be nervous. Especially when an audition like this could mean the difference in your life. But Martin had been a top dog in Hollywood for a few years now. He wasn't nervous anymore. Hell, he didn't even have to audition very often for parts. Movie studios sent him scripts, wanting him in their movies.

    Although he was always kind to the young actors wanting to get their start. He had been in those shoes once and tried not to treat them like shit. Not like how some other top stars did. Kindness went further on the set.

    Scott studied Amy very carefully. This movie had been one Martin hadn't had to audition for. The script writer had written the part of Daniel with Martin in mind. Once Martin's agent had told them that Martin agreed to play the part, then they had sent out a casting call for the rest of the cast. Nancy was one of the last parts they had to fill. Scott knew the studio was paying a hefty salary for Martin Hayes. You had to get him in a movie, he was a top actor and commanded a high salary. He also knew that if Rich Porter sent a girl over for another role, they could usually cut a deal for her. Thus saving the studio some money.

    But he was the type of the director that wanted to make a good movie, not just money. He believed in the art form and wanted the best people possible to bring the story to life. Thankfully for Amy, she was meeting and exceeding his expectations. She wasn't drooling at Martin, always a good sign. And she and Martin were playing off each other very well.

    "Thank you, Nancy. I'm going to do it. I'm going to talk to her."

    Martin said as the scene ended.

    "Good job."

    Martin whispered to Amy and kissed her cheek. He ad libbed that part. It wasn't in the script but it felt like a natural ending to the scene for him. Scott stood up and clapped.

    "Emily, cancel the other auditions. We have found our Nancy."

    He said to Mrs Westerfield, who nodded her head. She had been standing next to Scott as he had watched the scene. She turned and left to do what he said. Scott smiled to Amy.

    "Miss Stevens, I will have Emily work up your contract for the movie and send it to Mister Porter's office. I truly hope you'll find the terms acceptable and we can make a beautiful movie together."

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    Amy Stevens

    Amy felt her heart race, and her stomach tighten as she prepared to start the audition. She took several deep breaths, kowing that she had to stay calm enough to make her voice audible. This wasn't her first audition, of course. But it was her first audition to the silver screen, and there was too much at stake.

    While Amy knew that not getting a part wasn't the end of the world - or the end of a career -, she also knew that, if she failed too badly, she would never get another role. Word got out quickly in Hollywood, about anything at all. Even she, who was still outside the business, knew a lot of local gossip. Someone had been caught sleeping with a married producer, and blacklisted. That other girl had 'gotten in trouble' and had to find a back alley doctor to 'fix' it. That actor had slept with another man for a role. There was a lot that went around. And Amy didn't want her name to go around as the girl who couldn't speak during an audition.

    Lucky for Amy, Martin Hayes seemed to be a good guy, and he managed to put her at ease. His little kiss on her cheek at the end of the scene was comforting as well. While she wasn't attracted to him, Amy still felt very grateful that Martin was being so nice.

    Once the scene was cut, Amy relaxed, breaking character and turning to Scott with an anxious expression.

    When the man said they had found their Nancy, Amy started crying very quietly. This was finally her break. Taking a deep breath, Amy nodded at the man's words. "T-thank you, sir", she replied, a bit calmer. "I'm sure the terms will be acceptable". She turned to Martin then. "Thank you, Mr. Hayes", she added, waiting to see if there was something else to be said at the moment. All she wanted, now, was to go back to the motel and tell Gloria the good news.

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    Scott Rodgers & Martin Hayes

    No matter how nervous Amy had been, she had hid it well. And she had impressed Scott with the scene. She wasn't a seasoned actress, but she had a good chemistry with Martin. And she had gotten into the character well. He had believed the scene and thought a future audience would as well. Yes, he was definitely willing to pay whatever Rich would want for her to be in the movie.

    "You're welcome, Miss Stevens. We'll be in touch and welcome aboard."

    Emily was already going to draft up the contract. It would be at Rich's office before the end of the day. Martin smiled at Amy.

    "You're welcome, but please, call me Martin."

    He told her in a friendly matter. For a famous actor, he didn't have an air of being better then her about him. He seemed like a pretty normal guy. That was the persona Martin pulled off. The public responded better to an actor who didn't act like he was better then them. Scott had one of the security guards show Amy out of the set. During that Martin met up with his bodyguard, Paul Weston, to go out for lunch. Martin waved to Amy as he got into Paul's car.

    "Have a good day, Amy."

    He told her with a smile. Already on a first name basis with his new co-star.

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    Amy Stevens

    Amy was incredibly relieved now. The scene was over, and she had done well. That was always a good thing. Even if she had done horribly, it would at least be done and over with. But she had gotten lucky enough to find a good director and a good actor to work off of. Having worked before, Amy knew how important the other person sharing the stage with you was.

    "Thank you again, sir", she replied to the director, feeling more relaxed now.

    She smiled to Martin and nodded. "All right, Martin, thanks", she replied, taking a deep breath to collect herself before following the security guard out of the set. She thanked the man too, and waved back to Martin. "You too, Martin", she replied to him, before making her way out on the street and taking a long and deep breath. "Thank God!", she murmured to herself, before making her way to the nearest bus stop. She had yet to make it to where she wouldn't need to ride the bus anymore, after all.

