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    CS template and character sheets

    CS template and character sheets

    Template for the characters:

    Picture (human only)
    Place of birth:
    Course they're taking:
    Family (parents/siblings):
    Significant other, if applicable:
    Misc (anything about your character that you consider relevant):

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    Play by: Michelle Trachtenberg
    Name: Amanda “Mandy” Parker
    Age: 21 years old
    Place of birth: Lubbock, Texas
    Course they're taking: Journalism
    Family: Jonah Parker (45), father, Madeleine “Maddie” Bradley-Parker (41), mother, William Parker (14), brother
    Significant other, if applicable: Undiscloses
    Personality: Mandy is a very easy going girl. She’s open to making new friends, and always willing to offer a friendly ear, a shoulder to cry on or a place for a friend to crash. On the negative side, she can be slightly impatient and has the makings of a workaholic, to the point where work will sometimes take the first spot in her life, and her friends, family and significant other may be put in the back burner for a while.
    Challenge: Getting pregnant
    Misc: Mandy has come from a wealthy family, and her parents are extremely strict, expecting perfect behavior from her at all times. She lives in an apartment off campus, but within a short drive for it, and keeps it open for her friends whenever they need a place to stay, or just want a change of scenery.

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    Name: Nicole Hossler
    Age: 20
    Place of birth: Galveston, Texas
    Course they're taking: History
    Family (parents/siblings): Parents: Angela (43) and William (46) Hossler. Brother: Jason Hossler (13), Danielle and Patricia Hossler, twin sisters, both 8.
    Significant other, if applicable: Joel Huffman (Optimus Prime's character)
    Personality: Nicole is a mother hen type. Being the oldest of four children, she is used to taking charge and being a leader. She is very nurturing but also can be stubborn. Used to having to be strong, Nicole doesn't always let people know her true feelings and sometimes keeps her emotions bottled up.
    Challenge: Drug involvement. Nicole got into a bad car accident and becomes addicted to very strong painkillers.
    Misc (anything about your character that you consider relevant): Nicole is extremely close with her siblings. Both her parents worked full time jobs and she was the default babysitter when she was old enough. Since she thinks she has to be the leader, she doesn't let people know when she is suffering. She'd rather take care of people, then have them worry about her. She and Joel also started dating their junior year in high school. When they graduated, they got accepted to the same university.

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    Name: Joel Huffman
    Age: 21
    Place of birth: Galveston, Texas
    Course they're taking: Business Management
    Family (parents/siblings): Mother: Sharon Huffman (37), Grandmother: Lori Huffman (67), Grandfather: Homer Huffman (69)
    Significant other, if applicable: Nicole Hossler (Sojourn's character)
    Personality: Joel is a friendly and outgoing guy. He enjoys making friends and having fun. He has big dreams of owning his own business but sometimes he gets too far ahead of himself and has to remember to take one thing at a time. He has a strong sense of family and is extremely close to his grandparents, more so then his own mother.
    Challenge: Losing a family member (someone close enough for the loss to affect their emotional balance): Joel's grandfather, Homer. He had been suffering from cancer for a year and a half.
    Misc (anything about your character that you consider relevant): Joel's mother was just sixteen when she gave birth to him. Her boyfriend, Joel's father, ran away from his responsibility. Being a child herself, Sharon, was unable to truly handle being a mother. Luckily for Joel, his grandparents stepped up. Lori and Homer raised him as their own. With Homer filling the father role that Joel desperately needed in his life. Joel also started dating Nicole Hossler their junior year in high school. When they graduated, they got accepted to the same university.

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