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    Megan was really hoping Austin would say he had moved the planchette. When he said he didn't, and, worse, swore that he hadn't, Megan believed him, then. She knew Austin was a jester, but she also knew that he never meant any harm, and that he would admit he had been moving the planchette should he see that she was distressed.

    "Jon?", Megan asked, taking a look at her ex-boyfriend. She suspected that he wouldn't do that to her, though.

    Jonathan shook his head on a negative. "I'm not doing it, Meg", he replied, his expression serious.

    Megan whimpered softly, disappointed. Despite having hoped that Jonathan was trying to mess with her, but she believed him. "All right, I'm sorry", the girl murmured, her voice tense.

    Falling silent again, her eyes locked on the planchette, Megan just kept watching as Austin asked the spirit's name.

    The planchette started moving slowly, pointing out letters.

    M. E. G. A. N.

    Megan turned whiter than a sheet of paper, her eyes watering up. Only her closest friends knew that she had been named after her deceased mother. The girl shook her head on a negative. "Stop that, Austin, Jon. Now", she pleaded, her voice shaking. "I don't want to do this".

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    Fuck...was the word that hit Karen as both young men said they had not moved the planchette. She had really hoped her boyfriend and his friend were just trying to play a trick on them. Trying to scare her and Meg for fun. Sure, Karen would be pissed about it but it would have been a better option. She didn't want to speak to a spirit. No good ever came of messing with them. That's what her grandmother told her. Especially when she found out Austin's interest in the paranormal.

    There were a lot of things Austin would joke about, but not this. He truly wanted to talk to a spirit and he wouldn't disrespect any that might talk to them by messing with board to scare the girls.

    As the planchette moved around, spelling out letters of a name, Austin named each letter out loud.

    "Megan. Your name is 'Megan'?"

    He asked the spirit, so focused on the Ouija board, he didn't even realize what reaction Megan was having at first. Karen looked over at Megan and saw she was going to cry. She moved over and put her arm around Meg's shoulders.

    "Austin, stop. This isn't funny."

    "I'm not doing it!"

    Austin replied, annoyed that they thought he was doing this. He knew Meg well enough through Jon to know that her mom had died and she had been named after her mother.

    "Come on, Karen, you know I wouldn't joke about that."

    He might like to pick on his friends but even he knew there was a line to not cross. That involved people's loved ones, especially those that passed away. Karen bit her lip, she did know Austin wouldn't joke about that.

    "Then tell it goodbye."

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    Megan would also have been pissed if she had learned that Austin and Jon were messing with her. She felt that Austin was telling the truth, though. And she felt that Jonathan wouldn't really be that cruel and mess with her about her deceased mother. She wasn't sure how to feel about the whole thing, though. Despite having lost her mother so long ago, Megan really felt like she had missed something in life.

    And now... there was a chance to get to know her mother.

    Not bothering to ask Jonathan if he was messing with her, Megan nibbled on her lower lip, wondering whether or not she should ask questions.

    When Karen told Austin to tell the spirit goodbye, the planchette flew to the word 'no'.

    Jonathan felt a shiver down his spine. That was real. They were talking to a spirit.

    The spirit started moving the planchette again.

    L. O. C. K. E. T.

    Megan turned even whiter. She swallowed hard and removed a locket she was wearing, opening it. There was a picture of a woman who looked a lot like her inside, but it was clear that it wasn't Meg. The woman had dirty blonde hair, as opposed to Maggie's dark brown, and baby blue eyes, as opposed to the girl's brown ones. Everything else, though, was very similar.

    "Please, guys, stop", Megan begged. "I don't feel okay with that. We can always find another one to talk to".

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    A part of Karen hoped this was just a sick joke. That Austin and Jon were just trying to mess with her and Megan. To scare them both. But, deep down, Karen knew it wasn't. Although Austin loved to joke around, she knew he wasn't that cruel. Everyone in the room knew Meg had lost her mom and he wasn't that mean. Plus, she didn't think Jonathan would have let him do it. Even if he and Meg never got back together, Karen knew he still cared a lot about Megan. He wouldn't have let Austin joke about her mom.

    So, they were talking to a ghost. A ghost who didn't want to leave. She bit down on her lip when the board told her no.

    "I didn't say it was an option."

    Karen grumbled, she wanted this to end. She wanted them to go back to drinking and listening to Jonathan play his guitar. This was not how she thought the night would go. This wasn't fun. Austin shot her a look.

    "Calm down. Ghosts can't hurt you, babe."

    He could tell Karen was getting upset and she might say something to that would upset the ghost. Karen rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms. Not giving him a reply. Before Austin could say more, the planchette moved again.

    "'Locket'? What-"

    Before he could ask what locket, he saw Meg grabbed her locket. Austin frowned. While he would have loved to talk to the spirit more he also didn't want to upset his friend either. Meg wanted this to stop and he was going to respect that.

    "All right. It was nice to talking to you, Megan, but we're going to let you go."

    Austin said, talking to the ghost. Hoping this time it would accept the goodbye.

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    Megan was feeling more and more uncomfortable with that situation. The girl felt so nervous she was shaking a little. This whole Ouija board thing had been a bad idea. Hopefully, they would just tell the spirit good bye, and it would go away. And hopefully Austin would want to do something else.

    Lucky for them, this time, the spirit did say goodbye, and the planchette started moving.

    Megan let out a huge relieved breath.

    "Thank God", she murmured, still shaken.

    After collecting herself, she looked at Karen and showed a faint smile. "Thanks", the girl murmured. "I'm gonna get a glass of water", she completed, standing up.

