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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan thought Richard was far more pleasant then his wife. What the older man saw in the harpy, Ryan had no idea. He assumed it had to do with her looks, because there was no way Richard had fallen in love with her personality. Although he did agree that a nap sounded good. It was still raining outside. There was no way any of them could leave. Not unless they wanted to get soaked to bone heading to the next town.

    "Perhaps after we all get some sleep, the storm will let up."

    Then he'd offer to walk to the next town to get some tow trucks to come to this inn to help the two couples. He'd do it, because he couldn't see Helena going, she'd probably bitch just going up the stairs. And he thought that Drina was pretty nice and he didn't want to see her walk that far.

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    Peter & Drina Chisholm

    Drina was still coughing a little when she came out of the room, but happy to have been of help. Peter didn't mind help either, even though he wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as his wife.

    Shooting Richard a smile, Drina shook her head. "Any time, sir", she replied sincerely. While shaking off dusty covers hadn't been fun, she hadn't really minded it that much. It was done, now, and it was a simple kindness.

    "Let us hope so", Drina replied when Richard mentioned perhaps Helena would wake up on the right side of the bed after a nap. "Peter, dear, wouldn't it be nice if someone went down and came upstairs with Mrs. Vanderbilt?", she suggested. "Those stairs are quite unreliable". Though she wouldn't really mind if Helena sprained and ankle or rolled down the stairs, Drina thought to herself.

    Pushing these thoughts aside while Peter moved closer to the stairs, Drina nodded at Ryan's words. "Well, that is what I hope to see as well. Maybe once it does, you younger gentlemen can bravely go outside and try to find a place to ask for help?", she suggested, while Peter finally started making his way downstairs - not looking forward to speaking to Helena, but knowing that it was the polite thing to do.

    Once downstairs, he would wait for a moment to make sure he had the woman's attention before speaking. "If you would follow me - the stairs are a bit on the unreliable side, but with some care you can get upstairs safely", he offered, hoping she could just shut up and follow him without throwing a fit.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Richard did appreciate that Drina was willing to clean the room. Even if she looked like a little dusty for doing the task. She seemed to be a nice woman. Actually, she reminded him of his first wife, Daphne. Daphne would not have liked Helena either. They were as a different as night and day. He nodded his head to Ryan.


    He replied, hopeful the storm would let up soon and all the people could be on their way.

    Helena was waiting down stairs, making a list of new things she would need that were ruined thanks to the storm, when Peter came and found her.

    "If I must."

    Helena said, not looking forward to staying longer then she needed to in this awful little inn. It was such a horrid place. Not at all what she was staying in. Since she married Richard, she was used to the good life.

    She grabbed the railing of the staircase and followed Peter. It wobbled a little and she frowned.

    "Piece of shite."

    She said, she was about halfway up the stairs when she stepped wrong and the heel of her shoe broke on the step.

    "Bloody hell!"

    She yelled, at risk of falling down the stairs.
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    Ryan McFarlene

    "Poor Peter."

    Ryan whispered with a snicker to Drina that she made her husband go get the harpy. He was so tempted to ask what Richard had saw in Helena but he felt he already knew the answer. Helena was physically beautiful but she also proved beauty was only skin deep for some. He wondered if he'd be paving his way to hell by hoping Mrs Vanderbilt slipped and fell down the stairs. He doubted few would miss her if she broke her neck. Even her husband didn't seem that happy with her. That probably happened after the honeymoon period had ended.

    He nodded his head to Drina.

    "Yes, I'd be happy to find a place. Get us all back on the road."

    For him, it would be a start of a new life. He had no desire to head back home. This inn was just a temporary stop on the road to a new life. A better life. With no cheating girlfriends or backstabbing friends. He turned his head when he heard Helena yelling out.

    "Oh boy."

    He said and rushed to see what was happening. Perhaps the Devil was granting him his wish.

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    Drina was sniffling a little from the dust, but nothing that would bother her for longer than a few minutes. She would soon be in bed, and forget all about this harpy, hopefully. All Helena would have to do was shut up - hopefully she could do it for a night. Everything would be better in the morning.

    When Ryan whispered those words to her, pitying her husband, Drina choked a laughter. "Oh, behave", she replied to the man. While she didn't care about Helena's feelings, Drina didn't want to upset Richard. He was a gentleman, and didn't deserve being married to that woman, let alone being made fun of for that reason.

    "Thank you", she replied to Ryan when he said he would be happy to find a place in the morning. She would hope that they weren't too far from a house. And that someone could and would help them all. While she was on vacation, it was a much needed one. And hopefully a chance at fixing her marriage, who knew. Or making a clean break. Whatever, at this point.

    Watching her husband go downstairs, she turned to Richard. "Do you have kids?", she asked, really curiously. She thought the harpy wouldn't have any, unless it was to get money out of the man, but who knew.

    Downstairs, Peter didn't mind Helena's rude demeanor - or if he did, he didn't show it. Not complaining, he started guiding the woman up the stairs, paying attention to every step and trying to make sure she would made it up safely.

    When the woman's heel broke, Peter made his way to her quickly. Lucky for Helena, his reflexes were quick enough for him to stabilize her by placing his hands on her shoulders and moving one to her back, for support.

