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    Jonathan Blake & Megan Phillips

    Megan laughed when Karen mentioned that Austin would be able to climb back in if they pushed him out the window. Sure, she was still a bit scared and upset - and her hand hurt -, but joking with a friend made things easier and more relaxing. It made her feel that everything would be all right.

    When Austin said he'd write a whole essay about the movie, Meg rolled her eyes. "I'll hold you to that promise, so you better work on it", she replied, pinching Jon. "As for you, you get to be our personal slave for the rest of the night. Snacks are your job".

    Jon made a face, pretending she had hurt him with her pinching. "Ouch, Meg. Fine, anything so you won't pinch me again", he replied with a grin.

    Megan shook her head and got the movie rolling, before resting her head on Jonathan's shoulder. She was trying to pay attention to the screen, but it was obvious Meg was a bit distracted, paying attention to every little sound they could hear around them.

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    Austin O'Connor & Karen Reynolds

    Karen was glad to see Meg laughing. After what had happened, the girl thought it was important that they all be able to joke around. It had been scary, but joking seemed to ease the tension. Make everything feel more normal. Austin grabbed a notebook and pen.

    "I'll take lots of notes during it. It'll be so awesome, I'll be able to use it as a thesis paper at school."

    He said and Karen shook her head with a smile.

    "You can hope."

    She settled next to Austin on the couch and hoped that the movie would help everyone forget about what had happened earlier.

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    Jonathan Blake & Megan Phillips

    Megan was starting to feel better now. She was trying hard to convince herself that whatever had happened had been some sort of strange coincidence. While it was a very strange one, and, rationally, Meg didn't think all that had happened could be attributed to mere coincidence, the least rational part of her wanted to believe it. A series of odd coincidences was, after all, less scary than an angry spirit targeting then.

    When Austin said his notes would be so awesome he would be able to use them as a thesis paper at school, Megan rolled her eyes.

    "50 bucks say you can't develop a real thesis on the movie", she teased. Meg loved to tease her friends, and, even though she was offering a bet, she would never hold Austin to it. It was still fun to joke around, though.

    After offering the bet, Meg found a better position next to Jon and focused on the movie, hoping nothing more would happen tonight - and preferably, ever.

    Meanwhile, Jon was silent, keeping an eye on Meg. He still felt guilty, and had decided he would keep his full attention on at all times, and make sure nobody else would have to get hurt due to his stupid ideas.

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