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    Pamela felt her throat tight while the interaction with her husband wen on. She really hoped that nothing too bad would come out of it. Thank God Peter was sober, Pam thought to herself. Things could be a lot worse if he had gotten the chance to get a drink. Pam made a mental note to keep an eye on her husband at all times.

    "Thank you", Pam replied when Travis said he wanted to do what she had asked of him.

    Feeling restless on her seat, Pamela took a deep breath and stood up. "If you don't mind, I will check on the piano. I'm often usually the only one to play it, so I want to make sure everything is...". "I mind", Peter interrupted, making Pamela's blood freeze.

    After a moment of silence between the couple, the man continued. "Sit down, Pamela", he ordered, his voice with a strange intonation. Pamela stayed where she was for a moment, before shaking her head on a negative. "No, Peter", she murmured, taking a few steps back. 'I will pay for that later', her mind warned. "This is important", Pamela completed, moving further and further from her husband as she spoke. Her heart was racing like crazy in her chest, but, at the same time, it felt good to say no to her husband, even if only once. Even if she knew she would pay for her bold move the second Peter could get her alone with him in a room.

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    Alexis Carmichael & Travis Holsinger

    Both Alexis and Travis had the same thoughts about Peter. He was a jackass. It made Alexis angry that her cousin's husband treated her so horribly. It made Travis angry too. He had been taught to treat women with respect. Whenever he saw another man treat the woman he was supposed to love like this, it made him want to deck him. Travis would have done it too, if not for the fact they had other things to worry about. Like Maude's funeral arrangements.

    "You're welcome."

    Travis replied to Pamela, trying to calm himself down before her husband showed up at the funeral with a black eye. When Pam said she was going to check on the piano, Travis nodded his head. He thought it was a good idea and a good excuse to get away from Peter.

    "No one cares what you think, Peter."

    Alexis told him coldly. Unlike her cousin, Alexis was not afraid of him.

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    Peter & Pamela Allerton

    Pamela didn't really liked being treated the way she was. If she were to be honest, she hated it. Before marrying Peter, Pam would have never accepted anyone to talk to her this way. Shortly after marrying him, she wouldn't have accepted it either. It had happened gradually. A rude word here, a lack of caring there, and, years later, Pamela was a shadow of the woman she was when single. The fact that there was no man of the family around to help her stand up for herself didn't help matters either, as Pamela knew doing it without any form of support would only get her physically abused - not that she would ever admit that.

    A part of the woman toyed with the idea of sharing with her cousin and Travis the horror her life was behind a closed door, but she would never dare. Not with Peter there.

    When Peter said he minded her leaving the kitchen, Pam still hesitated for a second, before disappearing into the living room without a word.

    As soon as Pamela disappeared from sight - and she would pay for it soon -, Peter turned his attention to Alexis, his expression making it clear how mad he was, both at his wife's blatant disregard for his words and at her cousin's remark.

    "I don't remember having asked for your opinion", he replied to Alexis through gritted teeth.

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    Alexis Carmichael & Travis Holsinger

    Peter's treatment of Pamela made Alexis angry. Her cousin deserved better then this. She glared at Peter.

    "If you didn't want to hear it, you shouldn't have opened your big stupid mouth."

    Alexis said angrily. Travis was just as angry. The way Peter treated his wife....It was exactly how he was raised to never treat a woman. He never treated Alexis like that, nor would he ever. He loved and respected her. Although he knew his girlfriend was capable of taking care of herself, he knew he had to have her back. Peter, at the very least, emotionally abused his wife. Travis had the feeling it was more then that. And he also had the feeling that Peter would have no problem trying to hit Alexis. He seemed like the type of man who thought women were better seen, not heard.

    Not that Travis would let him hurt Alexis. If Peter tried to lay a finger on her, Travis would deck him. Although a fist fight before a funeral was not a good idea.

    "I told your wife I would help. I don't have a problem with it and you shouldn't either."

    Travis told Peter, narrowing his eyes.

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    Peter & Pamela Allerton

    While the conversation happened in the kitchen, Pamela, in the sitting room, tried to calm herself down. While she opened the piano and tried to find the sheet for the music she wanted, the young woman cried very quietly. Not only had she had not gotten enough time to recover from losing her grandmother, she still had to deal with her husband being a jerk to her, her cousin and her boyfriend, who had done nothing but to show kindness to her and her family by accepting to sing grandma Maude's favorite hymn.

    After a moment or two looking around, Pamela finally found the sheet and started playing the piano, both to make sure it sounded good and to calm herself down a little.

    Back in the kitchen, Peter's eyes narrowed at both Alexis's and Travis's words. It took the man a problem to choose a target, as both of them deserved a piece of his mind. Deciding to take the easiest one, the man stood up.

