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    Noah Anderson

    "You're welcome."

    Noah told Maureen. He hadn't been offended at all but he knew some rich people would be. Regina would have ripped the poor girl a new one if she hadn't been acknowledged. Which would be a shame, she seemed very sweet. And pretty, if he admitted it to himself. Although he was engaged, even if it was to a woman he didn't want to marry, and it was wrong to think too long on the subject. James told the maid.

    "No rush, my dear. We'll be in our cabin."

    Noah and James headed inside their grand, first class cabins. Noah had barely shut the door when James said.

    "My, my. Wasn't she a lovely little thing? If only I was a few decades younger!"

    James proclaimed as he took off his jacket. Noah took of his own and hung both their jackets up. Noah shook his head with a smile at his grandfather. Since he had become a widower, he always did say out loud when he saw pretty young lady. Even if they were always young enough to be his own grandchildren. James had been very loyal to his beloved wife and never said out loud when she was living if he thought another woman was beautiful.

    "She did seem very kind. I think she wants to make a good impression."

    "With a pretty face like that, she will. She'll have to be careful around some of the passengers. You know how some people are. They see a girl like that and take advantage of her."

    Noah sadly nodded his head. Some rich jerks did like to flaunt their money and try to seduce innocent young women like Maureen. Thinking it was a game. Noah didn't like those type of people.

    "Hopefully no one will try that with her."

    "I'll make sure they don't."

    James proclaimed and Noah asked.

    "How, Grandfather?"

    "I'll whack them with my cane!"

    He said with a grin and Noah laughed. Because he could certainly see him doing that.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was moving away from the deck and looking for the way down to the third class cabins, when something interrupted her progress. At first, the fact that the noise was so loud made Esther pause and look around for something falling. As she found nothing, her next impulse was to go back to the deck and try to figure out what had happened.

    She was about to ask for clarification, when a crew member approached her and said it was nothing. She wasn't sure 'nothing' would cause such a noise, but decided that everything should be all right, and turned back to find her way to the third class area yet again.

    And yet again she was interrupted in her progress, and again by a loud noise. This time, though, it was a much more pleasant noise - the voice of a little girl.

    Looking around, Esther tried to find the origin of the voice. Finding the girl sitting on a young man she assumed to be her brother's shoulders, Esther showed her a smile and walked closer to Anna and the young man, a bit timidly. She wasn't sure how friendly the girl's apparent brother would be, after all.

    Looking up at the girl, Esther smiled. "Hello, little lady!", she greeted, her accent making it clear she was Irish.

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    Noah Anderson

    While Noah and his grandfather were waiting for the servant to come back with James' drink, they heard the loud bangs that were made when the Titanic almost collided with the New York as it pulled out of the dock.

    "What was that?!"

    James asked his grandson in concern, although he did know Noah would have no idea either.

    "I'll see if I can find out, Grandfather."

    Noah told him and wandered out into the hallway. Apparently the noises had caused quite the commotion and the crew was going trying to reassure people there was nothing wrong.

    "Excuse me, my good sir. What was that all about?"

    Noah asked a male crew member who gave him a spiel that everything was fine. Just a tug boat getting a little too close to the dock. It sounded like a pretty rehearsed line. And every other person he asked said the same thing. Noah sighed and headed back to his room. His grandfather asked.


    "I asked five crew members and they all said the same thing. That it was nothing and we should just enjoy our voyage."

    Noah wasn't that convinced. It had sounded like they had barely avoided a tragedy.

    "Hmmm....I see."

    James wasn't that convinced either. He did hope Maureen would return with his brandy soon, though. After a good drink, perhaps he could put his thoughts about those noises behind him and focus on enjoying himself.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen was grabbing the elder Anderson his brandy when she heard the loud shrieks. Unlike the passengers, she got to hear what truly happened. The crew, in their own quarters, were spreading rumors quickly about it. She saw a young saloon steward named Robert, he had started the same day as her and was about her age. He was also a little sweet on her but he hadn't had a chance to act on those feelings. Both had been too busy learning about their new jobs. Although, he planned to ask her out eventually.

    "Robert, is it true? Did we almost hit another boat?"

    Robert nodded his head.

    "I've heard that we almost collided with the New York!"


    Maureen gasped. Before she and Robert could talk anymore, Martha tapped her shoulder. Maureen turned and saw the older woman's look of disapproval.

    "Enough gossiping, Miss O'Quinn. Don't you have a guest to serve?"

