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    Noah Anderson


    James replied to Maureen, pretending to be upset he could not win her heart and lure her away from her job.

    "Well, you can't blame a foolish old man for trying."

    He said, liking the young lady. He did hope she did well at her job and that she didn't run into too many jackasses on the Titanic. He knew all too well that not all the rich were like him. He felt life was too short to be an ass and enjoyed talking to people. No matter what their social class was. He was glad that Noah was like him in the respect.

    Noah laughed with his grandfather. He enjoyed spending time with James. It was a shame the bride his parents had picked for him didn't share their sense of humor. He was sure Regina would have looked her nose at Maureen. He shook his head.

    "I think we're okay for now. Grandfather, would you like to explore the ship a little?"

    James nodded his head and said.

    "That sounds like a good idea, boy."

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was really happy to spend time with Anna and Kellen. The little girl's enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air after the blow life had sent her way. She wouldn't be very happy to just sit by herself and think about her deceased father, her lost home and the fact that she would have to live in a place she didn't know, and where she didn't know how welcome she would be. Sure, her aunt and uncle would take care of her. But what about the other people? Would she be able to work and not be a burden? Esther wasn't sure about anything right now.

    Talking to the little girl, though, made Esther feel better and more relaxed. It was good to make new friends. Sadly, they wouldn't be living near each other in America, but she could at least spend time with them and not be alone.

    "Thank you", she replied to Kellen, looking up at Anna. "Well, do you want to lead me there, then?", she offered, wondering if Kellen wouldn't like his sister to walk along her for a while to give him some rest. "I would love to meet your mum, your dad and your siblings too, and you can tell me about them while we walk, what do you say?", she asked with a smile.

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    Maureen O'Quinn

    Maureen giggled at James' reaction. He was a very nice old man. She thought things would go well for her on Titanic's first voyage since she was assigned to him and his grandson. She knew that not all the First Class guests would be like this, but at least her first time on the job wouldn't be horrible. She gave James a kind smile.

    "Oh, I don't blame you. If I was a little older, I'd probably take you up on it."

    She told him with a wink, enjoying the teasing. Yes, she was already liking her first day at work. When Noah and James said they didn't need anything else right, now she nodded her head.

    "Very well. Enjoy your exploring. Just give me a ring if you need something and I'll be here. With bells on."

    She said with another smile.

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    Kellen Ashby

    "You're welcome."

    Kellen replied to Esther. And when she suggested Anna lead the way, she nodded her head.

    "Sure. Kellen, please put me down."

    She told her younger brother, who set back on the deck.

    "There you, kiddo."

    Kellen said, messing up his sister's hair a little. He then rolled his shoulders. It had been getting a little tiring holding her up, but he adored his little sister and would have let her ride on his shoulders as long as she wanted. Still, it was nice to get her weight off him too.


    He mouthed Esther with a smile. Anna took a hold of Esther's hand.


    And she told her about the Ashby family. About their uncle who lived in Chicago. About their parents and other siblings. She then asked Esther.

    "Esther, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

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    Noah Anderson

    James smiled back at Maureen.

    "That makes me feel better."

    "I'm sure it does, old man."

    Noah teased his grandfather, who tsked at him.

    "You're only as old as you feel, Noah. I, sir, feel like I'm thirty."

    "Then, Mister Thirty year old, let's go."

    Noah replied. It was obvious he and his grandfather had a good relationship. It was actually better then the one Noah had with his parents. His parents wanted to marry him off to rich girl, regardless of his happiness. His grandfather was more genuine of a person. He would miss him dearly when he passed on.

    Noah gave Maureen a smile.

    "Thank you, Miss. We will definitely do that."

    He told her and then asked James.

    "Where to first, Grandfather?"

    "Hmmm....Let's go see if the Grand Staircase is truly as grand as they claimed. Personally I think it'll look a lot like the Olympic's."

    James and Noah had rode on the RMS Olympic as well, the Titanic's sister ship, to get to England. Andersons only traveled on luxury liners. James had found the Olympic to be very nice but he was curious how the White Star Line had decided to top it with the Titanic.

    "We shall see then."

    Noah replied and after Maureen left, they went to explore the First Class decks.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther smiled when Anna asked her brother to put her down. The little girl was really sweet, and she couldn't help but be charmed by her. Holding the little girl's hand, she showed a smile to Kellen when he thanked her, shaking her head on a negative - meaning he didn't have to.

    Once that was out of the way, Esther focused on Anna again, listening to what she had to say.

    When Anna asked her about any brothers or sisters, Esther's smile faded a bit. She took a deep breath before answering, her voice quiet.

