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    Maureen O'Quinn

    "You're welcome, Mister Anderson."

    Maureen told James with a pleasant smile. The older man seemed to be very nice. She could handle serving him for the voyage. Hopefully all her future guests would be as nice as this man. She bit her lip at Noah's question.

    "I'm afraid not, sir. As far as I know it was nothing major."

    She wasn't allowed to say what had happened and hoped he wouldn't press her for information. She didn't want to be rude to her guests, but she also didn't want to get in trouble. She really needed this job.
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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna was very social and very talkative. Her parents would often joke the only time she was quiet, was when she was sleeping. For some people, it could be a little much. Kellen watched Esther's face and it seemed she was okay with Anna telling her their whole family's life story.

    "That we do."

    Kellen told Esther in agreement. And Anna continued her conversation with Esther.

    "That's really nice you'll live with your aunt."

    When Esther asked what she wanted to be, Anna said.

    "I want to be a princess!"

    She was far too young to realize it would be rather difficult for an Irish immigrant to become a princess. Or that real life for princesses wasn't like the fairy tales. She was still young enough to believe in them and that she could be anything she wanted to be. She wasn't old enough for life to make her jaded.

    "I could be like Cinderella. She went to a ball and married a prince. Even though, I don't have any wicked step sisters and my mommy is really nice."

    Anna added and Kellen smiled.

    "There's no princes in America, Anna."

    "Oh, well, I could always come back to Europe to find one."

    Anna said and Kellen just shook his head.
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    Noah Anderson

    Noah sighed at Maureen's answer. He knew enough about people's body language to know that wasn't the truth. But she seemed to be torn about it and he was smart enough to assume her supervisors her to not say much. It was just that sound and the cover up...It felt like a bad omen. Maybe he and Grandfather should have taken another ship home. Not worry about getting to say they were the first ones to ride the Titanic. Well, too late now to get off the ship.

    Noah gave her a smile.

    "It's fine, I was just wondering."

    Noah said and James pulled out some coins to give Maureen.

    "You, my dear, are doing a great job. I think I'll talk to your supervisor about giving you a raise."

    Noah shook his head with a smile. His grandfather seemed to have a little crush on their maid.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther couldn't help but smile at Anna's enthusiasm. She was such an adorable child, and Esther was really enjoying her time with the little girl. And, if she were to admit, her brother seemed like a really nice young man as well. Feeling less lonely while talking to the girl, Esther paid attention to Kellen, hoping she wasn't bothering him or taking up too much of his time.

    Since it seemed like both siblings were enjoying the conversation, Esther relaxed and kept on talking to them both.

    Hearing Anna say she wanted to be a princess made Esther smile. She loved kids exactly because they were so innocent and thought everything was possible. And she would never dare to say that what Anna wanted was not possible.

    When Anna said she could be like Cinderella, Esther smiled. "Well, that sounds like you have everything planned out, don't you? But to be a princess, you have to be very kind to other people, and to animals too", she told the girl with a warm smile. "So, I hope you're already working on that!".

    After saying these words to Anna, Esther looked at Kellen and gave him a smile, shaking her head as if to say 'children...'.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen could tell that Noah didn't like her answer but at least he didn't pressure her anymore to talk about it. She didn't want to get in trouble with her supervisors. She really needed this job. She nodded her head to him.

    "I understand. I'm sorry I could not be of more help."

    She replied to him and smiled when James complimented her.

    "Oh, thank you, Mister Anderson."

    Blushing a little when he told her he'd see she got a raise. She doubt it would work but it made her feel good that her first real day on her job she was making a good impression.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna was enjoying making a new friend. And Kellen didn't think find it a bother. Esther seemed like a nice girl and his parents always told him and his siblings that they should try to make new friends.

    Kellen smiled when Anna talked about being like Cinderella. She loved that fairy tale and mouthed 'thank you' to Esther for not telling Anna she couldn't be a princess. Some people would tell a little girl it was a silly dream and he was glad to see their new friend didn't think that.

    Anna excitedly nodded her head.

    "I try too and you're right. Princesses have to be very nice. I try to work really hard on being nice. And I am nice, except when Tommy wants to be mean and throw dirt on my dresses when we play."

    She said, she and Tommy were close in age and he found it funny to throw mud around. He and Anna would fight a lot because of it.

    "But I did tell him thank you when he got me milk yesterday."

    Anna added with a smile and Kellen told her.

    "That was very nice of you."

    Anna smiled proudly and said.

    "Esther, you want to meet the rest of our family?"

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther smiled and shook her head on a negative to Kellen, meaning that he had nothing to thank her for. Anna was such a sweet girl, and Esther would never crush a young child's dreams. She could still remember her own lack of perspective when she was Anna's age, and having another child feel this way would never be her doing.

    "Well, that was very nice of you indeed. And if you react nicely when your brother misbehaves, he will learn from your behavior", she replied with a kindly smile.

    When Anna asked if she wanted to meet the rest of the family, Esther blushed a little and looked from one sibling to another.

    "I... well". She nibbled on her lower lip and looked at Kellen. "If I'm not imposing...", the red-haired girl murmured, almost timidly. The look in her eyes, though, made it clear that she was really interested in getting to know Anna and Kellen's family.

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    Noah Anderson

    "It's okay."

    Noah replied to Maureen. He was certain crew members knew more then they were allowed to tell. He was still really curious about what had happened to cause that terrible noise, but he figured he might as well let it go. No one was going to tell him anything. And he might as well enjoy his voyage. Before he got back to America and married that shrew. That was something he was not looking forward too.

    James smiled back at Maureen.

    "You're welcome."

    James was growing fond of their young maid and Noah shook his head with a smile.

    "You might want to watch out for him, Miss. I fear he is getting a crush on you."

    James smiled, he was old and any crush he had was harmless.

    "Can you blame me, boy? You are a very lovely young lady, Miss. If I was fifty years younger, I'd sweep you off your feet and take you away from the White Star Line."

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    Kellen Ashby

    Kellen smiled back Esther. He knew she meant he had nothing to thank her for, but he was still thankful. Anna could be handful at times. Some people couldn't always handle her energy and enthusiasm outside of her family. Which could be a little upsetting, since Anna was very social. She felt strangers were just friends she hadn't met. Which also meant her family kept a close eye on her, just in case. It seemed she was a good judge of character on making friends with Esther.

    "You're right. You're smart."

    Anna said with a nod of her head. Although Tommy was older then her, she felt she could more mature then him. If she behaved then maybe he could too. When Esther seemed unsure about the offer, Kellen said.

    "No, you wouldn't be imposing."

    Anna nodded her head in agreement.

    "Mummy and Daddy like meeting our friends."

    Anna told her.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen nodded her head to Noah. Glad he was dropping the subject, even if she didn't think he was thrilled about it. There was nothing she could do about it. She had been told by her supervisors to not say anything. To any of the guests. The Captain wanted all the passengers to have a great voyage. And not worry about the near collision. Surely, it was just a small bump on the trip. Nothing to worry about it. The passengers would have a fine time on their voyage to New York and forget all about it soon.

    When Noah told him his grandfather had a crush on her and James didn't deny it, Maureen blushed.

    "I'm very flattered, Mister Anderson. But I'm afraid I'm just too young to settle down. I want to see the world."

    She told him with a smile. Thinking the Andersons were nice people. She was lucky getting assigned to the grandfather and grandson on her first voyage. She was sure not all First Class passengers were this kind. She had been warned a lot of rich people looked down on people like her. Thankfully, Noah and James did not.

    "Is there anything else I can get you right now?"

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