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    Ouija, or what happens when you play with spirits (with Sojourn)

    Ouija, or what happens when you play with spirits (with Sojourn)


    September the 17th, 11:30 p.m. - Jonathan Blake's apartment

    The party was small, but a good one anyway. As he did every time his flatmate traveled back home to visit his parents, Jonathan had gathered a few friends for dinner, drinks and a movie or something else. Tonight, he had invited his ex-girlfriend, Megan Philips, and two friends, Karen Reynolds and Austin O'Connor. They had eaten dinner, and Jonathan had played and sang a little afterwards, while they all drank a little. He had suggested Megan could stay in to spend the night, and been told it wasn't going to happen, as well. They had dated for a while, but Jonathan didn't seem to be the monogamous type, and Megan thought she deserved better. They were still friends anyway.

    Once Jonathan had run out of ideas for songs, or gotten tired of playing, he excused himself to go put his guitar away. It didn't take too long for him to come back, carrying a box. He placed it on the table, and then went in the kitchen for a few more cans of beer and a couple cans of Coke for those who would be driving out of there.

    As soon as he had handed everyone their cans, Jonathan sat next to Megan, who slid a little farther away from her friend. "You hurt my feelings, Meg", he commented, in a light-hearted intonation. "I won't do anything, come on, sit closer".

    Megan shook her head and slid closer to her friend, mostly because she was curious about what he had in the box. It was a simple cardboard box, without any identification, so she wouldn't be able to guess what was in it. After teasing Megan a little, Jonathan looked around. "Hey, guys. I got this from my roommate. He said it was in his house and he brought it along with some other stuff, but he didn't even know why he had it".

    After this announcement, Jonathan finally opened the box and removed two items from it. One item was an Ouija board, and the other was the planchette that had come along with it. Once he was sure everyone had taken a good look at the items, he launched the suggestion. "Do you think we should try it?", he asked, his expression making clear Jonathan was between curiosity and fear.

    Megan shook her head on a negative right away. "No", she replied firmly. "I don't think so, I mean... it shouldn't be done just like this, just... for fun", she explained her answer. "I don't think any of us has anyone we would really love to communicate with, right?", Meg asked, taking a look around.
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    Austin O'Connor always liked hanging out with Jonathan Blake. They had been friends a long time, although they didn't always hang out together as much as they used to. Or as much as either young man would like. Jon was busy with his music and Austin was busy with his sports. And both were still in school. To some people, they seemed like an odd pairing, but Austin was the type of person who could make friends with a stranger while waiting in line. He was pretty easy going on and pretty well liked.

    His girlfriend of the last three years, Karen Reynolds, was much shyer then him. Again, it seemed almost odd. Unless she knew someone well, Karen was very quiet around them. Letting Austin do the talking. Although, she did know Jon and Megan Philips. So, she was more open to talking to them.

    It was proving to be a fun night. Austin drank some beer, while Karen stuck to soda. She had never been a big drinker and was always Austin's designated driver.

    "She's probably afraid to catch something from you, Jon."

    Austin told his friend with a smirk, when Meg moved away from Jonathan. Karen just shook her head and leaned forward to see what was in the box. Karen bit her lip nervously when Jon pulled out the Ouija board, while her boyfriend got a big grin on his face.

    Austin nodded his head eagerly at the suggestion. Karen, personally agreed with Meg. She didn't think Ouija boards should be messed with. Her grandmother had told her a story once about why it wasn't a good idea to play with them. Before she could speak, Austin said.

    "I do! I watched a show where the people used one and found out there was a thirteen year old living in their house. It was cool, we should totally try it. I want to talk to a spirit, any type of spirit."

    He grabbed a hold of the planchette. Karen touched his arm.

    "Yeah, but....My grandmother told me that they are dangerous...."

    Karen said with quietly. Austin replied to her.

    "Your grandmother also throws salt over her shoulder and avoids black cats on Friday the 13th."

    Austin did like Karen's grandmother but she believed in many old wives tales.

    "Come on, trust me. It'll be fun."

    Austin added and Karen sighed.


    Although she didn't feel as confident as her boyfriend was about this.

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    Jonathan loved spending time with Austin as well. The two young men had vastly different interests, but there was something they had in common - they were both easy-going men, who liked having fun and good conversations. Since their first conversation, the two young men had become fast friends, and the friendship remained solid, despite the men not having too much time to spend together.

    As for Megan, she was on the quieter side, but enjoyed company and small gatherings. Jonathan had been her boyfriend, but things hadn’t worked out. Some people used to say there was still something there, but Meg wasn’t sure about whether or not it would be worth getting back together with Jon. So, for now, they remained simply close friends.

    When Austin mentioned that Meg was probably afraid to catch something, Megan laughed and Jonathan pouted like a little boy. He was obviously trying to get some sympathy from his ex-girlfriend. “Hey, I resent that!”, the young man protested. “I have absolutely nothing to give her!”, he completed, cracking a smirk, unable to keep a straight face.