    "No, dear, I don't. It's just me", she replied very softly, not wanting to get too much into detail about her family life, as it was too heavy of a matter to speak of to such a young child.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna liked their new friend already and seeing how Esther and Anna were acting, made Kellen smile. His baby sister was a sweet girl but she could be a little overwhelming to some people. It was nice to see that Esther didn't see her that way. Making a new friend, even if their voyage was supposed to take about eight days, was nice. Once they arrived in New York, they'd probably never see each other again. But they could all have some fond memories of their trip on the Titanic.

    When Esther said she didn't have family with her, Kellen replied.

    "I'm sorry."

    Anna nodded her head.

    "Me too. But it's okay. I'm sure Mummy and Daddy will let you eat with us for meals. That way you don't have to eat by yourself."

    The Ashbys had a large family, Anna had never been alone. She had always been with her parents or one of her siblings. She was sure it had to be quite lonely to eat by yourself for meals. Kellen smiled at his sister's offer.

    "I'm sure they won't mind either."

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was happy she had met Kellen and Anna. Anna was a sweet little girl, and talking to her helped ease her mind and distract her from her anxieties. And Kellen seemed like a really nice young man, and handsome too. Esther shook her head. She shouldn't be thinking about this kind of thing. He was to be a temporary friend, and then they would part ways once the ship reached New York. That was all.

    Esther smiled sadly when Kellen said he was sorry she didn't have family with her. "Thank you", she murmured quietly.

    Her attention soon turned to Anna. "I really hope they will, I would love to spend more time with you", she replied sincerely to the girl's offer.

    Hearing Kellen confirm it made Esther smile again and nod. "Well, if they really don't mind, I will be happy to join your family for meals", she added to them both.

    While they walked to meet her new friends' family, Esther looked around the ship. The Titanic was beautiful and huge, but, for her, it wasn't a happy ship. Hopefully, she thought, it would be a happier ship for others. She knew there was a large number of people, and maybe some couple having their honeymoon on the ship, as it was new and the papers had been talking about its maiden voyage all the time. There was still a funny feeling deep down inside in Esther, but she chalked it up to anxiety about her new life and turned her attention to Anna, once again.

    "Did you know the Titanic is the largest ship in the world?", she asked the little girl, trying to engage her again. "Are you excited about being able to tell your new friends in America that you got there on it?"

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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna was thrilled that she, Kellen, and Esther were becoming friends. She thought Esther was very nice. Kellen thought she was too and he couldn't help but notice that she was also very pretty. Although he told himself that it was best to not think much of it. After all, they would only be friends for a few days. Just until the Titanic arrived in New York. Then Esther would be with her aunt and he and his family would head to Chicago. They'd probably never see each other again. Which suddenly felt like a shame. He decided he would enjoy what time he could with his new friend while he could.

    "You're welcome."

    He replied to Esther and Anna grinned.

    "I'm sure they will! They always want us to make new friends."

    "That is true."

    Kellen said with a nod. He was sure once his mother heard that Esther had no one on the ship, she'd insist the girl spend time with them. So that way she wasn't alone and no one could tack advantage of her. His mother could be pretty protective of kids, even ones that didn't belong to her.

    "It's like a floating city!"

    Anna said and Kellen smiled.

    "Cities are usually larger, Anna."

    "Okay, okay...Floating village! They have lots of cool things here."

    "That they do."

    Even for the steerage, such as them it was nice. Although Kellen heard the first class accommodations were amazing. Not that he'd get to see them. He was too poor to be allowed on those decks. Anna added.

    "I bet all the friends I'll make in America will be jealous we got to be on this ship before they do."

    Anna was certain she'd make new friends and Kellen was sure she'd have no trouble. With Anna's personality, she'd make friends no matter where she went.

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    Noah Anderson

    As Noah and James explored the First Class Accommodations, both were impressed by it. Given their lifestyle, they were used to finer things in life, but the White Star Line had outdone itself.

    "Boy, pinch me."

    James told his grandson and Noah asked.

    "Why, Grandfather?"

    "Because I have to be dreaming."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "Because I feel like a king. Look at this. It's gorgeous. It's like a floating palace."

    James said, pointing at the beautiful woodwork. Noah nodded his head.

    "Yes, it's definitely fit for royalty."

    For those that could afford to the First Class accommodations, they were definitely treated well. From the staterooms to the food....Noah would never want to leave. He could see people spending a great deal of money on the Titanic for years to come. After being here, any other ship wouldn't suit the very wealthy. This would be the only way to travel back and forth across the Titanic.

    "Well, definitely have to come back and check out the Turkish baths."

    Noah told his grandfather, who agreed. For only four shillings, it seemed like an excellent idea. After exploring the first class decks for a while, James suggested they get outside and look at the ocean and see if they could see any animals.

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