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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Helena ignored the doctor and his cheerful wife. Instead, she was focused on the thug biker.

    "How dare you talk to me like that?!"

    Helena snapped at Ryan and was about to slap him, until Richard grabbed her wrist.

    "Now, dear, she is right. There is no need to fight. We are all clearly here to wait out the storm. Let's play nice."

    Helena looked at her husband liked an indignant child.

    "He should apologize to me first."

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    Ryan McFarlene

    At least the other woman in this inn was more reasonable. Unlike Helena. She reminded him a spoiled toddler who wasn't getting her way. And to think she was going to attempt to slap him?! Wow...that would not have been good. He had never been one to strike a woman but Helena didn't seem like much of one anyway. Thankfully Richard stepped in before that happened.

    "If you were smart, you'd listen to your father. He is much more reasonable then you are."

    Ryan told Helena angrily. He assumed, given the age difference that they were father and daughter, not husband and wife. Although Helena said Ryan should apologize to her, he looked at her like she had grown a second head.

    "Apologize? For what?! I should get apology for having to even listen to you. Let me give a piece of advice you should have learned long ago, 'princess'.The world doesn't owe you shit."

    He then turned from her and focused his attention on Peter.

    "Yes, I would like to join you in exploring. I'm Ryan and you are?"

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    Drina smiled at Richard when he agreed with her. None of them wanted to be in that old and musty house, with no way out, and on a rainy night, of all things. Still, bickering and fighting would only make things worse, so the red-haired woman tried to calm things down as well as she could.

    When Ryan mentioned that Helena should listen to her father, Drina had to choke a laughter. She was pretty sure the other two were a married couple, but it was fun to see the biker make the obvious mention. And a part of her wanted to see Helena's reaction to those words.

    Peter managed to keep his composure, and turned his attention to Ryan when he agreed to check the state of the rooms. "Peter Chisholm, at your service", he introduced himself politely. "This is my wife Drina", he carried on indicating the woman, who smiled at Ryan.

    "Pleasure, despite the less than favorable circumstances", she replied to her husband's words. "Shall we?".

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    "First off, he's my husband. Secondly-"

    Helena glared over at Drina for choking o her laughter that Ryan assumed that Richard was her father. 'Bitch,' she thought. Not liking her at all either.

    "-you, sir-"

    Helena said the word 'sir' with a great deal of disgust in her voice.

    "-can take your advice and shove it up your arse."

    She absolutely did not like Ryan at all. The biker thug was a pompous jackass all round. She wanted to find a phone and call a taxi cab and get phone. Far away from the jackass, the way too hyper bitch, and her douche bag husband. Well, Helena didn't know if Peter was a douche bag, but she assumed he was. Being married to Drina made him one in her mind.

    Richard just sighed. He had a terrible headache, they never should have tried to take a holiday. They should have just stayed home. Or he should have let Helena go shopping in the city. Things would have been so much simpler. The comment about him being Helena's father did not faze him much. He was used to it. After all, she was the same age as his kids. Unlike his young wife, he learned long ago to not let certain things get to him.

    "Richard and Helena Vanderbilt."

    Richard offered up their names, since Helena wasn't about to.

    "And I agree, we should find some rooms. Wait out the storm."

    "'Wait out the storm?' With them?!"

    Helena asked, aghast at the idea. Richard gave her a look, similar to one would give a child.

    "Why, yes, my dear. The rain is really coming down and were too far to walk to the nearest city in this. It would be best to wait it out and try when the weather clears up."

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    Ryan McFarlene

    "Oh, you poor man. I feel so sorry for you. Being married to shrew."

    Ryan told Richard. He did not like his young wife at all. He had a feeling that Richard had a lot of money. Given the way Helena was dressed and her attitude, he doubted she had married Richard for love. The shrew probably only loved herself. At least, the other couple seemed far more pleasant.

    "Suit yourself, princess."

    Ryan told Helena when she said what he could do with his advice. He nodded his head to Drina.

    "Yes, let's."

    Hopefully there would be a room far from him they could stick Helena in while they waited out the storm.

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    Drina couldn’t help but smile brightly at Helena when the other woman looked at her. No, she didn’t like Helena either, and before she had even spent half an hour in Helena’s company, Drina had already classified her as an insufferable bitch. Which was exactly why she was determined to be as polite and cheerful as she possibly could, just to see Helena seething with rage.

    She did feel bad for the bitch’s husband, though. He seemed like a true gentleman, something that was currently in short supply. And yet, he had married her, so Drina wasn’t too sure. She took a quick look at Peter and sighed discreetly. Well… even gentlemen had their secret sins. And ladies pretended they didn’t know of them. Such were the ways of the world. And it wasn’t as though she didn’t have a sin or two in her tally.