    After this little exchange, the group focused back on the contents of the box. It seemed like the two young men were more open to try the Ouija board than the girls. Megan was nervous, and agreed with Karen that it could be dangerous.

    It seemed as though there would be no choice, though. The boys seemed to have decided they would try. Meg sighed and spoke up quietly. “Fine, if we are going to do this, we should do it right”, she murmured, picking up the instructions. “If we are dealing with spirits, we need to be serious about this. It says here that we need to say a prayer together before we start and once we finish. Also, we need to make sure the spirit says goodbye before we finish”.

    Megan sighed once again. She was really uncomfortable with that, but looked at Austin. “It says we can simply open the door for any friendly spirit, or ask for a specific one. What do you say? You’re the one who wants to do this, after all”.

    After this question, Megan simply waiting, her hand touching the small crucifix on her neck as she always did when nervous.

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    "That's true, you're more broke them me."

    Austin replied in jest to Jonathan. The more Austin liked someone, the more he enjoyed picking on them. Although he didn't get to spend as much time as he would have liked with Jon, he definitely considered him a good friend. Which meant he was more then willing to pick on and attempt to embarrass his buddy. Especially when Meg was with them. They might have broken up but Austin felt Jonathan still had feelings for her. Even if he'd never admit it.

    Karen didn't want to try the Ouija board at all. Maybe Grandma was superstitious but she was also wise. Karen had grown up never doubting or trusting the old woman's judgment. But she always did have a problem going against a group. She had always been a people pleaser. Wanting to do what others wanted to do to keep everyone happy. Even if she thought something was a bad idea. This sounded like a fucking horrible idea.

    Karen swallowed hard when Megan agreed to go along with it. And she knew Austin, whenever he had his mind set on something, there was no changing it. He had always been fascinated with the paranormal. They were constantly watching shows and videos on YouTube about ghosts. Watching stuff was one thing, trying to talk to one...That was something else all together.

    Austin nodded his head to Meg.

    "You're right, let's do the 'Lord's Prayer' before we start."

    It was the only prayer he knew. Austin wasn't religious but he did think it was wise to say a prayer before starting to speak to spirits. Acting like a total expert, he added.

    "We also have to be polite and thank them for talking to us. Oh, and don't ask if they know they are dead or how they died. We don't want to piss a ghost off."

    When Megan asked him if he wanted to talk to specific one, Austin replied.

    "Any spirit. It doesn't matter to me."

    Any spirit that was willing to talk to them, was a spirit that Austin wanted to talk to.

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    Jonathan tried to keep a straight face and look mad when Austin said he was broke. He couldn’t hold it for long, though, and was soon laughing. “Son of a bitch”, he replied to his friend, still laughing. “Can’t even say you’re wrong, I’m so broke if someone turns me upside down, they won’t even get a penny”, he joked.

    Megan was as tense as Karen. She felt that they shouldn’t mess with things they didn’t understand. Being raised as a Catholic, Megan had no experience with messing with spirits, and would prefer to remain as such. But it seemed that they would do it anyway. So, she hoped they could at least be safe.

    “Yes, let’s pray”, Megan agreed to Austin’s words.

    She believed the Lord’s prayer was the best choice, and shook her head.

    “All right, let’s hold hands and pray. Please, take this seriously, people”, Megan asked. She took a deep breath and waited for everyone to hold hands before closing her eyes and leading the prayer.

    Once it was over, Megan looked at both Austin and Jonathan.

    “One of you should hold the planchette, I want nothing to do with that”, she stated before someone could even think of suggesting she should do it.

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    Austin laughed along with Jonathan. Most of his friends had a hard time keeping a straight face around him. Austin loved to joke around. The better he knew a person, the more he did it.

    "I don't doubt that one, asshole."

    Austin replied good naturally. He only called Jon an 'asshole' since he had called him a "son of a bitch". All's fair in name calling between friends.

    Karen sighed as she listened to her friends. Obviously the guys wanted to do this. It just seemed like a horrible idea. Ouija boards opened doors, doors for both good and bad spirits. The bad spirits are what scared her. But she knew her boyfriend, there would be no talking him out of it. She said a silent prayer to herself. While she didn't go to church anymore, she had been raised a Christian. And she had been taught to not mess with things you didn't understand.

    'Lord protect us.'

    Karen thought to herself. She took a hold of friends hands and Austin nodded his head to Megan as he did the same.

    "No worries, Meg. I'll be super serious. So serious, you'll think someone switched out my brain with a chess nerd's."

    Karen gave Austin an annoyed look. He squeezed her hand and told her with a grin.

    "Chill out, babe. This will be fun."


    Karen replied, not feeling as confident as him. She and Austin said the Lord's Prayer with Meg and Jon. When Megan said she'd have nothing to do with the planchette, Austin replied.

    "I'll do it."

    There was no doubt in his mind that he'd do it. He really wanted to talk to a spirit.

    "But, I need someone else too. You're not supposed to do it by yourself."