    "I'm sorry", he murmured, after making sure she wouldn't fall. "Are you hurt?", he asked, while Drina took a little more time than she normally would to move to see what was up as well.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Richard could tell that Ryan and Drina did not care for Helena. He was tempted to tell them to get in line, many people did not. Honestly, he wondered what he had gotten himself into marrying her. It had seemed like a mistake now but...Before the marriage, she had been so different. His eldest son told him that Helena was a good actress but Richard hadn't wanted to believe him. She had made him feel young again and he hadn't been that happy with Daphne, his first wife, in the end. Helena had distracted him from his problems and although he hadn't been that true to Daphne in the end, he had still been upset she had died. After all, she was the mother of kids. He still grieved her death and Helena had been there. Helping him move on. He hadn't been thinking clearly in those days and he had gotten married to Helena quickly, with out a prenup. Much to the dismay of his children who hated their stepmother as much as she hated them.

    "Yes, I have five. Three sons and two daughters. Along with seven grandchildren. Soon to be nine, since my younger daughter is expecting twins."

    He replied to Drina and added with a small smile.

    "However, my children aren't too fond of their stepmother, anymore then you two seem to be."

    Helena was certain she was going to fall and break her neck on these awful stairs. Oh, why the hell couldn't they had just went to New York like she wanted?! But then she remembered Cynthia, her stepdaughter that was pregnant. The doctors said twins made it a high risk pregnancy and Richard had wanted to stay in the country until his daughter had given birth. Well, she wasn't going to have her little beasts for another three months! They surely could have been back before that. Instead-

    Thank goodness for the good doctor. Peter was able to keep her from falling. All that happened was a broken heel and, it seemed, twisted ankle.

    "I think I twisted my bloody ankle."

    She replied to him, sucking in some breath in pain as she tried to put pressure on it.

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    Ryan McFarlene

    "I'm trying, but she makes it hard."

    Ryan told Drina with a wink. The dust wouldn't bother Ryan much, he had slept in worse places. When he had served, he didn't have the luxury have always having a comfy bed every night to sleep in. Something he doubted Helena would ever do. Hopefully, in the morning, they could all move on with their lives. And the harpy would just would be just a brief, horrible memory for him.

    "No problem."

    He told her with a smile when she thanked him. He was tempted to tell Richard he didn't blame his children for not liking Helena, but he did tell Drina he was trying to be nice. Instead, he said.

    "Well, congratulations on the upcoming grandchildren."

    Kids were a blessing, even if he didn't have any of his own. Ryan did like kids. He found the right woman, he would like to have a family. He had thought Gina was the one, but she had proved him very wrong. He was grateful he hadn't had kids with her. At least he wasn't attached to that cheater for the rest of his life. When he heard Helena yelling, he followed Drina to see what happened. He whispered to his new friend.

    "Your husband is nicer then me. I'd have let her fall."

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    "Wow. Congrats on all the kids and grandchildren", Drina replied warmly. "A large family is so lovely", she said, without any irony to her words.

    Richard's comment on his children not liking Helena made Drina show a somewhat awkward smile. "I'm sorry", she replied to the man. Richard seemed like a really nice gentleman, and she wouldn't want to offend him. Sure, his wife was a bitch, but he was a gentleman, and Drina just couldn't bring herself to tell the poor man he had married a harpy.

    Down the stairs, Peter was relieved that Helena hadn't fallen and gotten more seriously injured. Taking care of a serious injury in that house would give him a hard time. A sprained ankle, while unpleasant, could be easily treated with items from his medical bag. "Here, let me help you up", the man offered.

    After some hesitation, Peter cleared his throat. "Maybe it would be easier if I carried you up the rest of the stairs, if you don't mind?", Peter offered, which caused his wife to huff and step away from the railing, with an 'of course it would' muttered to herself, but audible to the other people around her.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Richard gave Drina a smile.

    "Thank you, I was very blessed."

    He replied, he did see his children and grandchildren a blessing. As had his first wife, Daphne. To Helena, they were all inconvenience. As much as the man didn't want to admit it to himself, and he would never admit out loud, he was beginning to think she saw his children and grandchildren as an obstacle between herself and his fortune. Well...She'd be in for a rude awakening. His will, which he had not drafted a new one since their marriage, left everything to his descendants.

    "It's okay."

    He said when she said she was sorry his children didn't like Helena. There were times he didn't like Helena either. Especially when she acted like this. He looked down the stairs to see Helena give Peter a charming smile. She could turn on the charm when she needed to.

    "Thank you."

    She told Peter, giving him a rare smile and offering him her hand. When he suggested he carried her, she nodded her head.

    "I don't mind at all. I think that'll be much easier."

    It would be difficult for her to continue up the stairs with a broken heel and the doctor was handsome enough, she realized. Plus, it didn't escape Helena that Drina wasn't happy with the offer. It would be fun to piss of little miss sunshine. She smiled at him.

    "You are so kind."

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    Ryan McFarlene

    Ryan didn't get it. He didn't see what Richard had saw in Helena. He could only imagine she was a good actress. Oh well, better that old man then him. Ryan would rather walk through burning hot coals then spend an hour with that harpy. He shook his head when he saw Helena turn on the charm to Peter. All right...Perhaps that's why Richard fell under her spell. He noticed Drina's reaction and had a feeling that things weren't all sunshine and roses for the good doctor and his wife.

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