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    Confined crime story

    Confined crime story

    So, this is the OOC for the story we talked about recently, twin.

    The source material started off with a wealthy couple of newlyweds spending their honeymoon in Egypt, and the were in a ship going down the Nile, so pretty much confined within. In the ship, the husband's former flame, and a few other people would have a reason to want to murder the wife - which ended up happening.

    Since nobody could leave the area, the detective present started digging through everyone's lives until he could figure out who had done it, and why. So, I guess we might want to decide first on whether or not we'll stick to the original plot for a beginning and then move on from it?

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    We could do a story about someone being murdered on a cruise ship. Then no one wouldn't be able to leave or escape.

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    Oh, boy. I like it. Bonus points if it's one of those super posh and elegant ones where everyone is (technically) above suspicion.

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    Read my mind. A ship full of super rich people would be fun.

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    I didn't forget about this, promise. Just happened to get super busy, the usual. Trying to organize everything again, so, I guess we should start off seeing which characters we need for this to happen?

    Let's see: Husband, wife, husband's ex, maybe we can toss in someone who either dated or had reasons to believe he was gonna end up marrying the wife had the husband not come along? I guess we can have those as the core, and then build around those with some secondary characters?

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    Oh, it's okay. Been busy myself lately.

    I definitely agree the husband, wife, and his ex should be the core. I like the idea of the wife having an ex to. Two jilted lovers could be great partners in crime. Any one else could juat be developed as needed.

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    Great, I feel less guilty.

    And nice. So I guess we can define which characters each of us will take, and introduce the NPCs as they're needed. Any preferences?

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    So...I totally did not forget this at all. I swear!

    I'm cool with playing whatever. I think it might be more interesting, if we each play one of the jilted lovers. Evil partners in crime. And one of us play the husband and the other the wife. Just to keep it more interesting.

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    Of course not! And it works perfectly fine for me. Any preferences there? I'm cool with either pair.

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    Hmmm....Good question. LolYou want to play one of each gender?

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