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    Titanic: The Ship of Dreams

    Titanic: The Ship of Dreams


    April 7th, 1912

    Maureen O'Quinn was so excited. In a few short days they would be setting sail for New York City. She had been born and raised in Belfast, Ireland. The farthest she had ever traveled was to London with her parents and that was on a very rare occasion. She could use both hands to count the number of times that had happened and she wouldn't use up all her fingers. Soon, though, she'd be working on the most glamorous ship in the world. She had been hired to work on the White Star Line's Titanic. She was sure it would be hard work, especially since she was assigned to work for the First Class travelers. Her mother worked as a maid and warned her how snobby and the demanding the rich could be.The richer someone was, the more they thought they were god and didn't think their shit stunk. Maureen had been helping get the ship all ready for its maiden voyage. Setting up cabins and learning what her job duties would be. This was the nineteen year old's first real job. Before being hired by the White Star Line, she had worked with her mother. Her father and two older brothers worked for Harland and Wolff, they had helped build the massive ship.

    It was a thing of beauty and Maureen couldn't wait to for the voyage to begin. She had always dreamed of seeing the Statue of Liberty. New York City was such a grand city and she'd actually get to go there! She wouldn't get to stay long, of course. She was a crew member, not a passenger, but she'd still get to see America. And who knew how many other great places she'd get to see in the world while she worked on the Titanic. Maureen could not wait to see the world.


    Kellen Ashby and his twin brother, Liam, were following their mother's directions, which involved packing and moving boxes around their simple home. Soon their whole family would be boarding the Titanic and heading to America. The Ashby family had no intentions of ever going back to Dublin, Ireland, though. Kellen's uncle had moved to America two years ago and said it was the best decision he had ever made. He was living the American dream. He had a good job in the construction business, building skyscrapers in Chicago. It had taken some convincing, but Dad was convinced that a fresh start in the land of opportunity was what they all needed. Once they arrived in New York, they'd all take a train to Chicago and start new lives, better lives.

    It was hard to find work here and feed six children. Kellen and Liam had just turned twenty and did the best that they could go to help not only feed the little ones by working, but also help their dear mother with them. Their father had saved every single coin he could spare once he learned about the Titanic. The Third Class accommodations were supposed to be much nicer then all the other ships around. For a family of eight, it had reasonable prices as well. The Titanic would cater to the rich, but the real money would made in taking emigrants across the Atlantic.

    Their mother was a little angry at her husband for saying they would pack up their family and leave their home forever. Dublin was the only home she had ever known. She would miss it so. She had been born here and had wanted to raise all her children here. Hoped her grandbabies would be here too. They had lots of family and friends in Dublin. They didn't have a lot of money, but they had a lot of love. Of course, her brother-in-law had to fill her husband's mind with the riches that America held. But she was a good wife and good wives supported their husbands. Even if they didn't always agree with them.

    "Boys, take that box to Miss Ciara. Anna has outgrew them clothes but Ciara's little one can use them."

    Anna was the youngest of the Ashby children, only six years old in age. The last child Mrs. Ashby may have. The clothes had been well loved, passed on through her girl children. She wished she could take them with her but her husband reminded her they could only take the essential stuff. Other things they would buy in their new home. Once he and the twins were working in Chicago, then they would have everything they had ever dreamed of and more. Kellen and Liam both nodded their heads.

    "Yes, Mum."

    They replied and before they could even get out the door, their mother already had places for three other boxes to go to their neighbors. Anna, who was holding her doll, tugged her mother's skirt.

    "Why you giving so much away?"

    "Because, love, we can't take it all with us and we should help out our friends instead of wasting it."

    "But Daddy said the ship is really big!"

    Anna stretched out her hands as she said it. Her mother smiled and picked her up.

    "It is but lots of other people be moving to America too, Anna. We can't take up all the room. If we did that, we'd have no where to sleep!"

    Anna giggled at her mother and said she didn't want to sleep in a box.

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    Optimus Prime

    April 7th, 1912

    In about a week, they would be back in New York City but Noah Anderson didn't want to go home. After all, a grand engagement party was being planned for the twenty four year old man and he wasn't looking forward to it. The woman his family picked for him was not a woman he would have chosen for himself. While Regina Winters was physically beautiful, she was, for the lack of a better word, a bitch. She had no positive qualities and being around her got on his nerves. But Noah's thoughts in the matter did not count. Especially when Regina Winters was the heiress to a major railroad company in the States and marrying her would recover the Anderson fortune that had been lost over the years through bad businesses deals.

