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    Nicole Hossler

    "Yeah, yeah."

    Nicole replied, pretending to be upset. But she wasn't. She knew Mandy and Joel were just teasing her and she took the joke in stride. It felt good to joke and hang out with Mandy. She felt it got her and Joel's minds off of what was going on with his grandfather.

    "Good, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you."

    She told her, hopeful her friend would get the gig. When the conversation turned to Joel's grandfather, she took his hand and squeezed it. She knew how much Homer Huffman meant to him. He wasn't just his grandfather, but the father figure in his life and a good man as well. She knew Joel would be devastated once he lost his grandfather. She wished there was something she could do to help. But all she could was be supportive.

    When Joel told Mandy he was sure his grandfather would like her to visit, Nicole nodded her head.

    "Yeah, he would. He always says you have better taste in music then us."

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    Amanda Parker

    Amanda smiled a bit sadly when Joel mentioned that his grandfather would like to see her. “All right. I’ll call you as soon as I get settled at home to see when I can drop by”, she promised. “Let your grandpa know we have a date”, the girl added with a wink.

    Mandy had always had a soft spot for the elderly, and Homer Huffman was a really sweet gentleman. She was really sad to see how bad his health was, and doing anything she could to ease his suffering was something Mandy really wanted to do. Therefore, she decided she would visit as soon as possible. They didn’t know how long he would last, after all, and, if things happened as they sadly seemed to be moving towards, Mandy wanted to at least have the chance to meet Homer one more time.

    When Nicole mentioned that Homer thought she had a better musical taste than her and Joel, Mandy laughed softly. “Well, the general consensus in my family is that I’m an eighty-year old lady trapped in a young body”, she joked.

    After her words to Nicole, Amanda sighed softly, finishing her plate in silence. Once she was done, Mandy looked at Nicole and Joel to check on whether or not they were done as well. “Would anyone like to go for seconds? Or should we get some dessert and put on a movie?”, she asked, happy to do whatever her friends chose.

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    Joel Huffman

    Joel smiled sadly back at Mandy.

    "Sounds good and I will."

    He knew his grandfather liked Mandy. Saying she was a nice girl and that she had much better taste in music then he or Nicole did. He was sure his grandfather would enjoy her visit. Maybe having some more company then just him, his grandmother, and Nicole would give Homer something to look forward to. Something to hold on for.

    He laughed at Mandy's comment and told her.

    "They're right."

    Not that he thought her taste in music was awful, he was just more into modern stuff. He thought a moment about her question and said.

    "It is good, but I did save room for dessert."

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    Nicole Hossler

    Nicole smiled, sure that Joel's grandpa would enjoy a visit from Mandy. He always said she was one of their friends he really liked. They had a share love of music. Nicole laughed when Mandy said the consensus was she was an eighty year old lady in a young person's body. Laughing was good and she was glad to see that Joel was trying to have some fun. There wasn't much they could do to help Homer, other then be there for him. It was a hard situation. Seeing someone you cared about suffer and know there was nothing you could do.

    She nodded her head at what her boyfriend said.

    "I agree, dessert sounds good. It's almost Christmas. We gotta have some sugary treats."

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    Amanda Parker and Philip Logan

    Mandy was really happy to see Joel and Nicole relax a little. She knew how hard this whole thing with Joel's grandpa being sick was on both of her friends. Homer Huffman was one of those people who touched everyone around them and made themselves loved easily. Mandy hadn't spent too much time around the man, but she liked him a lot as well. He was a bit of an honorary grandfather for her, and she loved talking to Homer about old movies, books and music. As she knew those conversations helped distract him, she was willing to visit as soon as she got home, to spend some time with Homer and maybe give everyone some time to breathe a little.

    For now, though, all she wanted to do was focus on dinner.

    "All right, dessert it is", she agreed when both Joel and Nicole decided for something sweet.

    Mandy had just gotten up from her seat to go get dessert when the front door was unlocked, and a very tired-looking Phil walked in with a sigh. Mandy laughed at his expression and walked up to her boyfriend, giving him a hug and kiss. "You look like shit", she joked, before pulling him inside and closing the door. "Well, look who survived last-minute shopping", she announced. "Phil, these are Nicole and Joel, I think you have met a couple times before".

