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    Kellen Ashby

    April 10th, 1912

    It was here, it was finally here. The day the Titanic was going to begin its maiden voyage. It was leaving from Southampton, England. So many people were there to see it off. Mary Ashby looked up at fear at the large ship as her family waited in line to board the ship.

    "Mommy, it's bigger then our house!"

    Anna told her mother, Mary nodded her head.

    "That it is..."

    So large...too large...Mary didn't want to go. She had a death grip on her suitcase. Her instincts told her to grab her children and run. Head back to Dublin. Her children, all except Kellen who picked up on his mother's fears, seemed eager to board the ship. The other children were ready for an exciting adventure. To travel across the Atlantic and start a new life in America. Kellen asked his mother quietly.

    "Are you okay, Mum?"


    Jonas wrapped his free arm around Mary and told Kellen.

    "Your mum's never liked to travel much. I think she's worried she'll get sea sick. Right, Mary?"

    "Yeah...that must be it, my dear."

    Mary replied with a forced smile. Kellen didn't believe that all. Not that his father could see how truly afraid his mother was for this voyage. Jonas thought he was making the best decision possible for their family. They were going to travel to their new lives in the most luxurious ship in the world.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    April 10th, 1912

    Maureen was so excited, she was here. Today was finally the day. So many people were here to see the Titanic off. Her parents and sister had already wished her off. She was part of the crew, she couldn't wave goodbye on the deck. Not like a lot of the passengers planned to do. Instead, she was in her spot, dressed in her crisp maid uniform. She'd be waiting on passengers in the first class cabins. She couldn't wait for the voyage to begin. It was going to be the start of an exciting new life for her. She just knew it.

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    Noah Anderson

    April 10th, 1912

    Today was the day. The day that the Titanic would set sail from Southampton and being its maiden voyage. And it was also the day that would start the end of Noah's life as he knew it. Because once he step foot back in his native country, his family would finalize their plans to marry him off. It wasn't an idea that appealed to him at all.

    As Noah waited to get on board with his grandfather, he looked around him. So many people seemed so excited. They didn't feel the overwhelming dread like he did.

    "My boy, the papers did not lie. Look at this ship! It is a thing of beauty."

    James told him as he looked up at the Titanic. Noah nodded his head.

    "Yes, Grandfather. It has truly lived up to the rumors."

    The newspapers had talked so grandly about the ship and it certainly seemed to live up to the reputation. Although Noah didn't feel excitement or awe as he boarded. He felt like he was heading to his own funeral. James turned to Maureen, the girl assigned to their cabins.

    "Miss, I'd like a glass of brandy."

    He told the young woman.

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    Esther and Patrick Callaghan

    Esther could not believe how big this ship was. Sure, she had heard it was the biggest passenger ship around, but still... she could not imagine the size a ship could reach. Looking at it made the girl slightly nervous, but she took a deep breath. It should only be the sheer size, the idea that she would move out of her home land, and the fact that she had never been in a ship. Everything would be all right.

    Unlike his sister, Patrick was incredibly excited. The ship was incredibly beautiful and large, and he couldn't wait to travel aboard it. They were moving to a new life in America, with Aunt and Uncle, and would even get to study and find better jobs.

    "Have you ever seen something so big?", he asked his sister, excitement clear in his voice. Esther couldn't help but smile. "No, Patty. It is the biggest thing I have ever seen in my life", she replied, shaking her head and moving to join the line of third class passengers.

    While they waited, Esther and Patrick spent their time chatting about the future. Bored of talking about the same plans over and over again, Patrick decided to start fantasizing about the trip. It was just idle musing, but he started poking fun at his sister. "Esther, I bet you will meet someone during this trip!". Esther rolled her eyes. "Sure, who will I meet? Prince Charming?", she joked. "No, but maybe you'll make a new friend and we'll have an adventure". Esther laughed. "Yeah, of course. How about you meet someone fun, and I'll join you in the adventure? I will stay in my cabin and only leave it for meals. And you, please, don't speak to anyone unless they are in our class..."

    As Esther was about to say something else, she was called forward to have her hair checked and to present her papers. It was almost time.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    "Yes, sir. Right away."

    Maureen told the elder Anderson with a curtsy. Today was the first day she would actually get to do her job and she wanted to make a good impression. Maybe get some good tips that she could use to buy presents for her family when they arrived in New York. She turned to go and get James' request when she saw a disapproving look from an older woman, assigned down the hall. The woman's name was Martha and she had worked for the White Star Line for years on their other ocean liners. She had lots of a experience and she had been told by their employers to keep an eye on the younger girls. Make sure they did everything right. Especially since they were serving the most important guests on the ship.

    Maureen gave Martha a questioning look, who discreetly nodded her head to Noah. Maureen's cheeks turned red. She had totally forgot to ask Noah if he wanted something as well! Only a few minutes in and she was already messing up. Maureen turned back to Noah and told him apologetically.

    "Sir, forgive me, would you like something as well?"

