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    Rainy Night OOC Information and plotting

    Rainy Night OOC Information and plotting

    Location: An old abandoned inn in the middle of nowhere in rural England, near a few back roads.

    The Inn

    Plot: All of the characters will end up having to stay there to - they believe - wait out a pretty bad rainstorm before they can go on with their business. The invisible inhabitants of the inn have other plans, though, as a tragedy has trapped them in there years ago, and they seem to want company.

    - Characters for this (as for most of my roleplays) should be regular humans without any supernatural ability;
    - I strongly advise characters are created specifically for this roleplay;
    - Your characters can, and probably WILL, get seriously injured and even die - so don't join with a character you love too much;
    - Once your character is in the house, they can't simply up and leave - there will always be something to stop them;
    - I have the general plot, but I will make a lot up as we go;
    - We will have a character sheet template, and even if you have a premade character, you will be required to fit it into the standard template, so all characters have the same format;

    Written floor plan for the Inn - so everyone knows the general layout:

    Basement: Wood storage space - as the house is really old and relies on wood for heating and cooking, junk scattered around in boxes or on the floor. There is a furnace, and in the boxes, old toys, books, journals, photo albums, cleaning supplies, etc.

    Ground floor: Entrance hall/living room, still with the register counter and keys to the rooms available; kitchen, with a large communal table and old, but still solid chairs, and a primitive stove that needs wood to function; a small office behind the living room, with a desk and a file with some papers and notes on the people who have stayed in the inn; a small laundry room near the kitchen, with a large vat for the washing, a table for ironing and an old iron, the kind you put coal inside to warm.

    Second floor: Bedrooms, a washroom and an indoor restroom. Bedrooms have one large bed and a dresser each. Some have mirrors over the dressers, some have large mirrors one can see their entire body in (this will be relevant).

    Attic: Poorly lit, has a few skylights, too narrow for anyone who tries to escape through there. There are old chests with clothes and mementos from the previous occupants of the house. Each chest corresponds to one of the people in the house.

    Posting Order: We'll go through posting cycles, with each player having the chance to post once after I do, and then I'll post again once everyone has posted theirs.

    I'll start the IC once all of the characters are posted.
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    Posted my character, let me know if you need me to edit him.

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    No need to change at all. I suspect he won't like either of the ladies at all, lol

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    Yeah, we got Miss Cheerful and Miss Bitch lol. So much fun for Ryan.

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    I'm sure he'll love Dr. Adulterous too. lol

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    Oh yeah. I think he's going to hate everyone. After all there is Old Man cheater too.

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    Such a merry group. lol

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    No wonder people will want them dead.

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    I think the ghosts will be making humanity a favor LMAO

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    Finally posted the IC, sorry about the wait!

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