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    After the funeral (with Sojourn)

    After the funeral (with Sojourn)

    Plot: After the passing of the matriarch of a large family, Maude Carmichael, the one daughter who lived with her to the end - Elizabeth, also called Bess - invited the entire family to the funeral, the reading of the deceased's will, and to pick one item to take home with them as a way of remembering Maude. Everything seemed pretty normal until the house, or something in it - disturbed by things that had been there for several generations being suddenly given away - decided to fight back and keep things as they were.

    - Elizabeth "Bess" Carmichael, 60
    - Joseph Wells, 70, butler
    - Margareth Wells, 68, governess

    Player Characters:
    - Pamela Carmichael Allerton (Shades)
    - Peter Allerton (Shades)
    - Alexis Carmichael (Sojourn)
    - Travis Holsinger (Sojourn)
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    Name: Pamela Carmichael Allerton
    Play By: Jessy Schram
    Age: 26
    Profession: Music teacher at a school for girls.
    Personality: Very meek and shy, always inclined to listen more than to speak. Always very interested in any form of art, and always willing to offer help to anyone in need of it.
    Relation to Maude and Elizabeth: Granddaughter (Maude) and niece (Bess) - her father was one of Elizabeth's younger brothers.
    Chosen item: Grandpa's old piano, which she had always loved since her early years, and on which she learned to play with her grandfather.
    Brief background: Pam was born to Grandma Maude’s and Grandpa Joe’s son, Theodore (Teddy) Carmichael, and his wife Rebecca. Even after her parents married and had their child, Theodore, who was just two years younger than Bess, kept on coming to visit and bringing Pam along as often as he could. For this reason, Pam developed a very strong bond with her grandparents and aunt. That bond was very useful when Pam lost her parents at the age of 15, after a car crash in which she got seriously injured. As she didn’t have her parents and her family wouldn’t have her go to a foster family, Grandma and Grandpa took Pam in, and Grandpa took on the role of a father figure until his death. Before he died, Grandpa got to walk Pam down the aisle for her wedding to Peter. Of course, everything seemed well, and nobody knew, by then, that Peter would be a bad husband.
    Misc information: Before Grandpa passed away, Pamela married Peter Allerton, an alcoholic and a cheater, who happened to be pretty good hiding the worst traits of his personality before Pam married him. She has a canine devotion to her husband, no matter how much abuse she suffers at his hands. When Peter is away at work, Pamela's only company are her two dogs: Admiral (a Great Dane) and Commodore (a Dalmatian). The couple has yet to have children, but it’s in Pamela’s plans for the future.

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    Name: Peter Allerton
    Play By: Chris Hemsworth
    Age: 30
    Profession: Sailor
    Personality: Cold and uncaring towards most people, including his wife. Very easily angered, especially when drunk, which is not a rare occasion.
    Relation to Maude and Elizabeth: Related by marriage to Pamela.
    Chosen item: N/A
    Brief background: Not much is really known from Peter’s background, other than the fact that his parents are deceased, and that he has been in Her Majesty’s navy from a young age, and wouldn’t see himself doing anything else. It is rumored that he has a few women on the side on the ports he goes to often, and that Pamela does know, but refuses to drop her husband and just sucks it up.
    Misc information: Peter has gone to the funeral for the sole purpose of making sure that Pamela won't say anything inappropriate about him to her family behind his back. Knowing that most of her family probably despises him doesn't bother the man at all, as he returns the favor with the same feelings. The only member of the family he liked was Grandpa, who had been in the navy as a young man, and with whom Peter could have experiences in common to share.

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    Name: Alexis Carmichael
    Age: 22
    Profession: Model
    Personality: Alexis has always been the outspoken one in the family. She'll say whatever is on her mind and does not care who she offends. She also has her own style and marches to the beat of her own drummer.
    Relation to Maude and Elizabeth: Granddaughter of Maude, one of Elizabeth's nieces.
    Chosen item: Maude's jewelry box
    Background: Alexis was the only child born to Johnathan "Johnny" Carmichael and his wife, Bethany. She loved her grandfather very much and was closer to him then her grandmother, who disapproved of her choices. For example, at thirteen she began dying her natural blonde hair jet black and began wearing lots of dark makeup. Maude also disagreed with her son allowing Alexis to do it. Her parents were always supportive of her, telling her to pursue her dreams. When she said she wanted to become a model, they began to research reputable agents and photographers to help her achieve her dream. On a photo shoot in LA, Alexis went to a concert and had gotten a back stage pass. There she met Travis and they hit it off.
    Misc information: Alexis has a successful modeling career with the goth/punk crowd and is dating the leader singer of a heavy metal band based in the United States for four years. Alexis and Travis spend half their time in the US and the other in her home country, visiting her parents. As her parents near retirement age, they have seriously considered moving to the US.

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    Name: Travis Holsinger
    Age: 26
    Profession: Lead singer in heavy metal band
    Personality: Despite his rough looking exterior, Travis has a pretty big heart. He helps out those in need and isn't afraid to stand up for himself and people he cares about. He is generally pretty friendly to most people.
    Relation to Maude and Elizabeth: None, he is Alexis' boyfriend
    Chosen item: None
    Background: Travis' always had the dream of being a singer. He and his band were the opening act for a show that Alexis caught one of her first times in LA. They met and for him, it was basically love at first sight. Despite their busy schedules, he makes a great effort to spend time with her. He also likes her parents, although he doesn't know much of her extended family very well.
    Misc information: Travis has tattoos all over his chest and arms, which can make people think he's a thug, but he isn't. He and his band do a lot of charity work.

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    Posted, after ages, lol
    I'll let Peter sulk in his corner, plotting his revenge. XD

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    Lol, I think I made you wait ages too.

    And I think the piano should fall on Peter.

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    Why ruin a perfectly good piano?
    He can just fall down the stairs, lol

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    Lol. that's a nice acceptable outcome too.

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    Oh, well, as long as he dies, he can even pick the way to go, lol

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