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    Nicole Hossler

    "Of course."

    Nicole told Mandy with a big smile. She was having fun, given the stress she and Joel were going through lately with his grandfather, just joking around felt good. It was something she was sure Homer would approve of as well. 'Life's too short to not laugh,' he had told them.

    "That sounds fund to me."

    Nicole said with Mandy suggested they could all come over and meet her mom sometime. She watched with a smile as Mandy opened her gift from Phil.

    "It's beautiful."

    She told him.

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    Joel Huffman


    Joel told Mandy with a laugh. Tonight was becoming a fun night, he was glad that Nicole had talked him into coming. He almost hadn't, because he was so worried about his grandfather.

    "Wanting to meet the mom? Wow, things getting serious here."

    Joel told Phil with a wink. And he agreed with Nicole that the it did sound fun. He smiled at the present Phil gave Mandy. Maybe he was right, things were getting serious for them.

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    Amanda Parker & Phil Logan

    Mandy smiled at Nicole, really wanting to have her friend come visit. "I'll be looking forward to seeing you all there", she replied, letting out a sigh and looking at her locket again. "It is, oh, God, thanks, baby", she whispered, sniffling a little before kissing Phil and letting her head rest on his shoulder.

    Joel's comment about things becoming serious got Mandy to blush and pinch Phil. "See what you have done?", she complained, getting her coffee and drinking a bit more of it. Phil laughed a bit. "Yeah, they'll be hoping for a wedding invitation and baby shower soon".

    Mandy shook her head and knocked on wood. "Stop it, no talk of babies before we're all out of college, please. Unless Nicole wants to have one, then I'm all for that", she teased her friend with a wink.

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    Nicole Hossler

    "It'll be fun."

    Nicole told Mandy, sure they would have fun. She smiled when she saw the locket Phil had given her friend. She thought it was beautiful.


    She replied when Phil said now they would want to get a wedding and baby shower invitations soon. Although she shook her head when Mandy suggested she have the baby instead.

    "Ummm, no. I'm good right now."

    Someday she'd like to have kids. But not yet, not until after they finished college and got settled into their lives after it.

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    Joel Huffman

    Joel and Nicole had been friends with Mandy for a long time. It was nice to see his friend having a person in her life that seemed to treat her well. He was happy. Phil seemed like a good guy. Mandy deserved that. He nodded his head to Phil.

    "Damn right we are."

    Although he looked like he saw a ghost when Mandy suggested Nicole have the baby instead.

    "No, not any time soon."

    Someday he would love to marry and have kids with Nicole. He and Nicole had talked about that kind of future. But they both agreed that kids would come after college was over and they were settled into careers.

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