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    Ryan McFarlene

    "Me too."

    Ryan replied to Drina with a smile. Liking her and her husband much better then the old rich man and his gold digging wife. Drina and Peter seemed to more pleasant people to talk to. This was certainly not how he had planned to spend his evening. Searching through a seemingly abandoned inn while a harpy bitched about her shoes being dirty.

    He laughed at Drina's comment about Helena.

    "That must be it."

    Although he'd imagine that Richard paid dearly with his wallet for the pleasure of taking her to bed.

    "Although I'm sure his wallet is much lighter because of it."

    He added and nodded his head when Drina said the steps felt unstable.

    "If we have to spend the night here, I hope there's a decent enough room for her highness to be far from us."

    He was very tempted to throw Helena out into the rain. Maybe she would melt from it.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Personally, Helena didn't give a rat's ass what Peter, Drina, and Ryan thought about her. She wasn't here to make friends. She had come here because she and Richard needed to get out of the storm. Helena wasn't one for friends. Her stepchildren didn't like her and the feeling was more then mutual.

    Richard felt a horrible migraine coming. Helena had a great way of doing that to him. Sometimes, like these times, he wondered why he married her. There were moments he thought of divorcing her but he had been a fool. He hadn't made her sign a prenup and she'd take him to the cleaners. That he was sure of. It was better to remain married to her, until death do they part. Because he had already wrote in his will that everything he owned would go to his kids. Helena would hate that.

    While Helena grumbled about her shoes, Richard looked around the room. It was nicely kept, even if it didn't look like anyone had been here in a long time. There was too much dust. Especially at the desk. Richard had the feeling that the inn hadn't been in operation for a few decades.

    He tried the phone, but it didn't work. Not that he thought it would but he had thought there was no harm in trying. He set the receiver back down and picked up the guest book.

    "That's weird."

    He said out loud and Helena asked.

    "What is?"

    A little curious and Richard showed her the book.

    "No one has checked in here in over 90 years."

    "Well, look at the decor. No wonder this place went out of business."

    Helena scoffed and Richard shook his head. It was a country inn, not the Hilton.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    Drina knew it wasn't really nice to say what she was saying about Helena. Still, it didn't matter. Helena was being a bitch to everyone around her, so she was fair game. Had she been a nice person, and Drina wouldn't have said a word about her. "Oh, I'll bet. The poor man is probably having to pay for all kinds of expensive crap she doesn't need just to shut her up".

    "Drina", her husband murmured, in an intonation she knew well.

    "Oh, Peter. I'm pretty sure she can't hear us. And even if she can, I'm sure she knows she's an insufferable bitch", the woman replied, finally stepping off the staircase rigth behind her husband.

    When Ryan mentioned a room to keep Helena far from them, Drina smirked. "I vote that we shove her in the basement and lock the door. Double vote if there's rats", she proposed in a mirthful intonation. "Does anyone second my vote?".

    Peter shook his head and stepped further into the corridor, checking the doors. "All unlocked, at least", he told the other two, peeking into one of the rooms. "Looks like a single bed", he stated after using his phone to light the room a little.

    Doing the same, Drina checked the second room. "This one is meant for a couple", she told the men, stepping out to check the third room. "This one too".

    The red-haired woman coughed a bit. "It's all dusty, but I think if we turn the bedcovers around or give them a vigorous shake out of the rooms, we can at least have decent beds for the night. Maybe we should call them up here? Her highness will have to settle for a dusty bedroom, unless she wants to go outside and sleep in her royal carriage".

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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan nodded his head in agreement to Drina.

    "Oh, surely."

    He imagined Helena demanded many, many expensive things to keep her happy. She probably took the saying 'happy wife, happy life' to a whole another level. He could tell that Peter didn't care too much for his wife's thought of the other woman, but Ryan personally found it very amusing.

    "Unless she really has her head very far up her own arse, she definitely knows she's a bitch."

    Ryan said in agreement with Drina. He laughed at her idea for where to put Helena.

    "I second that."

    He told her with a wink. Liking this woman very much. He enjoyed her sense of humor. Especially after the day he had had with first Gina and now Helena. He looked at the rooms. They looked like they hadn't been used in a long time. Obviously, he'd be taking the room with the single bed, since he had arrived here on his own. And he was okay with it.

    "Probably should. Maybe the room she gets will have some cockroaches to crawl all over her tonight."

    That idea made him grin. Because he imagined Helena was so girly enough that she'd be shrieking if a bug crawled on her.

    "Richard! Helena! Come up here!"

    He yelled.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Richard personally thought it was very odd how long the inn had not had any guests. It seemed so odd that the place was left just the way it was.

    "Helena? You don't find it odd that they just left everything here?"

    She shrugged her shoulders.

    "Not really, it's a pretty crappy looking place. They probably lost money very day they were open."

    Richard just shook his head at Helena. She had her tastes and the fancier, the better. Personally, Richard didn't think the little inn was all that bad. It had a nice country feel. His first wife would have enjoyed it. But he didn't bring that up. Helena hated hearing about Daphne. When Ryan called for them, Helena scoffed.