    Over on the board, the planchette stirred very slightly, even though it was not being touched. It had been a really faint movement, but whatever had been controlling the planchette before seemed to still be around.

    Megan would probably have freaked out if she had seen it, but she was in the kitchen. After drinking some water to calm herself down, Meg washed some glasses that were in the sink, and then dug around for something edible. She would rejoin the others with a bag of chips. "So, what are we gonna do now?", she asked, obviously hoping they would find something else to do, that didn't involve messing with things they could not see.

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    Karen breathed a sigh of relief that whatever spirit they were speaking to said 'goodbye'. Grandma had been so right. Messing with a Ouija board was a terrible idea. Maybe getting to talk to one spirit would be enough for her boyfriend. Probably not, though. Karen knew Austin very well. This experience might just encourage him more.

    Karen gave Megan a smile.

    "You're welcome."

    She replied back to Meg. Karen truly hoped that would be the end of it. She was about to ask Austin and Jon if they could please do something else, when the planchette moved again.

    "What the...Did you do that?"

    Karen looked at Austin. When the spirit had said goodbye, Austin had stopped touching the planchette. He shook his head.

    "It wasn't me."

    Austin replied honestly to his girlfriend. Karen believed him and swallowed hard. She looked over at Megan when she returned.

    "Something still wants to talk to us."

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    Megan felt like a weight had been lifted off of her chest when they stopped with the whole spirit thing. She didn't really like it at all, and even less now that she had tried. So, she was happy to stop, and hoped Jon would play something and they would sing, or whatever else they could do. They could watch a movie, or play a game, or whatever. Anything that didn't involve messing with things they didn't understand. And Megan was pretty sure Karen would easily agree with her.

    When she got back to the room with the chips, though, the girl felt the air was heavier than it should have been.

    Listening to Karen's words made Megan shake her head firmly on a negative.

    "I don't want to talk to anything I can't see", she stated.

    A second after she finished these words, the glass of water on her hand simply exploded in shards of glass, a large portion of which went into her palm.

    While Megan screamed - she didn't even know whether it was the pain or the scare -, Jon jumped on his feet, checking her hand out.

    "Okay, you're okay", he murmured, trying to soothe Megan. He then turned to Austin and Karen.

    "That was an accident, right...?", Jonathan asked, turning his gaze back to Megan's hand. "Did anyone else get some glass?", he completed, trying to assess the damage. Why the hell did he have to pull out that stupid board?

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    "I know."

    Karen replied to Meg. Megan was even more uncomfortable with this 'game' then Karen was. And that was saying a lot. Karen had hoped they could move on to something else, but the spirits had other ideas. Both Karen and Austin gasped when the glass Meg was holding exploding.

    "Oh my god! Are you okay?"

    Karen asked and Austin got up, planning to find some bandages for Meg's hand.

    "I hope so."

    Karen said, truly hoping that the glass breaking was an accident. But....Grandma right, you shouldn't play with Ouija boards and things you don't understand. This whole night was turning into a bad idea. They never should have played with the stupid board! When Jon asked if they were hit by the glass, the couple checked each other. Both Karen and Austin shook their heads. They had not gotten hit by any glass.

    "We're okay. Where's your first aid kit?"

    Austin asked. Karen got up from her seat and said.

    "We need to clean your hand out right away, Meg. If not, you could get an infection."

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    Megan looked white as a ghost after the glass had simply exploded out of nowhere. She felt like she was about to faint, and would probably have dropped to the ground had Jon not held her and led her to his bed, allowing her to sit down.

    Once she was sitting, Megan nodded at the question about whether or not she was okay. "Sure", she murmured, trying to calm down.

    Jon pointed to the dresser across the bedroom, not wanting to let go of Megan in case she felt worse. "It's there, first drawer", he replied.

    Megan nodded again when Karen said they needed to clean her hand out. "Yeah, it's okay", she murmured, resting her head on Jonathan's shoulder.

    The young man looked at both Austin and Karen. "What was that?", he asked in an almost whispered intonation. Jonathan had gone along with the Ouija board thing, but he was regretting it now. It seemed as though they had called out something hostile. Whatever it was, it had hurt someone, and that made it pretty clear that it wasn't a friendly spirit. Having Megan as the target also made him nervous. He did still have strong feelings for her, after all.

    Jonathan shook his head, negating his own thoughts. None of them should get involved with this spirit. "We need to get rid of this thing", he murmured in a tense voice, checking Megan's hands once again. "Before anyone else gets hurt".

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    The glass exploding had been very unexpected. And also a little scary. Especially since before it had happened, they had been talking to a spirit who didn't want to leave. Karen looked over at the Ouija board. It had been such a bad idea. She should have listened to her grandmother and not let the guys mess with it. Not that it would have mattered. When Austin had his mind set to something, he did it. Whether or not it was a smart idea.

    Well, it had been a stupid idea. Especially since Megan had gotten hurt. Austin went to the bedroom and found the first aid kit with very little effort. It was right where Jon had said it would be. He brought it back so they could bandage up Meg's hand.

    "I don't know."

    Karen said quietly back. Whatever it was, it had been bad. Austin pulled out some rubbing alcohol and told Meg.

    "Sorry, this will sting."

    It would be necessary to clean it properly before her wound got infected. He and Karen looked over at the board. When Jon said they had to get rid of it, Austin nodded his head.

    "I agree."

    Austin said, surprising his girlfriend. While he was very interested in the paranormal, he didn't like someone getting hurt. Especially not one of his friends. He caught Karen's surprised look and he told her.

    "What happened to Meg crossed the line. That spirit....It's not one we should talk to anymore."

    He said, looking down at Meg's hand as he tended to it. Karen nodded her head in agreement.

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