Jack Firewood

Jack kept working while Dylan looked at his device. When the man introduced himself, Jack put the sandwich down and wiped his hand on his pants before offering it for a handshake. "I'd say it's a pleasure, but let's be honest, neither of us wants to be here." He shrugged and kept working. "What can you do?" He asked right away, since it seemed that Dylan was interested in leaving the house just like he was.

Jack nodded to Jenna and held out a hand for her as well. Once greetings were done, he went back to work. "I hope so. I've been working on it for a while. It's a bit like a white noise machine. Just enough to cover our voices as we speak. The last version was too loud and bothering people, so I'm tinkering with it to make it so that we can still talk while he can't hear us."

A crackling sound made Jack look up. A voice came from above their heads. "Jack, Jack, Jack. They have barely gotten to the house and you're already recruiting them. Be careful, puppets, this is a reckless one. He has very little regard for his personal safety, so I wouldn't expect him to have any for yours." Jack raised a hand and lifted his middle finger.

"Manners, Mr. Firewood," the voice added, before falling silent. Jack shook his head. "Ignore the maniac. He's probably got some screws loose up there, and is trying to make us all as insane as he is."