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    Sissy Malone

    "I know, honey", Sissy murmured when Shane mentioned it had been two years.

    When Shane wrapped his arms around her, Sissy sighed happily. She just loved being in her husband's arms, and being able to comfort him when he needed her. Of course, she would love to see him well, and not needing her to comfort him about his past. But she also knew she had signed up for it when she had married Shane, and had never complained about his troubles.

    When Shane said he couldn't wait until she was with child, Sissy nodded. She was dying to have a baby as well. She could almost see the baby, feel it in her arms. She really hoped it would have Shane's eyes, and hopefully her dark hair, and an easy going nature. Hearing Shane say trying to make a baby would be a lot of fun made Sissy turn bright red. "Shane!", she protested, laughing a little. Despite being shy about the comment, Sissy was happy to see Shane cheer up.

    "Now, come on, I'll make you something to eat", she finally offered, shaking her head and waiting patiently for Shane to let her go, not wanting to step away from his embrace.

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    Shane Malone

    Doctor Monroe had to remind Shane constantly that grief and trauma had no time limits. Some people seemed to bounce back better, faster, then others but everyone dealt with things at their own pace. Healing was a process, not a race. But it was frustrating. Especially when he wished he could be the way he was before he had taken Rich's money and decided to use it to buy a plane ticket to Paris. If he hadn't....Perhaps, Diane would still be alive. Or not. She might have still died, guilty by association with Martin and Rich. Shane would never know and sometimes that was worst thing of all of it. Not knowing if he could have done something different and saved her life.

    But if he also changed that, then he might not have met Sissy and he wouldn't trade her either. What ifs were something to not focus on. It could drive a person crazy. A future, a baby, that was something good to focus on. Becoming a father would surely distract him from the past and cause him to focus more on his future. On the life he had with Sissy. He grinned when she blushed at his comment. He thought she looked adorable like that. He kissed her cheek and said.

    "You're right, we should eat. We need to have lots of energy."

    He told her with a wink. Feeling better.

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    Sissy Malone

    Sissy really wish she could help Shane feel better soon. She knew he couldn't really speed up the healing process, and she was okay with it. Sissy had always been patient with everyone, and it wouldn't be different with her own husband, the man she loved so much and had chosen to spend the rest of her life with.

    While she was patient, Sissy could undersand how Shane would be anxious to be himself again, and she would love to see him feel better and less stressed as well. He had been so much better since they had moved.

    With a sigh, Sissy told herself that Shane was just stressed over the funeral, and would go back to the way he was before, and keep on healing.

    When Shane said they needed to have lots of energy, Sissy laughed. "Come on, I have some cookies for you, Mr. Sweet Tooth. Try to leave some for Barbara, though, will you?", she asked. Not that she would mind baking another tray if needed - she loved baking, and wanted Shane to eat as many cookies as he wanted without worrying about anything.

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    Shane Malone

    Shane knew if Sissy could, she'd make him better. She was loving and patient. He often wondered what he had done to deserve her. There were many times he didn't feel he did deserve her. Not many women would have put up with his issues. Sometimes it felt like every time he took a step forward, he took three steps back. It was probably stress. Walter dying and bringing Barbara here...The guilt he hadn't been able to protect Diane. Yeah...it had been a long day.

    "You do know the way until my heart."

    He told her with a smile.

    "And I'll leave her two."

    He added with a wink.

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    Sissy Malone

    Sissy smiled when Shane told her she knew the way to his heart. Hearing him say something like this always made her happy. Despite all of the challenges loving Shane brought into her life, she still felt very blessed to be with him. Every night, when she went to bed, she prayed that he would get better. And she felt happy and safe in his arms.

    While this moment was a setback, Sissy was sure that Shane would bounce back. Maybe she would have to come with him to his next few sessions in therapy. It had helped before, even if she had been quiet and just offered moral support.

    Leading Shane into the kitchen by the hand, Sissy kissed him and went to plate some cookies for him. Once she had placed the plate in front of her husband, Sissy stood close to him and ran her fingers through his hair. "I love you very much, Mr. Malone. And get used to it, I will be saying this a few more times... just for the rest of our lives". After a pause and some hesitation, she asked the question that had been in her mind. "Would you like me to come to your next visit with Doctor Monroe?".

