Drina and Peter Chisholm

Drina smiled back at Richard's words when he said he had been very blessed. "I agree, a large family, even nowadays when it's not the norm, is a blessing. Peter and I don't have any yet, but if I have my way, we will have three or four. We're just waiting for him to solidify his practice in order for me to be able to start pouring red-haired little devils in the world", she joked. It was clear that, jealousy aside, Drina was a light-hearted woman with a good sense of humor.

Of course, her mood was definitely not the best right now as her husband seemed to be falling under Helena's spell. And she knew full well how easy it was for the good doctor to fall form someone else's charm, didn't she?

Still, it wouldn't do to mention that now, so Drina gritted her teeth and tried to ignore the fact that she wasn't happy at all.

Peter, oblivious for now to his wife's displeasure, nodded and leaned forward. "Here, let me...", he murmured, picking up the woman carefully. Lucky for him, Helena wasn't heavy. "Hold on", he requested, before making his way up the stairs carefully. "Would you allow me to check your ankle?", he carried on, his mind now in professional gear. "It may be just a sprain, but it can still be unpleasant if not looked after quickly".

Drina rolled her eyes and shook her head. Peter was either incredibly dense, or he was doing this to spite her.