    Peter noticed Richard’s expression, and the little crease between his eyebrows, usually the sign of a headache, and stored it in mind for later. They had to figure out if they could make the abandoned inn habitable for the night, before thinking about anything else. And maybe some rest alone would help them all anyway.

    Shaking his head, Peter tested the steps with a foot. They seemed steady enough, though one still had to be careful when walking around an old house. “Very well”, he replied when Ryan agreed with him about checking out the area upstairs. “Hold onto my shoulder, Drina”, he added to his wife. “We don’t know how safe these steps are”.

    After a pause, he looked at the other couple. “We can check out the area upstairs and come back for you, if you prefer to wait here”, the man offered, not really wanting to deal with Helena’s complaints for any longer, and suspecting she wouldn’t shut up about every single thing, from the old steps to the dust they would surely find in the upstairs area.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Helena's glare got deeper seeing Drina's bright smile. 'Bitch.' Helena thought to herself. Good Lord she hated the woman already and hadn't even known her an hour. Helena truly hoped they would not be stuck in this inn long with these people. A thug biker, a douche bag doctor, and his super cheerful bitch wife. She must have died and gone to hell.

    Richard nodded his head to Peter when he suggested they wait here while the doctor, his wife, and the biker went to check out the upstairs.

    "That's fine.."

    Richard replied, wanting to separate these people from his much younger wife. He was already annoyed with Helena's childish behavior, she had been giving him a headache before they entered this inn. The way she was treating these strangers...He could sense a terrible migraine coming. Not that he'd say it out loud. He tried to not complain about his wife very often. Not out loud. His children already hated Helena, he never wanted to give more of a reason to.

    Helena was perfectly fine with the letting the others explore and sat down in a chair.

    "I'm going to sit down."

    She never was a team player type, not even with her husband. She took off her shoes and scoffed seeing how muddy they were.

    "Damn it, these were brand new."

    "You'll survive, Helena."

    Richard replied dryly to her as he searched the front desk. Hoping to find a phone or something, although he wasn't very optimistic he'd find something that the others hadn't. Still, searching made him feel useful.

    "These were exclusive Louis Vuitton's, Richard!"

    Helena exclaimed, angry her shoes were ruined. Although Richard was sure she had only wore them a few times.

    "I'll get you a new pair."

    He said, not really caring.

    "Damn right you will."

    Helena said, throwing the shoes in the trash. Which was a waste, considered they could probably just be cleaned off and be fine. Richard took a deep breath to resist the urge to yell at her and continue his search.
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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan snickered when Drina gave Helena a bright smile. Helena Vanderbilt was such an awful woman to be around. Her husband had to be some kind of saint or a major fool to put up with her. He honestly couldn't see her as attractive because she was being such a bitch, even if physically many a man would find her attractive. For Ryan, attitude was more important then appearance and with her attitude...Helena was a very ugly woman to him. He hoped they would all get out of this inn soon. That way he could drink away the memory of being in her presence.

    "Yes, take your time. You wouldn't want to have a nasty fall."

    And be stuck with Helena longer. Ryan carefully followed Drina and Peter and said to them quietly as he he could hear Helena complain about her shoes.

    "Poor bloke, what a bloody harpy. I wonder what kind of spell she casted on him to make him marry her."

    He had a feeling Helena married Richard for money and Richard probably married her because he wanted to feel young again and wanted a trophy wife. He just couldn't imagine her being like that while they were dating. Surely Richard hadn't been that desperate he married her when she acted like that. But, then again, one never could tell. Maybe Richard was into being emasculated all the time by his harpy wife.

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    The area where Richard and Helena were seemed decently preserved enough for such an old place. Sure, everything was dusty, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The floorboards were still in place, and the walls were firm, despite the fact that the wallpaper looked faded and was falling off here and there.

    The front desk was absurdly dusty, as though nobody had touched it in over thirty years. Just like everything else, though, a good clean up would leave it decent enough.

    Upon searching, Richard could find the book where they noted down the guests - last entries being from over ninety years ago - and an old phone - obviously out of order -, apart from other trinkets, like old useless pens, a couple old pencils and some change, probably to give to the guests.

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm - Upstairs

    Drina smiled at Ryan when he told her she wouldn't want to have a nasty fall. "Not at all, I just want to get out of this place as soon as we can", she replied, making her way up the stairs and keeping her eyes on the steps.

    Despite the fact she was paying attention to where her foot fell, Drina heard whas Ryan had to say and chuckled. "She must be great in bed", she replied with a low enough volume for her words not to reach the couple downstairs.

    "Drina!", Peter protested, though he seemed slightly amused.

    The woman rolled her eyes. "I bet that was the reason", she completed, taking a few steps further. "Careful on these ones, they seem unstable", she completed to the men, before making her way up the last steps and wait for Ryan and Peter to join her so they could explore the rooms.

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