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    Haunted house, haunted lives (with Sojourn)

    Haunted house, haunted lives (with Sojourn)

    Plot: A young newlywed couple buys their dream home... unaware that it will eventually become their worst nightmare.

    Player Characters:
    Shane Malone
    Sylvia (Sissy) Malone

    Paul Westin
    Barbara Simcox
    Diane Simcox (ghost)
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    PB: Barbara Kent
    Name: Sylvia (Sissy) Malone, neť Parker
    Age: 24 years old
    Birth place: Austin, Texas

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other: Shane Malone, husband
    Parents: Paul and Marsha Parker, 47 and 43
    Siblings: Angela (20), Paul, Jr (1, William (14)

    Positive traits: Kind, resourceful, empathetic, non judgmental, hard working.
    Negative traits: Shy, a bit jealous of those she loves, slightly insecure about her looks and her ability to keep someoneís attentions.
    Likes: Books, quiet, music, spending time at home, talking to friends and family, children.
    Dislikes: Loud noises, large crowds, rudeness.
    Skills: Cooking, sewing, singing, keeping house, listening and providing advice.
    Fears: Dogs, losing her parents, being left by Shane for another woman.
    Quote: ďIím here for you, honey, and I always will beĒ.

    Misc: Sissy has met Shane largely by accident. She had taken her sister to one of his book signings held in Texas, and when the time came when questions were allowed, she decided to ask how he was coping, unlike everyone else who wanted dirty details of his ordeal. After the signing and questions ended, she decided to just stop for a moment and tell Shane she hoped he would recover soon. That was the beginning of a friendship Sissy thought would last just as long as he was there - much to her surprise, he did keep in touch, and they began a relationship that culminated in marriage.

    Sissy, despite being the eldest child in her family, was always very meek and the smallest of her parentsí children. She had gotten the nickname at an early age, because she was so delicate and gentle, and it had followed her for life. At first, the girl hadnít liked it, but she had soon warmed up to it, and will answer almost exclusively to her nickname, rather than her name.

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    All right, this one is moved as well, and my post is already up. I'll transfer another one tomorrow.

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    Name: Shane Malone
    Age: 28 years old in
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other: Sissy Malone, wife Diane Hayes (neť Simcox), ex-girlfriend
    Profession: Auto Mechanic and writer
    Family: Shane's parents are Oliver and Sarah Malone. His siblings are Oliver "Ollie" Jr and Kristen. He and Sissy don't have any children but Shane would like to try.

    Misc: Shane Malone is an auto mechanic by trade. He met Diane when she brought one of her boss' cars to his shop to be repaired. They quickly began dating. Shane was very in love with Diane, even thinking about marrying her, until she suddenly dumped him for Martin Hayes. Shane didn't take the break up and Rich attempted to pay him off right before Diane's wedding. Shane accepted the money but quickly regretted it. He used the money to travel to Paris and try to convince Diane that marrying Martin had been a bad idea.

    After the events in Paris, Shane returned home, a very different man from what had happened. He needs to attend therapy twice a week and was encouraged by his therapist and now best friend, Paul Westin, to write a book about what happened and have it published. Both thought it would help him move forward with his life. During a book tour, he met Sylvia "Sissy" Parker. Of all the people he encountered, she was the only one to ask how he was doing. He kept in touch with her and they recently married. Buying their dream house with the profits of his book sale.

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    Name: Paul Westin
    Age: 35 years old
    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Relationship status: Single
    Significant other: Was secretly dating Martin Hayes before he married Diane
    Profession: Former Bodyguard. Currently a writer and construction worker
    Family: Paul's parents are James and Simone Westin. Through his mother's family, he has family in France and can speak French fluently. His cousin, George, is a general contractor.

    Misc: Paul Westin was Martin Hayes bodyguard. Although it didn't take long for the two of them to have a far more personal relationship. They attempted to keep it very discreet, in their time period, it was heavily looked down upon. Rich discovered their secret and arranged Martin's marriage to Diane.

    Paul has never liked Rich or how he treated people. However, being in love with Martin, he learned to hold his tongue. No matter how wrong he thought something was. That was until the hotel in Paris and he saw Rich insulting a young chambermaid. Paul could not hold back his temper anymore and punched Rich in the face. Which caused Martin to fire him.

    Paul and Shane were passing acquaintances, until that hotel in Paris. After what happened to them, they were friends for life. Like Shane, Paul also sees a therapist and wrote a book about his experiences. His cousin, George, hired Paul to work for him in construction. A career change that did Paul some good.

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    Oh, man, if Diane was watching, I'm pretty sure this nap will be anything but peaceful, lol

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    LOL, Probably not. That picture is going to fall again.

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    Such a jealous dead lady, lol

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    So, the bad dreams are back.

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    Poor Shane. :'(

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