Amanda Parker and Phil Logan

Mandy laughed when Joel complained about her brownies. “Well, you can stand to put on some weight, so shut up”, she replied with a grin.

Once both Joel and Nicole had their brownies and had agreed that coffee would be a good addition, Mandy smiled and leaned forward to give Phil a kiss. “You behave, I’ll be right back”, she said to him before excusing herself.

Phil smiled when Nicole said Mandy would miss him if he hadn’t survived the madness. “Well, I hope so. I would hate to think she’d just forget all about me”, he replied to her words. “Especially when I didn’t mess up on her gift”.

Mandy laughed from the kitchen. “Well, you haven’t let me see it yet, so I wouldn’t be so sure about that!”, she replied from there while making the coffee to go with the brownies.