    "So you're one of those, all a woman has to do is tell you to jump, eh?", he murmured, turning away and making for the door, clearly aiming to go find his wife to make himself feel like he was shooting at a sitting duck.

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    Alexis Carmichael & Travis Holsinger

    Alexis and Travis heard Pamela starting to play the piano. Well, at least that would distract her from what her jackass of a husband was doing in the kitchen.

    Travis knew that Peter was trying to get under his skin. Why else would he say he was whipped? He certainly did not view himself as that. He just didn't have to prove his masculinity by making his girlfriend terrified of him. She was his partner, not his property. Travis didn't feel threatened or emasculated by allowing Alexis to have her own voice, her own opinion. Travis raised his chin at Peter and replied.

    "It must be hard for your neanderthal brain to understand the concept of a woman being a partner and not a slave. After all, your wife can barely stand to look at you. I'm sure going to bed with you must be awful for her."

    Alexis smirked at the comment.

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    Peter & Pamela Allerton

    Pamela was mortified at the idea of the conversation that might be happening in the kitchen. She knew Peter was in a bad mood for her disobedience, and the fact that he had not come for her yet worried the young woman. He was probably being horrible to Alexis and Travis, she concluded after a while. She should definitely do something about it. She was used to his behavior, but nobody else should be subjected to it.

    While she played and worked on tuning the piano, Pam thought about Peter. He had changed so much... or maybe he had never been the man she thought he was. He seemed to be a good guy. Grandpa had liked him - they had Navy in common, after all. And he had been approved to marry her.

    After marriage, things had changed. It wasn't quick or sudden. It had changed slowly and gradually. And now, it was hell.

    Closing off the piano, Pamela stood up and sighed. She needed to go back to the kitchen. She needed to so something about Peter's behavior, even if it would make her the target to his rage.

    In the kitchen, Peter looked from Travis to Alexis. Those two... a pussy-whipped guy and a dyed hair whore. What had this world come into? The old days were much better. Women would be home, have kids and take care of the house. Now even Pamela wanted to work outside the house. Ridiculous.

    Just as he was about to get up to leave the kitchen, Pamela's head poked back in. "Is everything all right here?", she asked quietly. Before anyone could reply, Peter did get up. "Yes. Come to the bedroom with me, I want to talk to you for a moment", he basically ordered, not bothering to ask whether or not she could give him attention right now.

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    Alexis Carmichael & Travis Holsinger

    Alexis didn't remember a time when Peter wasn't as asshole. She was younger then Pamela and she hadn't been around Peter enough to see why she had thought marrying him was a good idea. She was sure Peter must have put on a good show. Alexis had dealt with enough types of people in her career to know an asshole when she saw one and Peter was trying hard to be their king. She didn't like the idea of when she and Travis went back home to the States that Pam would still have to put up with him. Pam deserved so much better.

    Travis didn't care what Peter thought of him. Jerks like him gave good men bad names. Travis would have loved nothing more then to knock his teeth down his throat. The man deserved to have his ass kicked. When Pamela returned, Travis said.

    "She can't. She has to show me the song she wants me to perform for the funeral."

    "Which is important and can't wait."

    Alexis told Peter with narrowed eyes. Travis nodded his head that the song was important and could not wait at all.

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    Peter & Pamela Allerton

    Pamela was already ready to go into their room with Peter and get at the very least a stern lecture about her behavior. If he was as angry as she thought he was, it would be worse than that. And yet, Pamela wouldn't really have reacted with anything more than trying to defend herself.

    She was just about to follow her husband obediently when Travis intervened. Pamela's jaw dropped and her eyes widened in surprise. Why was he even doing it?

    A long moment of silence followed between Pamela and Peter after Travis and Alexis had spoken. Pamela didn't dare look at the man, and Peter stared at the three of them for a moment before storming out of the kitchen, murmuring something about "white knighting" under his breath.

    Once Peter was out of her sight, Pamela walked over to the table and dropped on a chair with a deep sigh. "I'm sorry I... you had to get involved in this", she murmured, trying to stop shaking. "I guess we should look over the song anyway, since we have some more time", Pam continued, trying to muster up the courage to stand up.

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    Alexis Carmichael & Travis Holsinger

    To see how Peter treated her cousin, made Alexis angry. Pam deserved so much better.


    Alexis muttered at Peter as he finally walked away. She exchanged a look with Travis. They'd have to keep Pamela with them as much as possible. After all, men like Peter made their wives pay for that type of embarrassment. He was a dangerous man. Travis told Pamela.

    "You don't need to apologize for him."

    Alexis nodded her head. She realized after the funeral, she should get her cousin some help. It was become clear to Alexis how terrible Peter treated Pamela and it was worse then she thought. She should help her. Anyway that she could.

    Travis nodded his head at Pam's suggestion about the song and said.

    "Yes, we should practice the song."

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