    As soon as Amy got back to the motel she was calling home for now, she greeted the landlady politely and asked for her keys, before asking whether or not Gloria was in. Once hearing she was, Amy went in her room just to leave her purse and take off her shoes, and knocked on Gloria's door. As soon as her friend opened, Amy let out an excited exclamation. "We did it! We got the part!", she exclaimed. "It would never have happened without your help", Amy added sincerely.

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    Gloria Neal

    The director and Martin Hayes both wished that Amy had a good day. Now that she won the part, everything else would be happening very fast. The studio just had to get the details of her contract settled with Rich Porter, finish casting the minor roles, and they could start filming.

    Gloria had been practicing posing for pictures in the bathroom mirror. Doing her hair up and acting like a model. While her ultimate goal was to be an actress, Gloria knew success did not happen overnight. She had to get her feet wet first and modeling was a good way to do so. Amy had been waiting a long time to get her break and Gloria had been hoping she'd finally get it. All day, since Amy had left, Gloria had been trying to send her positive thoughts. She heard the knock at her door and practically ran towards the door. She grinned at Amy and gave her a big hug.

    "I'm so happy for you! I knew you could do it."

    She invited her friend inside and said.

    "We should go somewhere to celebrate."

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    Amy Stevens

    Amy was incredibly relieved now that she had gotten the part. She felt this would be the first of many. Still, Amy told herself she shouldn't look to far ahead yet. She had to take one step at a time. So, she needed to worry about doing the best she could in this movie, and do her best to get other roles. Even if she kept taking marginal roles, Amy was sure it was worth it. She would be on the silver screen. That was more than she had imagined she could do, after waiting for so long.

    Now, Amy promised herself, she would help Gloria find her own way into the movies. As soon as her own position was solidified, she would introduce her friend to Rich Porter, and he would help both girls build a career in Hollywood.

    For now, though, all Amy wanted was to focus on the present. And the present was telling Gloria she had gotten the part, and celebrating with her friend.

    Giving Gloria a tight hug, Amy nodded. "Let's go to an Italian place, it's just around the corner", she invited. "My treat".

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    Gloria Neal

    Gloria was so happy for Amy. She felt her friend truly deserved this. A movie with Martin Hayes, it would be the start of great things for Amy's career. Unless you were living under a rock, everyone knew how Martin Hayes was. He was one of the most talented and successful actors in Hollywood. Directors wanted him in their movies and his co-stars got instantly noticed. He had helped launch the careers of many people.

    After returning the hug, she said.

    "That sounds perfect to me."

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    Amy Stevens

    Amy felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her chest. She had feared that her career would end before it even started, as she had seen happen to so many others. Hollywood only cared about you if you were young and beautiful, or young and handsome if you were a man. Of course, once you made it into the world of actors and actresses whose names were instantly recognizable, you were allowed to get older. Not before that, though. And she had met many women who were 'too old' for Hollywood when they turned 30. It was a said world.

    Looking at her new friend, Amy decided that she wouldn't let this be Gloria's fate. Of course, she needed to build some capital, and Gloria needed to build a portfolio, but Amy wanted to introduce her to Rich Porter as soon as possible. Everyone knew Rich Porter liked pretty girls. He took them on so he would have bargaining chips and make even more money by making Martin Hayes and some girl a package deal, or renting out their contracts. Amy didn't care much if she would be nothing but a pawn. Being a pawn for Rich Porter meant you would be a well-known pawn, which was more than she had.

    After taking a deep breath and calming down, Amy excused herself to change into something simpler - Hollywood simple, of course, which meant a nice skirt and a nice blouse. They had to look good even in their sleep, basically. Once she was ready, Amy waited for Gloria and walked with her to the restaurant. Just like the diner, it was a simple, but clean place, and the food smelled good. Once they got to a table, Amy checked a menu. "I think we should get a glass of wine to celebrate. Oh". She took a deep breath. "I hate to tell you that, but it's important. Never accept any drink from a man if you haven't seen it being poured. They put this thing in your drink that makes you... do things with them, and then you forget it all later. It's really bad too, some girls have died because the guy has put too much of it in their drink. It doesn't really have a taste or smell, so you never know".

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    Gloria Neal

    Gloria was truly happy for Amy to have gotten the part. Gloria was starting to realize how hard it was in Hollywood. So many young women wanted the same thing and there were only so parts to go around. Amy had told her how long she had been here and had warned her what happened once a woman got closer to thirty. Unless, she was already famous, the directors had no use for a woman once she had hit that age. Well, Amy had avoided that pitfall. Gloria was sure her friend would do great in her movie role. That it would open the door for many more great things to come.

    "Of course we need to celebrate. Once the movie comes out you're going to be famous."

    Gloria told Amy with a grin. She had no doubt that being in a movie with Martin Hayes would open the door for Amy. Who knew, maybe someday Amy would even more famous then Martin? One could dream, and in the City of Angels, one should dream big.

    Although, the City of Angels did have some demons, Gloria was starting to realize. Especially when Amy warned her about accepting drinks. Things like that...It never happened in the small town she was from. She didn't realize people would even do such a thing to each other. She bit her lip and nodded her head.

    "I never...Thank you for warning me. I'll remember that."

    She said, a little scared to think what someone could do to her and have her not even realize it. She was still a naive small town girl at heart.

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