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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna wasn't accepting this new reality she was in. She doubted she'd ever be as accepting as Jenny was of this life. She just wanted to go home. When Dylan said people would know they were missing, Jenna nodded her head.

    "He's right."

    People would know by now she was missing. Ally was probably in full bridezilla mode since Jenna wasn't at the church for the wedding. Even if Ally might think she was blowing off the wedding to ruin her big day, Kenny wouldn't think that. Her boyfriend surely knew she was missing by now. Hopefully the cops were already called.

    Jenna didn't want to meet more people. The brothers and the 'others'. When Jenny gave her advice, Jenna's facial expression matched Dylan's. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to be 'tested'. Or figure out if someone was trying to help or harm her. She sighed and agreed with Dylan.


    She looked at Jenny.

    "Are you going to lead the way to living room?"

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    Jenny Wallis & Jim Firewood

    Jenny smiled sadly at Dylan's words. "I don't doubt people will look for you. But I don't think they will come to the house", she replied. "Nobody has ever... well... succeeded in entering the house and exiting it if they came here for this", the young woman continued with a sigh. It was a pretty disheartening state of affairs that they were all stuck until they passed all the tests, but there wasn't much Jenny could do about that. All she could do for now was to keep them alive to the best of her ability, and maybe plead their case with the Puppeteer.

    Jenny nodded when Dylan said they should meet the brothers, even though he wasn't talking to her. It was for the best. Though she really hoped they would meet Jim first. Jack could startle them with his behavior, after all.

    When Jenna asked her whether or not she would lead the way to the living room, Jenny nodded. "Sure, come on", she replied, gesturing for them to follow before leading the way.

    Jenny was about to open the door when it opened on its own accord. A young man with short hair, who seemed upset, stomped past the three of them without a word. Jenny sighed, not trying to stop him. "That's Jack. The oldest Firewood brother", she explained, before finally walking past the door and entering the living room. A man was sitting down on the couch by the fireplace, apparently upset. His expression when he looked up at Jenny and the newcomers was friendly, though.

    "Hello", he greeted, curiosity clear in his eyes.

    Jenny did a quick introduction. "This is Doctor James Firewood, but we all call him Jim. He's our local physician. He can't do much more than mending wounds here, but we make do", she explained. "I think he can answer some of your questions a bit better than I can, though I have been here for longer".
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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan didn't care much for Jenny's reply to him. He wondered where he was. He hadn't been out too long, right? Or was he? He had blacked out and woke up here. He had no idea how long he had been out of it. How far he was from home. He assumed they had to be in the country. Surely psychopaths didn't keep people they kidnapped in a city. Not when people could realize something was wrong.

    Sadly, he figured Jenny was right. The police had no idea where this place. Which didn't make him feel any better. Might as well know the 'residents', Dylan thought. From the sound of it, he'd be stuck here a while. The first person they passed didn't seem to friendly. He must hate being here as much as Dylan already did.

    He nodded his head when Jenny said who he was and followed her into the living room.

    "Hello, I'm Dylan. This is Jenna."

    He told Jim, not sure what he should say.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna didn't like Jenny's reply anymore then Dylan did. She could just imagine how pissed off Ally was at her. Ruining the wedding and all. But when Jenny said no one had ever been successful entering the house, she pressed her lips together. She wondered how far away she had been taken from home. Probably some place where no one would ever look for her. Passing tests...That's what was Jenny said she had to do to survive. Jenna didn't like this new reality at all.

    She agreed with meeting the brothers and frowned as they walked pass Jack. He didn't seem very friendly. And the man she introduced them seemed upset. But nicer then his brother.


    She replied, not sure what to say either. She had so many questions but had no idea where to start.

    "It's nice to meet you..."

    She said and thought that sounded terrible. She doubted Jim or his brother liked being here anymore then she and Dylan did.

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    Jenny Wallis & Jim Firewood

    Jenny really wish Dylan and Jenna didn't have to be here. She believed nobody should be in this house. She couldn't argue with the Puppeteer, though. He would listen to her on some things, but letting people go was not one of those things.

    She would have to help the differently, then, and keep them alive. With Jim's help, hopefully, she could keep them from getting seriously hurt. Hopefully.

    The man who had been introduced as James stood up. "It's... a questionable pleasure", he replied to both newcomers. "As in, I'm sorry you two are here", he explained, before taking a professional look at them both.

    "I believe you must have several questions for us about... well, this", he stated. "But before I start answering them to the best of my ability... is any of you injured in any way?", the man asked, deciding that first things came first. It wasn't as though they were in a hurry. He would have basically all of the time in the world to tell them about the house, the house's master, Jenny, and the other people who were living in there.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    "Yeah, it is."

    Jenna replied to James. She felt silly for saying it was nice to meet him. She doubted anyone wanted to be in this damn house. She certainly didn't want to be here. When he asked if she was injured, she shook her head.

    "No...I don't think so."

    She didn't feel any pain. She didn't remember what had happened between the bar and coming here, though. She wished she remembered but she didn't think James could help her with that.

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    Dylan Wilson

    "Very questionable."

    Dylan replied grimly. He already hated this place and he hadn't spent a whole day here. Or had he and just not been awake for it? He didn't even want to think how far away from home he was. He could tell no one liked this place. No one was here by choice. He supposed Jenny and James just followed the Puppeteer's 'rules' very well. Why else would they still be here? He shook his head as well about injuries.

    "I'm not hurt."

    He said and asked.

    "How long have you been here?"

    He was curious how long people like James, his angry looking brother, and Jenny had been stuck in this bloody house.

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    Jenny Wallis & Jim Firewood

    Jim nodded when Jenna said she didn't think she was hurt. At least that was a good thing. His first aid kit wasn't exactly well-stocked lately. "Good, I'm glad you are not hurt", he replied politely. Not being hurt in this house was definitely a matter of safety. Especially when the tests started, the doctor thought with a sigh.

    Once he was sure neither Jenna nor Dylan were hurt, Jim turned his attention to the man. "I have been here for... maybe a year and a half. It's hard to know when you are here. Jenny came here before I did. Jack - my brother - came a few months after me", he explained quietly. "The others have been here for longer than I have, and as for Jenny, we're not sure exactly how long".

    Jenny nodded. "My memory has... blank spaces, after an accident when I was younger", she explained. "And if you stay here for long - and I hope you don't - you'll lose track of time too".

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    Jenna replied to Jim when he said he was glad they weren't hurt. She supposed that was a good thing. For now. After all, this 'Puppeteer' had tests. Maybe she or Dylan would get hurt from one of them? She hoped not but....Listening to another resident of this house made her more unsure of her future. It seemed to be so bleak.


    She said when Jenny said she had lost track of time. She could see that happening.

    "How many people are here?"

    She asked, wondering how many people were prisoners in this house.

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    Dylan Wilson

    Being here, it felt like a nightmare. The longer Dylan said here, the worse he felt about it. He wasn't sure how Jenny could seem so okay with her fate. Not thrilled, per se, but she accepted it. He wasn't sure he could. He didn't want to accept it. He wanted to live his life the way he wanted, not have his fate be in someone else's hands.

    He listened to Jenna talk to James, the doctor seemed nice enough. For someone who was a prisoner as well.

    "Sorry you're here too."

    Dylan commented to James when he apologized to him. He doubted many were here by choice.

    "Where are you from?"

    He asked, the question popping into his mind. Curious where James, his brother, and Jenny were all from. It would give him an idea how far from home he was or how far the Puppeteer was willing to go for his new 'test subjects'.

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