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    Kellen Ashby


    Anna told Esther excitedly, happy for a new friend. Kellen liked their new friend as well.

    "See you soon."

    He told with a smile, following his father. When alone with the young woman, Mary smiled kindly at her when she called her 'mother'. Mary loved being a mother. If Esther was in need of someone to fill a motherly role on this voyage, she was more then happy to help her out. Even if she would much rather get off the ship as soon as possible. She squeezed the girl's hand and replied.

    "I don't like this ship."

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    Noah Anderson

    Both Noah and his grandfather was happy to see that Patrick relaxed. Neither were going to tattle to the crew about his presence on the deck. Other First Class passengers might not be as kind. The lad seemed like a nice enough boy, just curious.

    "You're welcome."

    Noah said and James nodded his head when Patrick asked about the dog.

    "I do. He's a white English Sheepdog. He's at our cabin right now, but I'm sure Xavier will get bored in there during the voyage."

    "He will, Grandfather. Young man, how would you like to take Xavier for walks around the ship? We'll pay you."

    Noah said, opened his wallet and held up an American five dollar bill.

    "Xavier needs walked three times a day. Each time you walk him, I'll give you five dollars."

    The money would give Patrick a nice start in his new life in America and give him an excuse to be around the First Class decks. Other passengers were paying people to walk their dogs around the decks. None of the First Class would think twice about Patrick if he was with Xavier.

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther was really happy to have met Kellen and Anna, and she was curious to get to know the rest of their family. Right now, though, she was worried about their mother. She paid full attention to the woman and sighed at her smile, missing her own mother a lot.

    When the woman said she didn't like the ship, Esther didn't discount her fears. She simply nodded and thought for a moment before speaking.

    "I understand. It's... too new, too many things people like us have never seen before. But it's going to take us to a new life in America. God wouldn't put this into our hearts and then let harm come to us, mother." She sighed, hoping the woman wouldn't think she was being dismissive of her fears. "Would you like for us to pray together a little? For protection?"

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    Patrick Kellerman


    Patrick smiled brightly to the two men. He smiled again when they commented about their dog. He loved sheepdogs, they were nice to handle and usually didn't cause too much trouble. Walking it daily would be fun, and he would be making himself useful and maybe making a few coins.

    Hearing that he would make five dollars every time he walked the dog made the boy's eyes grow wide as saucers. His jaw dropped, and it took him a while to find his voice again.

    "But... sir, I... it's so much money."

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    Noah Anderson

    Both Noah and his grandfather smiled at Patrick.

    "I know, but I figure it'll give you a good start in America."

    Noah replied back to Patrick with a smile. Offering the young man five dollars a time to walk their dog was excessive. But the kid seemed nice enough. Walking Xavier would allow him to explore the ship but also keep him out of trouble with the crew.

    "So, what do you say?"

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    Mary Ashby

    Mary was glad that Kellen and Anna had met Esther. Poor thing, she thought, being on a trip across the Atlantic all by herself. Mary, despite her fears of the voyage, decided that she'd try to make the young woman feel welcome in her family. Even if they never saw each other again after they arrived in New York. If they arrived in New York, she thought with a small shudder. Her husband had told her to stop it. Nothing was going to happen, the Titanic was safe. She'd scare their children. Mary didn't want to scare her children but...She couldn't shake the feeling they should have remained in Ireland either.

    "I hope you are right, child."

    Mary replied. Mary was a religious woman but thought maybe even God could not protect a ship so large. There were so many people on board. The ship itself was massive. Perhaps too massive for the crew to handle. She took Esther's hand and said.

    "Yes, I think a prayer would be nice."

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    Patrick Kellerman

    Patrick was really surprised at the offer of five dollars at a time to walk a dog. He was, of course, more than willing to take it, but he wanted to make sure the men wouldn't feel like he was taking advantage of them. Once they seemed to be sure about it, Patrick finally relaxed and nodded.

    "It will. Thank you so much, sir."

    The young man took a deep breath and nodded more firmly. "I'll do it. Don't worry, sir, your dog will be well taken care of. I promise I'll treat him as I'd treat my own dog."

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    Esther Callaghan

    Esther nodded at Mary's words. "I know I am, mother." Of course she didn't, but she had to believe nothing bad would happen to them in this ship. Too many bad things had happened to her already, and she could use a break. Being all alone and having to move to another country to survive was scary enough without having to think about something else happening. They had to get to land safely.

    When Mary said a prayer would be nice, Esther nodded and squeezed the woman's hand gently before saying the Lord's prayer slowly. Once she finished, Esther sighed and looked at Mary. "I'm sorry if I sounded so... forceful. I just can't bear to think of anything bad happening right now. Losing mum and dad and having to go to America is enough heartbreak to last me a lifetime."

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