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    You have a talent to create assholes and bitches lol

    And I bet he will. XD

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    Lol, it is a scary talent. Especially when I'm nothing like them.

    Oh yeah, a man like that....I'm sure Julianne will know exactly how to string him along.

  3. #23
    Juri's still out on that (Put the knife down, please, I love you lol)

    And yeah, she'll have fun getting him wrapped around her finger.

  4. #24
    LOL, I'd never hurt you, twin. Unless you steal my chocolate. Then...

    And I'm sure you will. He'll be such an idiot he won't even realize she is manipulating him. lol

  5. #25
    Never, I'll even share mine with you, twin.

    And a smart angry woman is a very dangerous thing, lol

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    You're so awesome.

    And yes, that is. Nathaniel is dumb to realize it, though. Mercedes is a nice girl, it was good she finally realized she could do better then him.

  7. #27
    I have an awesome twin, lol

    And too bad she's gonna pay for that.

  8. #28
    I do too.

    And yes, it is sad for her.

  9. #29

    I really need to get this rolling. Good thing Thursday is a holiday, I'll try and tackle the posts I owe by then.

  10. #30
    There's absolutely no rush.

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