    She asked, with her head bowed down. Too embarrassed to look at him.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Mary Ashby's feelings of dread did not get any better as she waited with her family to go through inspection and be allowed to board the ship. She almost wished one her children had lice so they wouldn't be admitted. But she knew that wouldn't be likely. Her family had never been rich but she did take good care of her kids. Making sure they were clean and well fed.

    Kellen looked between his parents as they boarded the ship. His mother was fearful, while his father was excited. James Ashby truly believed going to America would provide the best future possible for his family. Anna tugged at his hand.

    "Kellen? Will you hold me up so I can wave bye to people?"

    People were gathering on the decks to wave goodbye to the family and friends who would be staying behind. Kellen smiled at his baby sister.

    "Of course."

    He said and when he had the chance, he put Anna on his shoulders so she could see everything.

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    Noah Anderson

    Unlike the other passengers, who were starting to gather on the deck to wave goodbye, Noah had no desire to do that. All he could think was now that he had stepped foot on the Titanic, he was going to get closer and closer to going back to America and being forced to be married to Regina. A life that already sounded like a death sentence. It was not until Maureen was super apologetic to him did he realize she had not offered him anything to drink.

    He was not at all offended. Not like Regina would have been at the young woman. Regina would ripped the young lady a new one. Probably try to get her fired. Luckily for her, Noah was nothing like his betrothed. Maureen was clearly new at her job and just trying her best. This was probably her first day. He gave Maureen a smile.

    "There's nothing to apologize for, Miss. I'm fine right now, thank you."

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    Esther Callaghan

    Once she had gone through the lice inspection - a process that took a while with her full head of long hair -, Esther stood up and stepped aside, watching the other people who were going through the inspection for a moment or two. While she kept a distracted eye on the inspection, Esther looked around once again, checking out the huge ship. A small chill ran down the girlís spine, but she took a deep breath and shook her head.

    Nothing was going to happen. Nothing bad, at least. She would go home to her auntís house, carry on working as a seamstress, and live a quiet and modest life, staying out of everyoneís way. And, when the time came, she would hopefully marry a nice boy and create a family with him. That was all Esther could dream of for her new life in America.

    As for the trip aboard the Titanic, Esther didnít expect much either. She was traveling third class, which meant there wouldnít be much to do. Still, she had heard Titanicís third class was pretty decent, compared to other ships. Not that she had ever been to another - or had any intention to set foot on another one again.

    During this trip, all Ester hoped for was to be safe and maybe make a friend or two among the third class people. Who knew, right? It would be good to get to New York already knowing someone. For now, though, all she had to do was to find her spot and get settled. There would be time to explore the ship later. And there was nobody to say goodbye to, so Esther would prefer to stay away from everyone else while they waved goodbye to family and friends.

    While she walked away from the people waving at their loved ones, Esther still noticed a family on the deck. Seeing that family group made the girl feel even lonelier than she was previously feeling, and she really longed for company. Deciding she would keep an eye on the family and try to make friends with them, if at all possible, Esther finally started looking for her way down to the third class area, or for someone who could help her find it.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen smiled at Noah, relieved he was not angry. At least the first guests she had met, were kind to her. Especially when she made such a foolish mistake. Although she would take a careful note to not let that happen again. She wasn't naive, she knew not all the First Class guests were as kind as Mister Anderson seemed to be. Some rich people thought they were above all other people and would cause heads to roll over such a small slight.

    "You are welcome, sir. Thank you."

    She said with a nod of her head and blushed again. Although this time was because she thought to herself he had a handsome smile. Stupid! She was sounding like little sister. She was here to work, not ogle at the passengers. She turned to the elder Mister Anderson.

    "I shall be right back with your brandy, sir."

    She did another curtsy and went to get his drink.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Kellen's family was having fun waving good bye to all the people at the dock. A lot of passengers were. As the grand ship pulled out of the dock to start its maiden voyage, many decided it was time to explore the ship. Their home for the next few days. Kellen's sister didn't want to the leave the deck yet, though. Kellen laughed.

    "Come on, Anna. Let's see our cabin."

    "But I want to see America! If we wait, we might see it in the horizon."

    "We'll have a long wait for-"

    "Oh my!"

    Mary exclaimed, as she heard a loud series of ear splitting bangs. Although they had no way of knowing, the Captain's order for an increase in speed had caused a suction with the tug boats. The much smaller New York almost collided with the Titanic!

    "Bad, bad omen..."

    Mary muttered to herself. Even as crew members tried to assure everyone that everything was okay. Just a close call was all. Nothing to worry about at all. A very close call indeed! Mary was tempted to jump overboard. But her children needed her. Instead she followed her husband to the find their cabin. Even as her very bones screamed to get out of here and go back home to Ireland. Anna asked her brother in concern.

    "Is Mummy okay?"

    "Of course, I....I just don't think she likes sailing."

    Anna seemed to accept the answer and they went to explore the ship. Anna liked being on her big brother's shoulders, it was much easier for the little girl to see everything. As they walked, they saw Esther. Anna said, rather loudly.

    "Look, Kellen, her hair is so pretty, like fire!"

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