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    Jonathan and Megan were just as scared as Karen and Austin. Jonathan was beating himself up mentally for even mentioning the board in the first place. He should never have commented on it, and then everyone would have had a pleasant evening all the way to the end.

    Megan was so confused right now that she didn't even know how to feel. It made her really uncomfortable and scared that whatever spirit had used her mother's name, as she was sure it wasn't her mother. It couldn't be, it was some hostile spirit trying to mess with them. It had to be.

    When Austin told her it was going to sting before cleaning up her hand, Megan nodded. "It's okay", she murmured, keeping her hand still so he could clean her up without any trouble.

    Jonathan was relieved that Austin agreed on getting rid of the board. It was probably the best thing to do. "I think we should burn it, just to be on the safe side", he suggested. "I'll make it up to my roommate later, with something else. I don't want another one of these in the house".

    Megan was silent as Austin tended to her hand, and only spoke again once it was done. "Thanks, Austin. I really hope you guys don't mind, but I think I'm going home".

    Jonathan opened his mouth to protest, but ended up giving up. He was sure Megan's night had been ruined, and he couldn't really blame her.

    "All right", he murmured, giving up any argument he might have presented. "Just wait until Karen and Austin go too, it'll be safer",

    Jonathan requested. There was no way he could invite Meg to stay the night now, after all. Heck, he would be lucky if she ever set foot in his apartment again after the events of the evening.

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    This was not how the night should have ended up. It was supposed to be fun. No one was supposed to get hurt. While Austin tended to Megan's hand, Karen was texting her cousin. Karen remembered her grandmother telling her how excited she was that Hayley was visiting her. While Grandma was never much for cell phones, Hayley was a typical teenage girl and basically attached to it. She was asking Hayley to talk their shared grandmother about Ouija boards.

    Austin was putting the supplies back into the first aid kit, and gave Meg a smile.

    "You're welcome. I'm sorry you got hurt."

    While he thought it was fun to play with the Ouija board and talk to a real spirit, he would have said no if he had known someone was going to get hurt. He didn't blame Meg for wanting to go home. He and Karen should head home too. He was about to suggest it when he noticed she was texting on her phone. Karen bit her lip and told her friends.

    "You can't burn it. Those boards won't burn."

    Austin looked at Karen in confusion.

    "How do you know?"

    "Because I just had my cousin ask my grandma. When she was kid, she and her brothers played with one. Their father got angry and he tried to burn it in the fire pit. It didn't burn....It came back the next day."

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    Megan smiled back at Austin, still a bit shaken. "It's okay", she replied to his comment. "It wasn't serious, and...". Meg paused and looked at the Ouija board. "...it was kind of 'my' spirit, after all, it's only fair I was the one affected by it", she carried on.

    While Meg really wanted to go home, she waited for whatever Karen was texting about. Maybe, she wondered, it could be something useful.

    Karen's words made Megan and Jonathan exchange glances. How come it wouldn't burn? Neither of them verbalized the question, but they both thought it, and their eyes conveyed it pretty clearly.

    When Karen told her grandmother's story, Megan felt a chill down her spine. She looked at the board again. "We need to do something about it. Holy water, a circle of salt, whatever, as long as we get rid of it, or prevent it from causing any harm.

    Jonathan nodded and turned to Karen. "Could you please ask her how she finally got rid of it?", he requested, his voice serious.

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    Austin O'Connor & Karen Reynolds

    Austin nodded his head, a little sadly to Karen. He was glad she wasn't badly hurt but it seemed messed up that the spirit attacked her. While he enjoyed learning about spirits, he certainly didn't want anyone to get hurt.

    Karen swallowed hard and told her friends.

    "She said they didn't. Her father got a job in another state and they moved. It didn't follow them."

    Her grandmother was sure the Ouija board was probably still at her old house, if it still existed. In all her eighty years, the woman had no desire to go back to it. Austin frowned and said.

    "Well, shit. That doesn't help us."

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    Jonathan Blake & Megan Philips

    Both Jon and Megan were waiting anxiously for Karen to tell them more about the story her grandmother had told her about the Ouija board. When they heard her say that her family had not gotten rid of the Ouija board at all, they both sighed. It seemed as thought they would never really get rid of it. Maybe they could at least get rid of the spirit, though? It seemed as though that was necessary, as it was clearly unfriendly.

    After a moment of silence, Megan was the one to speak up.