    Noah now knew how European princesses felt. Being married off for family interests. He had accompanied his grandfather to London to visit family in the old country. And for the funeral of his great-grandfather. How he wished they could have stayed here. James enjoyed being in England, but it was time to head home. After all, they did have a grand engagement party to go to in mid April and the Winters family would be angry if they were late. The family had already been upset that Noah and Regina's engagement party had been delayed thanks to the family death. Most of Noah's family did not make the trip. They had not had the money to go and Noah had volunteered to go with the old man. He enjoyed his grandfather's company and it was nice to get away. If only they could have stayed here.

    "Are you excited about heading home, Noah?"

    James asked, he had enjoyed the trip, other then sadness of saying goodbye to his father. But he also wanted to go home. America was his home now. It had been for many years, ever since he had immigrated there as a young man, not much older then Noah. Noah nodded his head.

    "Yes, of course, Grandfather. And to be traveling on the Titanic will be great."

    The ship was supposed to be the grandest ship in the world and the grandfather and grandson had First Class tickets on it. James grinned as he replied.

    "Yes, it will be."

    What better way to travel home then to go the maiden voyage of the most luxurious ship in the world?

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    April 7th, 1912

    "Do we really have to go, Esther?", a young red-haired man complained.

    "Yes, Patty, we do". The person who answered the question was a young read-haired woman, just a little older than the boy.

    Both people were busy with packing bags. They stood in a small room, in which there were two beds, a table, and not much more. The place spoke of poverty and a modest living.

    The boy was wearing brown pants and a white shirt, and the girl wore a simple black dress. It was clear they couldn't afford good clothes, as whatever they had was being set within only one suitcase.

    "What are we going to do there?", the boy asked.

    His sister stopped packing and held the boy's hand, leading him to one of the beds and sitting him down. "Well... I am going to carry on working as a seamstress if aunt Annie allows me to", she explained. "As for you, I would like you to go to school, and complete your education there. Aunt Annie said in her letter that if you do, her husband can find you a good position in the offices he works for".

    Patrick thought for a moment or two, before shaking his head.

    "I don't like it", he finally commented.

    "Why?", Esther asked, shaking her head.

    "Why do I get to work at the office, while you have to be a seamstress?", the boy asked.

    Esther sighed and caressed her brother's cheek. "Because you are a man. When you get married, you will have to support your wife and children. When I do, I will not have to", she explained, before standing up. "And father asked me to take care of you. So that is settled. Now, let us continue packing. We must be in Southampton when the ship is ready to sail".

    Patrick muttered something under his breath and stood up. "Very well. But just because I am curious about whether or not this ship is as big as they say", he conceded, resuming helping his sister with packing up their meager belongings.

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    April 8th, 1912

    There was so much to do and so little time. Everyone was excited about the Titanic. Anyone who didn't have tickets for it, seemed jealous of the ones who did. Mary Ashby would have gladly sold her family's tickets, if her husband would let her. Not that he ever would. He truly believed that going on the Titanic would be the start of a wonderful new life for them. Mary didn't share that belief. She couldn't shake the feeling something terrible was going to happen.

    When people would ask if she was excited, she halfheartedly said she was. Truthfully, Mary would have liked nothing more then to stay here, Dublin. Where she and her family were all together and safe.

    "Mum, is something wrong?"

    Kellen asked her, as they sorted through the kitchen. Deciding what little to take, what to give away, and what was trash. Kellen was one of her twins sons. He always seemed to attuned to people's emotions. Mary could lie to others, say she was fine and excited, but not to him. His eyes seemed to almost look into her soul. Kellen could easily tell she wasn't as happy as she claiming. She looked around, making sure both his father and his siblings were not in earshot. She told him in a whisper.

    "I'm scared, my boy."

    "Of what?"

    Kellen asked in a whisper back. His mother was the strongest woman knew. She could kill spiders and rats without fear. She had no trouble telling anyone, man or woman where their place was. He never imagined her being afraid of anything. Mary replied quietly.

    "I cannot shake the feeling something terrible will happen. That we won't all make it to America."

    Kellen looked down at his mother and saw the true fear in her eyes. Before he could ask more, his youngest sister entered. Both he and Mary put on happy faces for her. Anna was excited for the trip and neither wanted to scare her.


    Maureen's younger sister was jealous of her. At fourteen, their parents told her that she wasn't old enough yet to get a job. But how Emma wished she could. She would have loved to be aboard the Titanic. Especially on the maiden voyage. Soon Maureen would be aboard it and on the first of many new adventures.

    "I wish I could go with you."

    Emma sighed as she laid on her stomach on Maureen's bed. Watching her sister pack up her most prized possessions. Things she wanted to take in her small suitcase with her as she went back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. Maureen smiled at Emma.

