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    Jim Firewood & Jenny Wallis

    Jenny and Jim exchanged glances when Jenna asked how many people are there. Jenny started counting on her fingers. James was the one to reply, though.

    "I believe... maybe five or six others", he finally replied. "It's hard to be sure, as we never know if someone else will be brought in, or well...". James trailed off, not wanting to say he wasn't sure that someone hadn't died in there. "It's one of the things we can easily lose track of", he finally added.

    When Dylan asked where they were from, Jenny was the first one to speak up. "I'm from this town. It's called Witchbridge. It's...". She looked at James. "About three hours from London, Jim?", she asked.

    The doctor nodded. "Yes. About that. I'm from London, as well as Jack. I came in voluntarily. Not for this, of course. I was hired as a family doctor, or so I thought. When I came here for the interview, though, I wasn't allowed to leave again", he explained with a sigh.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    "Right...I suppose that would make sense."

    Jenna replied, not liking the look Jenny and Jim exchanged at her question. Five or six other people but more that surely died. They didn't need to say it. People died in this house. Not able to survive the Puppeteer's 'tests'. Which was worse, though? Jenna mused. Dying here or being trapped here. She wasn't sure yet. And it sounded like from, their answer to Dylan's question, he took people from all over the country.

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    Dylan Wilson

    While Jenna was curious and didn't ask how many people died here, Dylan did.

    "So there's about ten of us here, living. Right now. How many died here, though?"

    He asked Jim and Jenny. Wondering if he would think that was a rude question.

    "I want to get an idea how the survival rate is around here."

    He wanted to get an idea of what the odds were survival were in this house and if he could get out here. Would he be able to or would he fail?

    "And has anyone left because they 'passed' the tests or do they leave because they failed?"

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    Jim Firewood & Jenny Wallis

    When Dylan asked that question about how many people had died in the house, Jenny looked at Jim. It was clear he would be better equipped to know the answer to the question than her, with him being the local doctor.

    "I can't tell", Jim admitted. "I'm not a part of the first group to come here", he explained. "There were one or two other groups before I came in. Some died, and others haven't".

    When Dylan asked about the survival rate and people leaving because they failed, Jim shook his head.

    "If they failed, they would be dead. The few ones who survived, well... they change a lot. Some of them start believing him, and taking to his views. Jenny and I aren't quite there yet".

    Jenny shook her head. "We'll never be there, Jim. Neither will Jack".

    Jim didn't seem too certain, and Jenny was clearly upset when she stepped away to tidy up around the room. As she started poking around the piano, Jim explained quietly. "Jenny has... blank spots on her memory after an accident when she was younger, before I met her. That's why she may seem a bit... off at times. But she knows this place better than I do. She just doesn't remember why", he explained with a sigh. "She can be helpful, but... just don't push too hard".

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna swallowed hard when Jim said he couldn't honestly tell Dylan how many people had died. The odds weren't in the favor it sounded like. One either died here or was trapped. She just wanted to go home. It all felt like a horrible dream and it was even more depressing to realize she was probably so far from home no one would even think to look for here. The cops had no idea where 'here' was. Sadly, she had to admit this Puppeteer was smart. Grabbing people from all over the country. Surely the police didn't even connect that all these disappearances were connected. It was too random...Almost too perfect. And it made her depressed. Jenna didn't want to die but she also didn't want to be here either.

    She suddenly felt very powerless. For the first time in her life, her life wasn't her own. It was in the hands of someone else. Someone who would 'test' her. She nodded her head to Jim when he advise them not to push Jenny too hard. Since she started to clean, Jenna figured they were getting her to that point.


    Jenna said with a sigh.

    "So how long before the 'tests' start?"

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    Dylan Wilson

    How many groups of people had been here, Dylan wondered. But he knew Jim wouldn't be able to give him an answer. And it seemed that Jenny might be on the verge of a breakdown if he did ask. It might be best to not think about it. Perhaps, he should focus on survival instead. If this was survival. If you didn't die, you were a prisoner here. At least, that's what it seemed like. At least for Jenny, who cooked, and Jim, who was doctor. Dying or being trapped? He wondered which was worse.

    "One more question. Does anyone ever leave here, alive?"

    That he really wanted to know. Because if not, what was the point of the tests?

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    Jim Firewood & Jenny Wallis

    Jenny was indeed a bit stressed. She hated being pushed for answers, not because she didn't want to answer or had anything to hide. It was mostly because she couldn't answer some questions, and the only things she had to hide were the ones her own mind was hiding. Sadly, she couldn't choose to answer some of those.

    Frowning, the girl started looking inside the piano. Nibbling on her lower lip, she stuck her hand in there, pulling something out. It was a statuette, and she stood looking at it while the others talked.

    Jim sighed when Jenna asked how long before the tests started. "I would say they have already", he commented with a sigh. "I mean, there will be actual tests, such as finding items around the house, notes left here and there... but I would say every minute here is a test", he explained, his gaze moving to the camera.

    After Dylan's question, Jenny moved to the fireplace, and put the statuette - a violinist - on the mantlepiece, staring at it and sighing, as though she was trying to remember something.

    Jim nodded after Dylan's question. "Yes. Some people did. Once they learn whatever lesson he wants to teach", Jim explained, his voice somewhat tired. "He has peculiar ideas on being free and trapped, I would say. I don't quite understand them yet - hence me being here. But some of the others who came before me did, and they were allowed to leave".

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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan did feel a little bad for how stressed Jenny seemed to be. He wanted answers but he also didn't want give someone a mental breakdown. He felt on edge here, and he imagined it only got worse each day that passed. He sighed when Jim said the tests had already started.

    "Oh joy...I was never good at tests in school."

    Of course, failing a school tests didn't mean he was going to die. The stakes were never higher to pass. Although, he did have a small glimmer of hope when Jim did say a few people were actually able to leave. He imagined that was very difficult to do.

    "Have you ever met him?"

    Dylan asked, ignoring what Jenny was doing with the statuette. Not because he was being rude. But because he was trying to figure out as much as he could about the 'Puppet Master'.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna felt bad for Jenny. She couldn't imagine what it was like to be here as long as she had been. Hell, Jenna didn't want to be here any longer then she already had been. She had a small bit of hope that people could get out of here. But that sounded pretty rare. While Dylan was more focused on talking to Jim, Jenna found herself watching Jenny. Wondering why she was so fascinated with the statuette.

    Jenna walked over to the fireplace and asked Jenny.

    "Do you play the violin?"

    She asked gently.

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    Jim Firewood

    Jim could understand Dylan's reaction to the tests. Heck, if he were to be honest, the man was taking it better than Jim would have imagined. He would have expected Dylan to react like Jack had - trying to lash out, and slamming against doors in order to try and make his way out. Of course, that hadn't worked at all, and Jack was still in there, building machines to try and escape.

    When Dylan asked if he had ever met the Puppeteer, Jim shook his head on a negative.

    "Never. I'm not even sure he's actually inside the house. If he is, he's managed to hide very well in here", he explained. With his cameras, microphones and all of the tech he has here, he might as well be across the country".

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