    "Well, we can't just leave it here as it is, with this spirit attached to it", she commented, looking at the board and at her hand, which had suffered with the spirit's rage.

    Jon nodded and sighed. This evening had been seriously ruined by his big mouth. And his chances on getting back together with Megan had been as well.

    "Maybe we should call someone to... I don't know, bless it, or something?", he suggested, not really sure what he should do. "Before someone else ends up getting hurt".

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    Austin O'Connor & Karen Reynolds

    Karen knew the answer she gave her friends weren't what they wanted to hear. Honestly, she didn't want to hear it either. She had hoped her grandmother had some grand plan for them to get rid of the board and the spirit. Instead, Karen was sure she'd be hearing 'I told you so' the next time she saw her grandmother in person.


    Karen replied to Megan's idea. She had no idea if it would honestly work. Austin considered what she said and nodded his head.

    "That might work. Maybe we can call a Catholic priest or a Wiccan. One or even both might be of help."

    Austin didn't practice any religion. While he believed in spirits, he didn't believe in a god or even gods that had total control all over you. He never bought into that type of religion. If God was all knowing and powerful, then bad shit wouldn't happen to people. Although he did know in times like this, sometimes priests or Wiccans could help.

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    Jonathan Blake & Megan Philips

    Jonathan was kicking himself inside for even bringing up the board in the first place. He should not have done that, but it was too late now. It had been done, and there was no turning back. All they could do now was - hopefully - to fix this mess he had created. It wasn't fun and games anymore, after all. Someone had gotten hurt, and who knew what more could happen if they didn't get rid of whatever spirit was around.

    Megan nodded when Austin said calling a priest might work. Well, it seemed to be their best chance, didn't it? At least a priest would know better than they did how to get rid of a hostile spirit.

    Austin's mention to either a Catholic priest or a Wiccan made Jon and Meg exchange glances. Jon was a non-practicing protestant, but he knew Meg was a practicing Catholic and probably wouldn't feel comfortable resorting to a Wiccan priest as their first choice.

    "I think Meg would be more comfortable with a Catholic priest", Jon replied, prompting Meg to nod.

    "We can move on to another kind of priest if that doesn't work", she conceded quietly.

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    Austin O'Connor & Karen Reynolds

    It was too late to turn back. In hindsight, it seemed like a horrible idea to have played with the Ouija board. There was nothing they could do but move forward and fix it. Hopefully...Funny how the thing was sold as a board game when it was nothing but fun. Especially not when someone got hurt. Austin had heard both type of priests sometimes had success with dealing with supernatural stuff. When Jon said they should ho with a Catholic priest first, Austin nodded his head.

    "All right, we'll try to find one. I'll warn you, though, not all of them believe in this type of stuff. So, it might take a few days."

    Which Austin thought was stupid. After all, the church said that Jesus rose from the dead but many of the followers didn't believe in ghosts. It made no sense to him and one of the reasons he didn't practice that religion. Karen bit her lip.

    "So, what should we do in the mean time?"

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    Jonathan Blake and Megan Philips

    Both Jon and Megan nodded when Austin mentioned it might not be easy to find a Catholic priest that would be willing to handle their problem. They could understand that. Megan more than Jonathan, since, as a Catholic herself, she knew the Church had a pretty skeptical standing when it came to ghosts and spirits in general. "I guess I'll try and call my priest back home", Meg suggested. "He's an older priest, maybe he'll be more open minded to that? I don't know, but can't hurt to ask".

    Austin's question about what they should do in the meantime made both Jon and Megan shrug. It wasn't like you were taught to deal with hostile spirits in school.

    It was Jonathan who spoke next. "Maybe we should say a prayer? Or seal the room off with something? Like... I don't know, salt?", he suggested, hoping they could contain the spirit for a while, until they could get rid of it for good.

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    Austin O'Connor & Karen Reynolds

    Austin nodded his head when Meg said she'd call her priest back home and see if he would help.

    "That would probably be best. Since he knows you, he might not just write you off as being crazy."

    Which some people who didn't believe in spirits thought believers were. Only crazy people believed in things that went bump in the night. Well, Austin thought people who believed that the wine they were drinking was their savior's blood were pretty crazy too. Karen said.

    "I'll try to find a prayer on my phone."

    Not that she knew what prayers worked best for warding off hostile ghosts, but it she figured it would not hurt. While Karen looked on her phone, Austin said.

    "Yeah, salt and sage. Spirits aren't supposed to like that either. Burning safe can help cleanse a house."

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