    "What the hell does he want?"

    "They probably found something."

    "Well, obviously."

    Helena said, rolling her eyes. Richard took a breath and counted to ten before he spoke.

    "I'll see what they want. You wait here."

    "Good idea, dear."

    Helena said, leaning back in her chair and grumbling when she caused a cloud of dust to surround herself. 'Good lord,' Richard thought. He was going to be stuck buying her a whole new wardrobe at this rate. He carefully walked up the stairs and asked.

    "What did you find?"

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    "I think it's his head up her arse, not hers", Drina couldn't resist but saying. Peter simply shook his head and rolled his eyes. There was no stopping Drina when she went on this mood. And, he had to admit, she could be quite amusing when she wanted to.

    Shaking her head too, Drina focused on taking a look at the rooms. They weren't really that bad. At least considering their current situation. They had been very lucky to find a place to stay the night and wait out the rain, and it even had real beds, albeit old and dusty. They couldn't really ask for much more than that. And it wasn't like they would do anything other than spend a night here. In the morning, they would all be making their way back to wherever they had been going.

    When Ryan called out to Richard and Helena, the doctor and his wife waited patiently for them - more properly for Richard - to come up. Drina did add a few 'careful there, now' warnings while the man walked up, and she was the one who took up talking to Richard, as she had apparently decided she should take care of everyone.

    "We've found a few decently suitable rooms, sir", she explained gently. "They are pretty old and dusty, but nothing a good shake on the covers won't fix for a night". After a moment's hesitation, and taking a look downstairs, she decided it wouldn't kill her to offer some help. "I would gladly do it for the bed you and your wife will be taking, if you would like me to, sir".

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    Richard Vanderbilt

    Richard was certain that his new acquaintances were talking about Helena. Most people did and it wasn't usually very kind. His own children didn't have very kind words to say about their very young stepmother. Richard had learned a while ago to not it bother him. Let people say what they want, it was his life, not theirs. And he was happy, most of the time. He wasn't happy when Helena was in one of her moods. Like how she was tonight.

    Richard followed Drina's careful directions up the steps to reach the others.

    "That is good you have, although I'm not shocked they are dusty. I found an old ledger for this place. It hasn't had a guest in about ninety years."

    When she made her offer, he replied.

    "If you wish to, that would be nice."

    He replied, if the rooms were dusty, then having it cleaned up a little before Helena came up the stairs would be best. She would pitch a fit if she got dusty. She was already angry that the rain and mud had ruined a pair of her shoes.

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    Ryan McFarlene

    "So true."

    Ryan laughed at Drina's comment. Yes, he liked the good doctor's wife. She would make this little stay here more amusing. Much better company then the harpy downstairs. Hopefully they wouldn't have to stay here too long. Just to wait out the storm. He wondered how far the nearest town was. Or a farm house. He could probably get to one on foot. Ask to bother the phone and ring for some help.

    When Richard joined them and said how old the ledge was, Ryan shook his head in surprise.

    "Wow...That explains why only the dust and cobwebs are here now."

    Although the inn could be a nice place with a little tlc. Not the Ritz-Carlton, where Mrs Vanderbilt was no doubt used to, but still a nice little country place. He wondered why it just sat here, abandoned.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    Drina's eyes widened in surprise when Richard mentioned that the place hadn't had a guest in about ninety years. "That's so odd. I wonder if something bad happened here", she commented before stepping into a room and stripping the bed to shake the covers.

    While Drina didn't care for Helena at all, Richard seemed like a decent man - at least more decent than his wife. And he deserved at least some help.

    "Peter, dear", she called from the room. Her husband walked into the bedroom, and the couple managed to open the windows to shake the covers outside. While it was a somewhat complicated process with the rain pouring, Drina came out of the room after a few minutes, coughing a little.

    "Well, it's as good as it is going to get", she informed nobody in particular. "Maybe we should all try and get some rest? Unless someone has an idea about something we can do to pass the time".

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    Richard Vanderbilt

    "Most likely. Most places, especially in a location like this, don't just go abandoned."

    Richard had been in the business world long enough to know people were very unwilling to cut their losses unless something bad happened in a location. Most people, generally tried to recoup some of their money, even if their business failed. The inn was in good location, the only business along a stretch of road for miles. Surely, it had been a popular stop back in its day. For people wanting a more country feel to their journey. He wondered if the last owner had tried to sell it but no one would take him or her up on it.

    He watched Drina and her husband dust out the room a little and replied.

    "Thank you, my dear."

    He was sure it hadn't been a pleasant experience. There was a lot of dust around this place but it would prevent Helena from bitching about it. Hopefully...Who knew how his wife would act? She wasn't going to make an attempt to make any friends here.

    "I think a nap would be fine. Perhaps Helena will wake up on the right side of the bed."

    Richard said, with a small smirk. He knew the others didn't care for his wife. Her behavior didn't make her have many friends. His own children didn't enjoy being around their stepmother. Sometimes, though, if she slept, she was a little more bearable to be around.

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