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    Patrick Kellerman

    Patrick was also incredibly impressed by the Titanic. Sure, he was travelling third class, but still. It was a grand ship, and even the lower class accommodations were beautiful. The rooms were decent, he couldn't see any rats, and it all seemed pretty clean and well kept.

    After roaming all of the third class, the boy managed to sneak out to the second class. He had never been in a ship before, and by God, he would see everything there was to see, even if he happened to get caught. It would be well worth it for the memories he would make from seeing everything there was to see about the majestic Titanic.

    Nobody bothered with him in the second class, so the boy decided to try a more daring move. After taking a deep breath and making sure he wouldn't get caught, Patrick made his way into the first class areas, curious to see what they had up there. Since he wouldn't dare go anywhere near the restaurant and other closed areas, the boy stayed on the outer deck, looking down at the ocean and up at the birds with a fascinated expression. The Titanic was, indeed, a grand ship.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was also happy to have met Anna and Kellen. They were really nice. Anna was sweet and energetic, and Kellen was polite and well... very handsome, if she had to admit. Of course, she also tried not to think too much of it. They would spend only a few days together, and then each of them would go on their way, after all. For now, though, they were here on the Titanic and could spend some time together.

    She smiled when Anna said her parents always wanted them to make new friends.

    "Well, they sound like lovely people", she replied, feeling safer already with the idea of making friends with a large family.

    When Anna said the ship was like a floating city, Esther laughed. The little girl was so delightful. It was refreshing to talk to her and see her enthusiasm. "They do have great things here indeed", she replied with a grin.

    "I bet they will, but you can tell them everything about the Titanic, and how great your trip was", she replied to the girl. Anna was so sweet she could see her making a ton of new friends as soon as she set foot ashore. She was just that kind of person. And with her family around her, Anna would surely be safe and happy. Her own fate was a lot more uncertain, Esther thought with a sigh. Still, it wouldn't do to dwell on sad things now. She had a new little friend to spend time with, after all.

    Walking a few steps behind them both when they got closer to the family, Esther decided to give them time to introduce her, as she didn't want to intrude.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Anna was having lots of fun talking to Esther and Kellen decided that she would become a fond memory of his voyage on the Titanic. After all, the Titanic was to arrive in New York on the 17th. They would only have a week together. Still, he'd enjoy his time with the young woman as long as he could before life took them separate ways when they arrived in America.

    "They are good people and they'll like you."

    Kellen told Esther and Anna nodded his head. He didn't add how much his mother hated the idea of the voyage. He didn't want to bring it up in front of Anna and worry her that they weren't safe.

    "Yeah, and then maybe they'll be able to sail on it too."

    Anna said, she was sure as nice as the ship was already, the Titanic would very popular for years to come. Before Kellen could add much more to the conversation, he heard his parents arguing.

    "I'm getting off at Cherbourg, Jonas, and that's final."

    Mary said and Jonas replied.

    "Dammit, Mary, I didn't spend our life savings on these tickets for you to hightail it in France. And what about our children?! We're going to America. All of us, as a family!"

    "I don't want to go to America. I don't want to be on this ship. I want to go back home!"

    "There is no home now!"

    Jonas yelled back and Mary stormed out of their room, with her suitcase in hand. She had overheard two crew members saying that the Titanic would be arriving Cherbourg in a little while. They would have been there sooner, if not for the delay with the 'incident'. To pick up more passengers and let off a few. She needed to get off this ship. Right away. She knew trying to talk to Jonas about it was like trying to talk to a brick wall. Mary stopped in tracks when she saw two of her children with a young woman she hadn't meet before. Anna looked at her.


    "Hello, sweetie."

    Mary said and Kellen gave her look. He knew she was scared of the Titanic, she had told him as much. Jonas was right behind her and Mary took a deep breath. She was never one to argue in front of her children.

    "Who is this? A new friend?"

    Mary asked, nodding her head to Esther. Anna nodded her head.

    "Yes. This is Esther she is traveling all by herself to America."

    "I see. It is nice to meet you, Esther."

    Mary replied and felt defeated. In her selfish need to escape, she hadn't thought of her children. They would still be on the ship. What a horrible mother she was. Putting her own fear in front of them.

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    Noah Anderson

    The first class accommodations were everything the White Star Line had advertised and more to Noah. It was a great way to travel, although in about a week they would be in New York and then...Noah sighed, he didn't want to think that basically the Titanic was a very fancy way to travel towards his prison sentence. He wasn't looking forward to marrying Regina at all. His grandfather seemed to pick up on that slight cloud of depression and suggested they see look at the sea, see what animals they could see.

    As they got to the outer deck, Noah and James saw Patrick. The young man looked very out of place on the First Class decks. From his clothing, it was easy for both men to see that he belonged at the Third Class accommodations. They approached him and Noah said.

    "Young man, you might want to head back before the crew sees you."

