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    Ouija, or what happens when you play with spirits (with Sojourn)

    Ouija, or what happens when you play with spirits (with Sojourn)

    Plot starter: Basically, we have a group of college students who decides to play with an Ouija board to pass the time and see if they can contact some spirit. Unfortunately, they do manage to contact a spirit, but something prevents them from closing the door by saying good-bye.

    The spirit, then, finds its way into the physical world and decides to start scaring people at first, and then escalating into injuring and even killing people.
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    Play-by: Ed Sheeran
    Description: Nothing to add.
    Name: Jonathan Blake
    Age: 23
    Course they're taking: Medicine
    Personality: Easy-going, calm and always in a good mood. His major flaw is probably the inability to settle down with a girl.
    Relationships: Parents - Andrew Blake, 45 and Marina (Parkinson) Blake, 41; no siblings or any other significant relationships
    Religious beliefs: Christian by principle, doesn't attend any church
    Views on spirits: Believes they exist, but doesn't like messing with them
    Misc: Jon isn't too comfortable with the idea of playing with an Ouija board, but doesn't want to look like a scared cat and decided to go along. When he's not studying or doing course-related activities, he plays with a few friends in a garage band or spends times with friends/some girl he picked up for some fun.

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    Play-by: Sandy Leah (Brazilian singer)
    Description: Nothing to add
    Name: Megan Philips
    Age: 22
    Course they're taking: History
    Personality: Curious, empathetic, energetic, always willing to make new friends. Major character flaw: Meg is a bleeding heart, and will always help out others if they ask nicely.
    Relationships: Father: Michael Philips, 43; Mother: Megan (Allen) Philips (deceased at childbirth, Meg was named after her); no siblings, is close friends with Jon, and has dated him for a while before they decided to part ways.
    Religious beliefs: Raised as a Catholic, going through a faith crisis, but still identifies with the religion she has known her entire life
    Views on spirits: Believes there are spirits, both good and bad, and that people who have passed through to the other side can be contacted, but that it shouldn't be taken lightly.
    Misc: Meg always keeps a rosary by her bed or wrapped around her bedpost, and always wears a crucifix that belonged to her mother, as it makes her feel safer.

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    Play-by (if you provide a picture): Hillary Scott
    Description (optional or very basic if you provide a picture): Karen is about 5'6 with a curvy build.
    Name: Karen Reynolds
    Age: 21
    Course they're taking: Education
    Personality: Karen is shy around people unless she really knows them, then she almost never shuts up. She wants to be a teacher and has a great deal of patience. She also loves to learn new things and read.
    Relationships (family, significant other, close friends): Patrick and Rose Reynolds. She also has two younger brothers, Cody (19) and Thomas (15). Austin has been her boyfriend for the last three years.
    Religious beliefs: Non-practicing Christian
    Views on spirits: Karen believes in an afterlife and in heaven and hell. She also believes you should not mess with things you do not understand.
    Misc (anything else you'd like to add): Karen wasn't too comfortable with the idea of playing with the Ouija board but went along with it since all her friends seemed eager to do it.

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    Play-by (if you provide a picture): Eric Christian Olsen
    Description (optional or very basic if you provide a picture): Austin is about 5'11 with a slim but muscular build.
    Name: Austin O'Connor
    Age: 22
    Course they're taking: Sports Medicine
    Personality: Austin is a pretty out going person. He likes to spend time with his friends but isn't afraid to speak his mind. He often has no filter and does not care if what he says makes someone angry. On the flip side, if he truly cares about someone, he'd give them the shirt off his back.
    Relationships (family, significant other, close friends): Raised by Sandra O'Connor, who was a single mother. He has a younger sister named Aubrey, who is 20. He has been dating Karen for three years
    Religious beliefs: Spiritual but does not practice any modern religions.
    Views on spirits: Austin believes spirits all around a person and loves the idea of communicating with them. He watches paranormal shows and attempts to communicate with spirits in his free time.
    Misc (anything else you'd like to add): Austin believes in spirits but finds modern religions to all be a mythology and does not practice any, although he does celebrate Christmas. He just doesn't celebrate the religious aspects of it. Austin also runs track and is on the university football team.

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