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Thread: Storytime

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    Hitchhikers on the way back to Kansas

    One day, Dad was driving back from Salt Lake City, where he’d visited Aunt Kitty, to Pittsburg, Kansas. He was driving thru Colorado, and he got so lonely, he took a chance along the way, and picked up two teenage boys. They asked Dad if he had any money he could loan them, because they hadn’t eaten for two days.

    Dad said, “You boys are in luck. My sister gave me that basket when I left Salt Lake City.”

    When they opened the basket, it was full of food: a loaf of bread, some salami, hard boiled eggs, and various kinds of fruit.

    Dad told them to eat whatever they wanted in there. By the time they reached the highway that went from Kansas City to Pittsburg, the Basket was empty. As they left the car, Dad gave the boys a twenty dollar bill. Dad bets they had a story to tell their friends about this particular hitchhiking event.

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    Dad at Spencer Chemical Company: Company Rules

    While Dad was at Spencer Chemical Company in Pittsburg, Kansas, they had a departmental party. They told Dad he could bring a guest, so he did. He brought an Oriental girl he was friends with. He didn’t have any romantic feelings for her, but took her as a friend.

    Later, his boss, Dr. Otto Hoffman, told Dad “The Company would be happier if you brought a white girl in the future.”

    Dad didn’t take guests after that.

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    Tea in Oregon

    After getting his associates degree at Coalinga Junior College, Dad moved up to Corvallis, Oregon, where he got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Oregon State University.

    Tea at the Canterbury Club

    Helene Schnurbusch was the adviser of the Canterbury Club at Oregon State University. She asked one of the students to make some tea.

    He’d never done it before, so he followed the rules for making coffee, not tea. Using tea leaves from Nihal Demel’s father’s tea estate, he poured half a cup of the tea leaves into a pot of boiling water, instead of the 1-2 teaspoons they usually used. He set the pot at the back of the stove to cool before they served it.

    After half an hour, he poured the tea into a cup, and asked, “Who put milk into the tea?”

    Nobody had.

    Dad asked him what he did.

    The fellow told Dad.

    Dad told him to fill the cup a little less than a quarter full of tea, then fill the rest of the way with boiling hot water. The student did, and of course the tea became clear tea.

    They served tea around to everybody who wanted it, and they all drank an awful lot of tea that afternoon. That pot of tea still lasted the better part of a week.

    The Englishman and the Tea

    While Dad was at Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon, there was an Englishman who wanted to visit Virgil Freed, who headed the chemistry lab Dad worked in. When the Englishman arrived, Dad told him that he was going to make a pot of tea.

    The Englishman very politely told Dad “no, thank you” because he didn’t like the way most Americans made tea at that time. Most Americans used tea bags, and made tea in aluminum tea pots that changes the flavor of the tea. The English preferred loose tea and ceramic teapots.

    Dad had a ceramic teapot and fine, loose-leaf tea from Nihal Demel’s father’s tea estate. Since they were in a chemistry lab, Dad served it in 250ml beakers.

    When the Englishman saw Dad laying out the teapot and the beakers, he asked, “May I change my mind, and have some of that tea?”
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    I love it! I totally relate to the tea snobbery. I'm not British but I'm just as picky.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I understand it's very easy to be picky about tea. I think I'm fairly easy-going when there's no milk involved, but when there's milk, I want it just so, or I'd rather just go without the milk at all.

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