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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny felt worse for the newcomers than for herself. She had gotten somewhat used to being here, despite not having really chosen to come to the house. She had her own reasons, though, and those were reasons she was pretty sure nobody but her could understand fully. So, she chose not to share them, and focus on tidying up. being there, one did need something to do.

    When Jenna asked her if she played the violin, Jenny smiled sadly and shook her head on a negative.

    "Oh, dear, no", she replied softly. "I was never that talented, but the boy... a young boy, dark hair". She sighed. "I can't quite remember, it's just... he was someone I used to know, and he was so good at it...". She touched the figurine. "Right here, in this room, I guess... but I can't... quite remember if that was even real", she confessed.

    "You see, the accident Jim spoke of, it happened when I was thirteen, and I forgot everything before that - I was hit by a car, I think I was running from something, I think it was a dog. Even my parents, friends, school... all of it, it just... vanished from my mind, and yet, I remember so much about this house, but it's all... disconnected, to the point I don't know who those people were, or what happened to them".

    She gave Jenna a sheepish look. "I know there's not much I can do, but I'll try to help you guys as much as I can".

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna sighed when Jim said he had never met the Puppeteer. That wasn't promising. After all, how could you even fight someone you couldn't fight face to face? She had a feeling Dylan would fight. He had a fighting spirit, she hadn't known him long but she could see it in his eyes. Jenna wanted to fight too but...The more she heard, the more hopeless it sounded. She didn't want to die here but...She turned her attention to Jenny.

    "Oh, I see."

    She said when Jenny told her that she was trying to remember a boy that could play the violin.

    "I'm sure he was."

    She said and nodded her head when Jenny said she was hit by a car and couldn't remember much because of the accident.

    "I'm sorry that happened to you."

    That would be awful, to forget all those things. Something that terrified Jenna was the idea of getting Alzheimer's Disease and losing her memories. At this rate, though, she might not get old enough to be at risk for it. Still...she wondered if it was a blessing or a curse in this type of situation. With Jenny's memories being that way, she didn't have to remember all the things the Puppeteer had done or the people she had met that were no longer here. She could stay disconnected for it all. Perhaps, being disconnected in this type of situation wasn't a bad thing.

    "And I appreciate you trying to help."

    Even if there wasn't much the other woman could do.

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    Dylan Wilson

    Jenna was right about him, Dylan planned to fight. He didn't want to be here. He wouldn't die here. He'd be damned if anyone controlled his life. Let alone some wanker that called himself the 'Puppeteer'. He wanted to lash out but thought that would be a waste of his energy. He'd save his energy. For the tests that would come and to escape. He planned to take Jenna with him, she didn't want to be here anymore then he did. And he'd help the others leave, if they wanted. At least,t hat was his grand plan. Not that he had any idea how to carry any of it out. Not yet, at least.

    He made a face when Jim said he doubted their captor was even here.

    "I see."

    Hiding would make it harder...He looked over at Jenna and Jenny and felt sympathy for Jenny and her memories.

    "Is it easier for her? Not remembering?"

    He asked Jim quietly.

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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny turned her attention to Jenna now and smiled sadly at her. She really wished the Puppeteer would stop bringing people in the house already. There had been so many... they came and went, usually in a bad way. And yet, she couldn't convince him to stop. So she tried her best to help them out and keep them fed. It was all she could do now.

    "It's okay. It was a long time ago, after all. Not much use in crying about it now", she replied when Jenna told her she was sorry about the accident.

    Jenny touched the figurine again when Jenna said she appreciated her trying to help.

    "Oh, it's fine. I really like doing whatever I can", she replied, turning her attention to Jenna again. "I try to make sure there's always something decent to eat, you all will need your strength. Jim makes sure everyone will be as healthy as he can keep them. Of course, we don't have many outside meds here, but we have some herbs in the garden, and sometimes 'he' lets us have something if we ask enough".

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    Jim Firewood

    Jim sighed when he saw Dylan's face. He was sure it was disappointing for him to know that his captor wasn't even in the house. He could believe Dylan would like to find the Puppeteer and get physical. Jack had been wanting to do the same since he had learned that he was stuck in the house, though, so Dylan would surely have no better luck.

    Still, Jack might be good company for Dylan. Still, Jack was not exactly prudent, and Jim wasn't sure telling Dylan to talk to him would be the smartest idea.

    Dylan's question distracted Jim from this line of thinking for a moment. He thought for a moment. "I don't think so. I try to help her remember things about this house and the people who lived here - I feel this could help us in some way. But it's like there's something blocking her from remembering. But I don't think it's easier, no".

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna wouldn't even pretend that she understood what type of relationship Jenny had with the Puppeteer. Jenna didn't see herself accepting this type of life. Already, she felt so trapped. All she wanted was to go home. She nodded her head.

    "Yes, I suppose that is true."

    She said when Jenny told her it was a long time ago and there was no point of crying about it.

    "That's good...That you both help, how you can."

    Which, she supposed, meant their 'host' thought Jenny and Jim were useful here. Did the Puppeteer keep them around because he needed their skills?

    "Umm...what does Jack do here?"

    She asked, remembering the doctor's brother.

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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan didn't like the look that Jim gave him. It was frustrating to know there was little he could do. It was hard to fight someone who wasn't even in the same house as them. But fight Dylan would, until his last breath. If he died here...He'd go out swinging.

    "I see. Maybe, deep down, she doesn't want to remember."

    He replied to Jim when he said he wasn't sure if Jenny remembering or not was a good thing. When Jenna asked what Jack did, he was curious as well.

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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny smiled sympathetically at Jenna. She was sure this was hard for her, and had every intention of at least offering the other woman whatever she could - a friend, a shoulder to cry on, tips on what happened in the house… At least whatever she could tell Jenna without getting anyone in trouble with the master of the manor.

    “We try. I mean, we both have our reasons to be here, so… why not help out?”, she replied simply to Jenna’s words on it being good that herself and Jim tried to help out.

    When Jenna asked what Jack did, Jenny bit her lip and thought for a moment.

    “Honestly? He tries to escape. Usually in… less than effective ways. Sometimes, I think the Puppeteer keeps him in for sheer amusement”, she confessed, shaking her head.

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    Jim Firewood

    Jim nodded to Dylan’s words on Jenny not wanting to remember, even though he wasn’t so sure about that. “Sometimes I feel there’s something blocking her. Sadly, I’m not a psychologist, and my knowledge in mental health is superficial at best”, he replied, taking a look at where the two women were.

    Hearing Jenny explain what Jack did, Jim sighed and nodded in agreement. “And usually gets injured in the process”, he completed. “It’s complicated. I don’t blame him for going about it differently than we do. I just… I don’t know anymore, maybe he is right and I’m wrong”, the doctor stated, somewhat tiredly.

    It was clear being in the house was taking a toll at everyone, even though it was in different ways.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Being here was not something Jenna wanted. She didn't get asked to be here. She wanted to be home. With the people who loved her. Not be in some crazy house, being entertainment for their 'host'. Jenna doubted she'd ever be as accepting her of her fate as Jenny. She couldn't see that happening.

    "I suppose that's true."

    She replied, wondering what reason she was supposed to here for. When Jenny told her about Jack, she pressed her lips together in concern.

    "I see."

    She glanced over at Dylan, he wanted to escape to. Would her new found friend have the same fate or would he leave in a more permanent way? Perhaps the Puppeteer only needed one person for that 'amusement'.

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