Patrick Kellerman

Patrick was also incredibly impressed by the Titanic. Sure, he was travelling third class, but still. It was a grand ship, and even the lower class accommodations were beautiful. The rooms were decent, he couldn't see any rats, and it all seemed pretty clean and well kept.

After roaming all of the third class, the boy managed to sneak out to the second class. He had never been in a ship before, and by God, he would see everything there was to see, even if he happened to get caught. It would be well worth it for the memories he would make from seeing everything there was to see about the majestic Titanic.

Nobody bothered with him in the second class, so the boy decided to try a more daring move. After taking a deep breath and making sure he wouldn't get caught, Patrick made his way into the first class areas, curious to see what they had up there. Since he wouldn't dare go anywhere near the restaurant and other closed areas, the boy stayed on the outer deck, looking down at the ocean and up at the birds with a fascinated expression. The Titanic was, indeed, a grand ship.