    At least that's what his research of online and television shows had told him. Austin looked over at Karen and Jonathan, one of them would have to hold it with him. Karen bit her lip and hoped Jon would say yes. If not, then she'd do it. But she really did not want to.

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    Megan was really nervous about the whole Ouija board thing. She wasn't happy at all with that, and her acceptance would go as far as being a part of it, but not as far as touching the planchette. If that went wrong, Megan knew she was already guilty by association, so she didn't want to have any more to do with that mess than she already did.

    Luckily for both girls, Jonathan was set on impressing Megan and decided to be brave. "I'll do it", he replied, shooting a smile to both girls. Megan shook her head, but didn't complain. After all, Jon stepping forward meant that she wouldn't have to get directly involved with that.

    Once Jonathan placed his fingertips on the planchette, Meg picked up the instructions again. "Now, it says we need to start by asking if there is someone in there. Then, once we get an answer, we need to ask it if it is good or bad. Then, if it is bad, we need to say goodbye and wait for it to reply. If it's good, we can start asking questions", she explained. "Please, guys, remember to be respectful, this is serious", Megan recommended again.

    She still felt uncomfortable, but after her recommendations, Megan would be quiet, her eyes locked on the board.

    Jonathan looked at the planchette and then at Austin. "Do you want to start with the questions?", the red-haired young man asked. He wasn't too comfortable with this mess either, but he had to try and be brave. He wouldn't want to look like a chicken in front of the girls, and he knew that Austin would never let him hear the end of it if he seemed like a scared cat.

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    Karen was nervous about the whole thing as well. It felt wrong, they shouldn't be doing this. She nervously played with the gold chain of her necklace as she sat next to Austin. She looked over at Jonathan and really hoped he'd volunteer to touch the planchette with Austin. She absolutely nothing to do with the whole thing. She breathed a small sigh of relief when he stepped up. She gave him a small smile back. Now, if only she could only leave but Karen couldn't. She was Austin's designated driver, after all.

    Austin was super excited about the whole thing. Soon they'd get to talk to a real spirit. He couldn't wait. Austin rolled his shoulders back and cracked his knuckles.

    "All right, let's do this."

    He told his friends and placed his fingertips on the planchette as well. He nodded his head to Meg.

    "I got it, Meg. I'll be on my best behavior."

    He told her with a wink and replied to Jon.

    "Yeah, I will."

    Austin had no issues at all asking the questions. He was the only one in the room not afraid of doing this. He thought this was going to be an awesome experience.

    "Is there anyone here who would like to speak with us?"

    Austin asked, with his fingertips on the planchette but not moving it.

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    Megan looked at Karen with an expression that made clear she wasn't comfortable at all. She would have left if she could, but her car had broke down, and Jon had promised to drive her home should she not want to spend the night in there and take the bus in the morning. Of course, Megan had declined. She had loved Jon a lot, and, to be honest, the girl feared what might happen if they spent the night under the same roof. Not that she thought Jonathan would ever force her to do anything. Megan didn't trust Jon's ability to be faithful anymore, but she trusted his word when he said he would never force her to do anything. That didn't mean that he wouldn't ever seduce her, though. And it definitely didn't mean that Megan wouldn't give in should he try.

    While Megan was still unsure about doing the whole contacting spirits thing, she was happy not to have to touch the planchette, and hoped that Austin wouldn't cause any problems. She knew he was into pranks, and hoped he wouldn't anger whatever spirit happened to come through.

    When Austin asked his question, Megan held her breath, and Jonathan kept his eyes fixed on the board. The planchette moved - softly, but with a definite pull - towards the word "yes".

    "Oh, my God", Megan murmured, looking at Karen.

    "I want to go away", she stated, only her lips moving.

    To Megan's horror, the planchette the boys were touching moved quickly towards the word "no".

    "Stop playing games, Austin, it's not funny", she protested, hoping that it was Austin trying to scare her. If it wasn't, Megan didn't want to think about what the hell could be happening.

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    Karen could tell Megan was as uncomfortable as she was. If Karen had her way, she and Austin would go home. Do something, anything other then playing with a damn Ouija board. She had been so grateful that Austin had no luck in finding a Ouija board before. She knew he had been interested in them in a while but they were getting harder and harder to find. Why the hell did Jonathan have to mention that stupid thing? So much for having a nice night with friends.

    Well, at least she didn't have touch the planchette. She really hoped that all the stories weren't true but...Her grandma had told her that those boards weren't a game and she had always trusted her grandmother. Karen watched the boys hold the planchette and saw it move to yes and then no in reply to what Meg had said. Karen bit her lip and asked.

    "Austin, did you move it?"


    "Do you swear? Swear on something, right now! Because if you did, I swear to God I'll-"

    "I swear on my X-Box that I didn't move it, babe."

    Austin replied and Karen swallowed hard. She knew her boyfriend, he wouldn't swear on his X-Box if he was joking. Because she would take a hammer to it and break it. She had always told him that and she knew he valued it too much to risk it.

    "What is your name?"

    Austin asked out loud. They had apparently gotten a spirit and now he wanted to learn more.

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