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    Drina and Peter Chisholm

    Drina smiled back at Richard's words when he said he had been very blessed. "I agree, a large family, even nowadays when it's not the norm, is a blessing. Peter and I don't have any yet, but if I have my way, we will have three or four. We're just waiting for him to solidify his practice in order for me to be able to start pouring red-haired little devils in the world", she joked. It was clear that, jealousy aside, Drina was a light-hearted woman with a good sense of humor.

    Of course, her mood was definitely not the best right now as her husband seemed to be falling under Helena's spell. And she knew full well how easy it was for the good doctor to fall form someone else's charm, didn't she?

    Still, it wouldn't do to mention that now, so Drina gritted her teeth and tried to ignore the fact that she wasn't happy at all.

    Peter, oblivious for now to his wife's displeasure, nodded and leaned forward. "Here, let me...", he murmured, picking up the woman carefully. Lucky for him, Helena wasn't heavy. "Hold on", he requested, before making his way up the stairs carefully. "Would you allow me to check your ankle?", he carried on, his mind now in professional gear. "It may be just a sprain, but it can still be unpleasant if not looked after quickly".

    Drina rolled her eyes and shook her head. Peter was either incredibly dense, or he was doing this to spite her.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    "I'm sure you'd be a fine mother, when the time is right."

    Richard told Drina with a smile. Although he could understand waiting to have children until Peter had established his practice. Daphne, bless her soul, had taken care of all the child raising for their marriage. Richard had had very little to do with the upbringing of the children. But that was how things were done in his younger days. The mother was in charge of the family and the father made the money. He did know things were different now. Women were expected to work outside the home more and fathers played a larger role in their offspring's upbringing.

    "Oh, thank you."

    Helena told Peter with a smile, she looked up and saw the reaction Drina was having. Given how much she already hated the perky woman, she might as get a rise out of her. She nodded her head.

    "Yes, please."

    She said, far more polite and pleasant then she was to most people.

    "I see why you're a doctor, you have such gentle hands."

    'This would be fun,' she thought. Richard rolled his eyes at his wife, knowing the type of game she was playing.

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    Peter and Drina Chisholm

    Drina smiled at Richard and then took a moment to check on the other man. She wondered what his story was. He didn't have a wife with him, and apparently had been simply traveling solo, which didn't make much sense to her in that middle-of-nowhere road. Her curiosity was too great for her own good, so, after thanking Richard for his kind words, she set her sights on the younger male available, trying her best to ignore her husband's behavior for now.

    "What about you, sir?", she asked, her voice chirpy as usual, in part to annoy Helena, and in part because she really didn't want to let this situation ruin her mood. All they had to do was spend the night in this house and figure out their way to whatever their destination was in the morning. "Any wife or kids to speak of, or do you think we are all boring for wanting to get married?". Her intonation made it clear she was joking, since it wasn't her usual self to make mean-spirited jokes. At least not about anyone who wasn't a female her husband had his eyes (and hands) on.

    Peter smiled at Helena's words, picking her up very gently and moving carefully up the stairs, watching his step. "Thank you, Madam", he replied to her words with a charming smile. "I believe it is my duty to help whenever and wherever I can. I took an oath, after all", he added, noticing his wife rolling her eyes, and hoping she would save her temper for later.

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    Richard & Helena Vanderbilt

    Richard watched Drina turn her attention Ryan. He was slightly curious about the man himself and his story. The younger man probably was starting to wish he had found another place to get out of the storm in. Especially with Helena to have as company. There were many times since his marriage he regretted marrying her. She had been charming and had made him feel young again. But now that she had ring on her finger, she aggravated him more then she excited him. He was starting to see the side to her his children had seen. He was in too deep now. He hadn't even made her signed a prenuptial agreement. That was stupid of him, in hindsight. But he would get the last laugh. There was little doubt Helena would out live him. That was fine, he had left his entire fortune and all his belongings to his children in his will. Helena would get nothing. She was going to hate that.

    Helena was turning on her charm to the handsome doctor.

    "You're welcome, Doctor."

    She replied to him, giving him an adoring smile. Yes, he would be fun. Richard was boring to her now. He was old and his money could only entertain her so much. Plus, the real joy would be how she would make that annoying tart Drina feel. Tonight was going to get better, she was sure of it. She rubbed his bicep with her hand as she said.

    "I see. I can tell you are a good man. True to your oath and so strong too."

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    Ryan McFarlene

    This was getting interesting, Ryan thought, as he watched Helena and Peter. He could almost see why the old man fell for Helena. When she wanted to, she could turn on the charm. When she smiled, she was actually quite pretty. Not that Ryan thought she was attractive. He had seen her personality and knew what a bitch she was. Still...Watching her on the stairs with the good doctor made him wish he had some popcorn all the sudden.

    He turned his attention to Drina and told her.

    "Not boring. I actually wanted that myself until I realized my girlfriend preferred the company of another man over me."

    Gina...It was all her fault he was here. Leaving her on his bike was how he ended up in the storm. Although, he supposed it was better to find out she was a cheater now. Before he got married to her. That was a lot less of a headache that way.

    "Sorry...It's been a long day."

    He told her. She had wanted to joke and he had effectively ruined that.

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