    "Someday you can. In a few years, you can apply at the White Star Line. Maybe you'll get assigned to the Titanic too."

    "And then we can both find rich husbands!"

    Emma declared and Maureen laughed. Her sister was far more of a romantic then her. Maureen knew that it was very unlikely that one of the rich men would see her and fall madly in love. That stuff happened in stories, not real life. Although Emma was young, no harm letting her dream a little.

    "Maybe. Or we can focus on seeing great cities together."

    "Hmm...that sounds fun, but the rich husband sounds even more fun."

    Emma said and Maureen shook her head with a smile. She was going to miss her sister while she was away.

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    Optimus Prime

    April 8th, 1912

    Noah sighed as he looked at the calendar. April 8th, another day closer to the voyage on the Titanic. Another day closer to going back to America. Another day closer to having Regina Winters be his ball and chain. He really didn't want to marry her. But he wasn't given a choice. Her family's wealth would recover his family's wealth. Plus, she was physically beautiful. If he refused to marry her, he knew what kind of rumors would be started. Rumors he definitely did not want about him.

    He was helping his grandfather sort through his great-grandfather's belongings. Being as they would be travelling quite comfortably in First Class, they could take anything they wanted with them and still have plenty of room. His grandfather seemed to want to keep a lot. Not that Noah blamed him, he knew James Anderson was rather sentimental.

    "Noah, my boy, do you like Miss Winters?"

    James asked as they sorted and pack. Sure, he could have had servants do it, but James had wanted to go through his father's things himself. Noah paused a moment before answering the question.

    "She...She is very beautiful."

    But beautiful didn't equal being liked. Many people were beautiful but could also be very awful.

    "That she is, Noah, but do you like her?"

    "I...I don't know her well enough yet."

    "And yet your father wants you to marry her."

    James said with a frown on his face. The old man did not agree with the whole thing. Yes, the family had lost money over the years through bad deals and the economy, but he was old fashioned enough to believe marriage should be for love, not money. Noah sighed.

    "That he does."

    "We could sell some of this stuff off. I'm sure my father would not have minded."

    James replied, some of the things could be quite valuable to a collector. Noah shook his head. He didn't want his grandfather to part with things he wanted to keep. Besides, breaking the engagement would not do much good. Not only would Noah's father be angry about it, so would Mister Winters. He'd make things very difficult for their family. Noah was sure of that.

    "It's okay, Grandfather. I'm sure once I get to know Regina better, I'll like her very much."


    James replied, not as certain. Noah squeezed the older man's shoulder.

    "Sometimes love is like a flower, it takes time to bloom."

    "I suppose. Well, we better finish taking what we want."

    Whatever James and Noah didn't take would be donated to charity or trashed if it wasn't usable. Not that the grandfather and grandson would do that. They had hired some local people to clean out the rest of the house. James was only taking things he wanted to keep. He didn't care what happened to the rest.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther laughed softly when her brother commented on his curiosity about the ship. Patrick was such a child, she thought to herself. Sure, he was growing up. He was now even taller than her. Still, he was and would always be her little brother.

    It was with a deep sigh that Esther finished closing her suitcase. The girl sat on the bed by the suitcase, looking at her brother. She was silent for a moment, remembering her past. They had lost their mother shortly after Patrick had come into the world, and Esther, still a little baby girl, had felt that she needed to take care of her little brother.

    For the next sixteen years, Esther had been Patrick's mother figure, and helped their father care for the home. Now, though, their father was dead, and they had no choice but to go to America and live with their aunt. Their father's sister had married a good man, and he had been happy with the idea of taking the orphans in. And she had been told in her aunt's letter that they planned on finding her a good young man to marry. That was something Esther was iffy about. She had never really thought about marrying a man she hadn't met and fallen in love with, but she hoped she would be able to conform to her new reality.

    "Oh, well", she murmured quietly. "We better get going. We must be in Southampton when the ship is set to sail", the girl finally said to her brother, coming back to reality.

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    Patrick Callaghan

    While Esther thought about the past, Patrick thought about the future. He was incredibly excited about going to America, even though he was sad about his father's passing. America would mean a new world, a new life. They would live in a better house, and not be so poor. Maybe Esther could marry a richer man and have a more comfortable life, since she had worked so much already. And he would find a job, maybe study a little more, and, maybe, once he got older, he could also get to have his own business. The sky was the limit. He had heard that America was the Land of Opportunity, after all.

    And they would get to go to America on the Titanic. He had heard so much about the ship, it felt like a dream to know he would get to travel in it. Sure, they would be in first class, but they would get to America in the greatest ship in the world.

