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    Kellen Ashby


    Anna told Esther excitedly, happy for a new friend. Kellen liked their new friend as well.

    "See you soon."

    He told with a smile, following his father. When alone with the young woman, Mary smiled kindly at her when she called her 'mother'. Mary loved being a mother. If Esther was in need of someone to fill a motherly role on this voyage, she was more then happy to help her out. Even if she would much rather get off the ship as soon as possible. She squeezed the girl's hand and replied.

    "I don't like this ship."

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    Noah Anderson

    Both Noah and his grandfather was happy to see that Patrick relaxed. Neither were going to tattle to the crew about his presence on the deck. Other First Class passengers might not be as kind. The lad seemed like a nice enough boy, just curious.

    "You're welcome."

    Noah said and James nodded his head when Patrick asked about the dog.

    "I do. He's a white English Sheepdog. He's at our cabin right now, but I'm sure Xavier will get bored in there during the voyage."

    "He will, Grandfather. Young man, how would you like to take Xavier for walks around the ship? We'll pay you."

    Noah said, opened his wallet and held up an American five dollar bill.

    "Xavier needs walked three times a day. Each time you walk him, I'll give you five dollars."

    The money would give Patrick a nice start in his new life in America and give him an excuse to be around the First Class decks. Other passengers were paying people to walk their dogs around the decks. None of the First Class would think twice about Patrick if he was with Xavier.

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