    Phil smiled to the other couple. "Hey guys, merry Christmas in advance", he greeted, holding Mandy's hand. "Come on, come help me get dessert, I'll fix you a plate". Phil nodded and smiled again. "If you guys excuse me, gotta do as she says, or else", he joked before following Mandy into the small kitchen.

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    Nicole Hossler

    It was fun, although there was always the stress and worry over Joel's grandfather's condition. His health was on a serious decline. It wasn't a question of if he was going to die. More like when...Nicole was sure that Joel would take it hard. She knew how close he was to his grandfather. She was close to Homer too and she'd take it hard as well.

    When Phil came in she smiled at him.

    "You survived the madness!"

    She joked. She had met him a few times before. He seemed like a nice guy and he made her friend happy. Which made Nicole happy.

    "Merry Christmas."

    She replied back to him.

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    Joel Huffman

    It was hard to have a good time. Joel was constantly checking his phone for messages from his grandmother. She had promised him she'd call if anything happened. He hoped not. He wasn't sure how he was going to live the rest of his life without Homer Huffman in it. He was the type of man that everyone loved. A friend to all. Always helping someone in need. People would say at his funeral that he was such a good man. That he would be missed.

    'He's not dead yet, Joel.'

    His mind told himself. Miracles could happen. Especially around Christmas. Yeah, right. Only in Christmas movies. This was real life and when the doctors suggested Hospice...Things weren't good.

    Joel told himself they were supposed to be having fun. Phil came in and that distracted him from his thoughts. He gave Mandy's boyfriend a smile.

    "Merry Christmas too you as well. I hope the last minute shoppers didn't make you hate the holiday."

    Some people could be quite the Scrooge when it came to holiday shopping. Especially so close to the holiday. It was silly, though. Christmas was the same day every year. He nodded his head and put his arm around Nicole.

    "A smart man always listens to his lady."

    He said with a wink.

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    Amanda Parker and Phil Logan

    Phil smiled at Nicole’s words. “So I did”, he replied with a grin. While Phil was tired and it had been a stressful situation, he was glad to have managed to get the right gift for his sister and come back in one piece. Now, all he wanted was to enjoy their time there and, soon, his time with family.

    Turning his attention to Joel, Phil shot him another smile. “Oh, no, no way. I love holiday season for the right reasons”, he replied, giving Mandy a kiss. “And it’s my first Christmas with my lady, so I won’ let anything ruin it”.

    Smiling at her friends, Mandy asked to be excused and led Phil to the kitchen.

    They wouldn’t take long before coming back, Phil with his plate and Mandy with two plates of brownies. “I don’t wanna hear about anyone’s diet today”, she joked, handing over the plates to each of her friends. “Would you guys want something to go with them? Maybe a cup of coffee?”, she offered, ready to fix whatever they wanted, as the idea was for everyone to have a good time.

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    Joel Huffman

    "That's good."

    Joel said with a smile and squeezed Nicole's hand. While shopping itself was stressful, spending time with the ones you loved as definitely a good thing. He and Nicole had been dating longer then Mandy and Phil. They had met in high school, although they hadn't gotten truly serious until their junior year. He was so glad he had asked her to the homecoming dance. A decision he never regretted.

    Joel joked when Mandy brought out brownies.

    "Well, there goes my girlish figure."

    Although he never worried much about dieting. He happily ate a brownie and agreed that coffee would go good with them.

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    Nicole Hossler

    "That's good. I'm sure Mandy would miss you if you didn't."

    Nicole replied to Phil with a smile. Even if she did think he was a little crazy to go out shopping in the last minute craziness. She much preferred the way she did her holiday shopping. She could just enjoy the holidays with less stress. She squeezed Joel's hand back. She loved this time of year, she just wished that Homer wasn't so sick. Thinking about Joel's grandfather's declining health was putting a damper on the holiday spirit for them.

    When Mandy came back with brownies, Nicole laughed at Joel. She ticked his side.

    "I'm sure you'll survive."

    She told him and took a brownie and agreed that coffee sounded good.

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