    While neither man thought it was big deal that Patrick was here, they also knew not everyone would think the same. The ship was divided by class and some First Class people might be pretty offended that steerage was on their decks.
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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther nodded when Kellen told her his parents would like her. She was glad she would have company during the trip to America, as she wouldn't be alone, and would definitely feel safer having people around her. As she didn't have a family, Esther thought she could imagine for a moment that these people were her family. One could imagine, right? "I am sure I will like them as well", she finally replied.

    Looking at Anna, Esther nodded at her comment about her new friends being able to sail on the Titanic. "Yes, I believe so. I'm sure they will love it...".

    Esther was about to say something more, but she froze on her tracks, hearing someone arguing. It seemed that she had gotten here at the wrong time, Esther thought to herself, staying behind with Anna, hoping she would be able to shield the little girl from what seemed like a pretty dramatic situation.

    When the woman addressed her, Esther blushed, feeling as though she was intruding. Her first impulse was to rush away from there and pretend she had seen nothing. It was too late for that, though. "It is nice to meet you as well, madam", she replied timidly and respectfully, before taking a look at the whole family. It was clear the girl was confused and unsure of what she should do to help, if at all possible.

    "Would you... like to talk a little, madam?", she finally asked timidly, feeling that Mary could use a venting session with someone who wouldn't judge her by being afraid of the Titanic.

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    Patrick Kellerman


    Patrick was so fascinated with the seagulls and what he could see in the water it took him a while to notice that he wasn't alone. The boy nearly jumped in place when he heard the voice of a man approaching him.

    From the man's intonation, the boy noticed that it wasn't anyone who would tell him to rush back to his own class. At least not in the terms one of the crewmen would use. Still, he had been seen, and there wasn't much he could do now. If someone had seen him, it was indeed better to go back down now.

    "Yes, sir, of course", he replied, nibbling on his lower lip. It was obvious he was curious, but at the same time somewhat nervous. He really should not be there, after all. "You will not tell the crew I am here, will you, sir?", the young man dared, wanting to stay there just for a while longer before going back down to Third Class and staying there for the rest of the trip.

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    Kellen Ashby

    Kellen was sure his parents would like Esther. He had just met her, but she seemed like she was a good person. And he knew that both his parents wouldn't want her to travel alone on the ship. The ship was large and there were so many different types of people on it. Kellen hoped all would be the good type of people, but he was also old enough to know life didn't always work like that. There were bad people out there, and probably a few on the Titanic as well. One could never be too careful and there was safety in numbers. Plus, Kellen would hate for something bad to happen to Esther.

    The sound of his parents' fighting quietened him and Anna. She was young and it scared her when her parents would argue. Kellen just shook his head at them. He knew his mother's fear of the ship and his father's attitude towards her was not helping. Jonas gave Esther a smile.

    "It is good that you are already making friends, children."

    He said to his son and daughter and Kellen nodded his head.

    "Yes. You both have always said that we should make friends where ever we go."

    "That is true."

    Mary said, very embarrassed about the situation. At Esther's question, she smiled.

    "That would be nice, dear. Kellen, why don't you go with your father to find out how meals work around here?"

    Mary suggestion and Kellen nodded his head.

    "Sure, come, Anna. We can explore more while we help Dad."

    "Okay! See you soon, Esther."

    Anna said as she and Kellen walked off with Jonas. Mary sighed and told the young lady.

    "I apologize for that."

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    Noah Anderson

    Noah hadn't intended to scare the young man. Obviously he knew he shouldn't be here but was curious enough to still check it out. Noah wished he had had that much guts at Patrick's age. He had always been too cautious. He would have never dared to go somewhere he didn't belong. Which wasn't very many areas, given his social class.

    "No, I won't. You're just curious. No harm in that."

    Noah told him with a smile. Especially when one of the decks for the Third Class was called the poop deck. Thinking of the dog his grandfather had brought with him, Noah asked.

    "Do you like dogs?"
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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther couldn't be more grateful to Kellen and Anna. She had made friends, and would apparently now have some company to travel to America. It was good, as she was all alone and didn't know much about anything. She had lived a quiet life by her father's side, working hard to help him support their little home, but that was over now. And she had to move to America to be with her aunt and find an occupation there too. It was a bit disheartening, but Esther wanted to make the best out of a bad situation.

    It appeared that she had come to meet Kellen's parents at exactly the wrong time, though, and the girl blushed a little, feeling like an intruder. Still, she smiled to the older man and nodded in a silent greeting.

    "See you soon, Anna!", Esther replied when she watched the man leave with his son and daughter before turning her attention to Kellen's mother. Her expression was kind when she smiled at the woman, taking one of her hands between her own after some hesitation. "No need, mother", she murmured, using the term affectionately. "What bothers you?"

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    Patrick Kellerman

    The young man relaxed when Noah said he wouldn't tell the crew he had been up there. He was sure he was breaking some pretty important rule by setting foot here, but it was fun to see something different. And he planned on being back to where he belonged before anyone could notice him. Well, that part of his plan had been a failure already, but there wasn't anything to be done about that right now.

    "Thank you, sir", he replied with a bright smile.

    The question about dogs made the boy frown, but he was too curious not to ask any questions. "I do, sir, very much. Do you have a dog?", he asked, taking a look around him as though searching for any signs of a dog.

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