Jenny Wallis

Jenny felt worse for the newcomers than for herself. She had gotten somewhat used to being here, despite not having really chosen to come to the house. She had her own reasons, though, and those were reasons she was pretty sure nobody but her could understand fully. So, she chose not to share them, and focus on tidying up. being there, one did need something to do.

When Jenna asked her if she played the violin, Jenny smiled sadly and shook her head on a negative.

"Oh, dear, no", she replied softly. "I was never that talented, but the boy... a young boy, dark hair". She sighed. "I can't quite remember, it's just... he was someone I used to know, and he was so good at it...". She touched the figurine. "Right here, in this room, I guess... but I can't... quite remember if that was even real", she confessed.

"You see, the accident Jim spoke of, it happened when I was thirteen, and I forgot everything before that - I was hit by a car, I think I was running from something, I think it was a dog. Even my parents, friends, school... all of it, it just... vanished from my mind, and yet, I remember so much about this house, but it's all... disconnected, to the point I don't know who those people were, or what happened to them".

She gave Jenna a sheepish look. "I know there's not much I can do, but I'll try to help you guys as much as I can".