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    Shane Malone

    How he had been blessed with finding Sissy, Shane would never know. He did know he'd be even more lost if he hadn't found her, though. She kept him grounded, in the present. Sissy reminded Shane that it was okay to be happy, despite that had happened. That what happened in Paris wasn't his fault, no matter what the Diane of his dreams had said. He hadn't killed her. She wasn't dead because of him.

    Shane returned her kiss and took a cookie and ate it.

    "I love you, too."

    He truly did and prayed she never doubted that. He smiled up at her.

    "I'll never get tired of hearing that."

    He said. He thought a moment at her suggestion and said.

    "If you would like to come, you can."

    It made him feel slightly nervous to have her sit with Doctor Monroe. A part of him feared Sissy would realize she had married a crazy fool, that it would be hopeless for him to ever get better. Or that the good doctor would help her realize she had should cut her losses and move on. She could certainly do far better then him.

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    Sissy Malone

    Sissy smiled when Shane started eating a cookie. She knew he was stressed and nervous. It was only to be expected, with him having just come from Diane’s father’s funeral. Still, she really wanted him to relax and go back to being himself. Sissy knew she had to be patient, though, and that was what she was going to be, for Shane.

    When Shane said he loved her too, Sissy smiled and nodded. “Good. Because I will be by your side forever, sir. And you have no choice”.

    Standing closer to Shane, Sissy let his head rest on her chest, one hand running gently through his hair.

    She could notice the hesitation in his voice when he told her she could come to his next appointment if she would like to.

    “Not if it won’t be helpful to you, Shane”, she replied gently, coming closer to steal a kiss from his lips. “Listen, baby. I’ll never, ever do anything at all that’s not meant to help you. So if you don’t feel like my presence there will help, I’m not going. And I won’t be upset or offended. All right?”.

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    Shane Malone

    Diane's father dying, it was bringing up a lot of old emotions and guilt. Like, if he had known how bad the man's debts were, he would have offered to help. Shane hadn't been rich by Martin Hayes' standards, never would be, but he would have helped as much as he could. He wished Diane had trusted him enough to let him. But she hadn't and that made him question other things. Like if he had been some kind of awful boyfriend to her that. He hadn't thought he was but...Why hadn't she trusted him enough to let him know? To let him in. To let him help. Instead, she had trusted Martin and Rich and look where that had gotten her.

    He knew Barbara had been just as conflicted, she told him herself. She had never know the extent of the debts. She knew her husband liked to gamble, but she assumed it was just some recreational hobby. A poker night with the boys, she had been so naive. She had no idea how deep his debts were, how many times Diane had to pay the mortgage so they didn't lose their house. A house that was paid off now because of the guilt Martin's mother had when she found out why Diane had died.

    Shane smiled at Sissy.

    "I'm glad I don't."

    He wanted her by his side, for the rest of his life. Unlike Diane, she let him. He felt she trusted him. He just hoped she realized he trusted her too.

    It wasn't that he didn't Sissy could helpful. It was the opposite, he didn't want her to question the decision of marrying him. Or to feel jealous that Diane came up a lot in the sessions. It was unavoidable, given she was the source of his problems.

    "All right, but it's up to you. Doctor Monroe, said it could be good. To have you there, to remind me of my future and not the past."

    He kissed her forehead and added.

    "But I'd never force you to do something you don't want to."

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    Sissy Malone

    Sissy smiled when Shayne said he was glad he didn't have any choice regarding her being with him. If she were to be honest, she would have said that he did have a choice indeed. He didn't HAVE to be with her. She wanted him to, because she loved him more than life itself, and if their marriage ever ended, Sissy was sure her heart would shatter in a million pieces. Just the thought of Shayne ever saying he didn't want to be with her anymore brought tears to Sissy's eyes, and she she had to take a deep breath and push these thoughts away. Nonsense. Shayne wanted to be with her, and they would spend the rest of their days together and have cute chubby babies to love.

    When Shayne said going with him to therapy or not was up to her, Sissy nodded. Knowing that it could be good for her to go with him helped Sissy make up her mind. If she could help, she would be there.

    When Shayne kissed her forehead, Sissy smiled and wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck. "I want to do anything that helps you, honey", she whispered gently. "Let's do it this way. I'll go with you, and if I feel uncomfortable, I'll let you know. Deal?"

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