    Snapping back to reality when he heard Esther's voice, Patrick nodded. "Yes, you are right, sister. I am ready to go. Should we go now?", he asked, looking around somewhat sadly. It was small, quaint and cold in the winter, but it was still their home.

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    Night of April 9th, 1912

    Mary Ashby was depressed as she looked around her house. She had lived here since she married her husband, Jonas. In less then two years they had begun their family. She had raised her children here. She had planned to die here. She would have loved nothing more then to die an old lady in her bed. Surrounded by her children and her children's children. That wasn't going to happen now. Not since Jonas' brother had convinced him that the best move for them was to all go to America.

    Mary had nothing against America, it just wasn't her home. Ireland was her home, she had never thought of living anywhere else. Now, her home felt so barren. It was almost empty, they had gave a lot away to friends. Soon Mary and her family would board the Titanic. To start a new life across the ocean. She wondered if they could get there. She hadn't lied to Kellen. She had a bad feeling about this trip.

    Mary tried to sleep as best she could. As April 10th got closer, the harder it was for her to sleep. She had nightmares about the voyage. Tonight, she was in freezing water up to her knees. Carrying her crying, youngest child. She was screaming on the top of her lungs for Jonas and her other children. They couldn't hear her and she had no idea where they were. People were screaming and running all around her. It was a scene of mass chaos. There was a loud crash and she dropped Anna. The floor turned on its side and Mary was falling. Anna screamed for her but she couldn't reach her child. Instead, Mary went under the ocean.

    Mary woke up in panic and felt her bed to make sure there was no water. There wasn't, it was just her and her snoring Jonas. She wiped sweat and tears from her face. She reached over to shake Jonas awake, but stopped herself. The first time she had her nightmares, he told her it was just nerves. She had never been on a ship before and she was just afraid. Mary knew it was more then that but Jonas was determined for them to go. Plus, he never believed that dreams were anything more then just dreams. He wouldn't trade their Titanic tickets for a king's ransom. Mary decided to not wake him. He'd tell her the same thing and she didn't feel like being patronized by him. Although sleep didn't come very easily. Mary couldn't stop thinking about her nightmare, especially tomorrow was the day the Titanic would set sail. She laid back down and listened to Jonas snore. Trying to tell herself that horrible dream would not come true.
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    Noah Anderson

    Night of April 9th, 1912

    It was almost here, tomorrow the Titanic would set sail. While many were no doubt excited about the idea, Noah was not. He was not looking forward to going back to America. To be married off to a rich socialite. But did his opinion matter? No. He sighed, it was hard to sleep. It was hard to rest his mind as he thought of the fact that after a, no doubt, nice voyage, he'd married to the last woman in America he wanted to marry.

    He was already seeing his future...A very unhappy one. Noah wondered if he'd spend the rest of life counting down his time to die.

    Well, he might not get to control his future once he stepped foot in New York, but he might as well just enjoy the voyage. After all, the Titanic as supposed to be the most luxurious ship in the world. It was supposed to make the ship he and his grandfather took to get hear look like cargo ship in comparison. He might as well enjoy the ride before he went to his funeral.

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    Night of April 9th, 1912

    Patrick was very excited. Tomorrow, they would be setting sail for America and a new life living with their aunt. He could barely remember aunt Annie, as she had moved to America when he was very young, almost a baby. Esther remembered her better and had told him a little about the woman. And, of course, Patrick knew his aunt was a good woman through the letters she sent. Now, though, he would get to see her again, and meet her husband. A whole new life. He and Esther would never have to starve again. They wouldn't have to count pennies to live. And hopefully Esther wouldn't have to work as much, and would be able to study a little, as he knew she would love to.

    As for Esther, she was a bit torn. Having a better life did sound like a good thing, but there was the fact that she would be living with someone who was not her parent. Sure, aunt Annie was a sweet woman, and she spoke well of her husband. Then again, she would obviously speak well of the man she was married to and in love with. But how would he be with his wife's orphaned niece and nephew? Wouldn't they inconvenience the couple? Wouldn't aunt Annie be ashamed of having her simple-mannered niece and nephew living with her? Esther made up her mind - she would make sure herself and Patrick would learn how to behave like Americans did. She wouldn't want aunt Annie to regret having taken them in.

    For now, though, all they had to look forward to was the trip aboard the Titanic. The largest passenger ship ever built, from what both Esther and Patrick had heard. They had also heard it was very luxurious, but of course they would never see any of it. They would be in third class, after all, with all of the other poor people. Esther wondered what it would be like. She had never set foot in a ship, hopefully she wouldn't get seasick.

    Those were the only concerns in both Esther's and Patrick's minds... for now.

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