    Maureen's face turned bright red. She wasn't making a good impression on her supervisor.

    "Yes, you're right. I'm sorry, Mrs. Frederick."

    "Don't tell me sorry. Say sorry to Mister Anderson for continuing to make him wait."

    "Yes, mum."

    Maureen said, bowing her head.

    "And don't tell anyone about what happened. Captain's orders."

    Martha added and Maureen nodded her head.

    "Yes, mum."

    She said and waving bye to Robert.

    "See you later, Maureen."

    Robert told her with a smile.

    "Bye, Robert."

    Maureen said as she rushed back to the Anderson's room with his brandy. She hoped the two men would not be mad at her.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna and Kellen smiled at Esther. Anna waved to her.

    "Hello! I'm Anna and this is my big brother, Kellen."

    Anna offered to Esther, who she hoped would be their new friend on the trip. Anna liked to meet new people. It would be fun to meet lots of people taking this grand journey with them.

    "It's nice to meet you."

    Kellen told Esther, both he and his sister had Irish accents as well.

    "Are you traveling all by you self?"

    Anna asked her.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther couldn't help but smile at the girl. She seemed like such a sweet little thing. And making new friends would make sure she wouldn't feel so lonely during the trip to America.

    "It is a pleasure to meet you both!", the red-haired girl replied to the introduction. "I am Esther, at your service", she introduced herself politely.

    When Anna asked her if she was travelling by herself, a shadow passed over the young woman's eyes, but she tried to sound upbeat. No need to burden a child with her problems, after all.

    "I am, dear. My auntie is waiting for me in America, and I will live with her from when we reach shore on", she explained, not bothering to talk about her motives for this change. "What about you? Are you going to live there as well?", she asked, genuinely interested in knowing about her new acquaintances.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Kellen smiled at the girl with the fiery red hair.

    "Nice to meet you as well, Esther."

    He told with a smile. Although he could see the sadness, briefly, in Esther's eyes. His sister was too young to pick up on it but Kellen did. She said she'd be living with an aunt. Which, he assumed, meant her parents had died. That was sad, he thought.

    "We are-"

    Kellen was about to start but Anna cut him off.

    "Yup! Me, Mommy, Daddy, Kellen, Liam...Liam is Kellen's twin, Jacob, Sarah, and Tommy are all going to live there. Daddy said we're going to take a big train and go to Chi...something. What was the city's name again, Kellen?"

    Anna asked her older brother. She couldn't remember the city they were going to live in.

    "Chicago. That's the city Uncle Michael lives in."

    "Right, we're going to Chicago."

    Anna said with a nod of her head. Kellen smiled and told Esther.

    "Our uncle Michael immigrated to America a few years ago. He has sent letters to my father and finally convinced him that we should move there."

    "Daddy, Kellen, Liam, and Jacob are going to build the sky towers."

    "Skyscrapers. They're called skyscrapers."

    Kellen gently corrected his sister.

    "Ah, skyscraper."

    Anna said, saying it correctly.

    "Tommy can't do it yet, he's only two years older then me."

    Anna told Esther.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen hoped that the almost collision would be the only trouble on this voyage. It was the Titanic's maiden voyage, after all, it should be grand and fun. Full of wonderful memories and no tragedies. Maureen took James' drink back to his room. She knocked before entering and handed it to him.

    "I apologize for the delay, Mister Anderson. The saloon was quite busy with everyone settling in for the voyage."

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    Noah Anderson

    "Thank you, my dear."

    James told Maureen when she returned with his drink. As he took a sip from it, Noah asked her.

    "So, Miss, did you hear about what caused that noise?"

    He wondered if their maid would have a different story to tell. He doubted it, though. Noah had a feeling the White Star Line had a set story they wanted their crew to tell everyone but it was worth one last shot.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was a little overwhelmed with Anna's incessant talking, but it was a pleasant way to be overwhelmed. She really liked children, and that one was quite a sweet little one. Her brother seemed to be very nice as well.

    "Wow, you have quite a large family!". she replied to Anna's words, doing her very best to sound as excited as the litle girl was.

    "I shall stay in New York", she offered, feeling comfortable enough to share a little about her life with her new friends. "My aunt - on my father's side - married a man who moved there and opened up a tailoring business. They are not rich, but they are doing well, and I will help out, as I used to be a seamstress back home", the girl explained.

    She then focused on Anna. "Well, he will have enough time to do it when he gets older. And what do you want to do when you grow up, young lady?", she asked, finding the little girl's enthusiasm refreshing.

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