I keep telling myself I won't create new group roleplays, but the ideas are just too enticing, sorry not sorry.

Before I start, I'll just drop a disclaimer here: this roleplay is for slow people, which means a pace of one post a month will be perfectly acceptable. As long as people are interested, this roleplay will never die. Needless to say, we'll need a way to keep things on track with such a long deadline (mostly me, because I'm super forgetful). Therefore, we will have a posting order, and people will be skipped, but NOT removed from the roleplay, if their month goes by without a post. Of course, you may post faster than that, but everyone involved in this roleplay must come in with this posting time in mind, so everyone keeps patient with others.

With that said, here goes the plot:
The small town of Heaven's Gate looks every bit like its name. It's as clean as a town can be in the Old West, and every one of its 1500 inhabitants knows everyone else. There are rarely problems around town, and the sheriff barely has anything to do.
That is, until someone kills the sheriff as he is coming home late at night after making his usual horseback ride around town to make sure everything is in order.
Nobody knows who has done it, or so they claim. All everyone knows was that the man was found dead not too far from home, with a gunshot to the back. The poor man never saw his killer.
Now, there is a new sheriff who's come from out of town, and his first order of business is to find out what the hell happened to the other guy who used to wear the star. And much to his discomfort, he will learn everyone in the peaceful Heaven's Gate has something to hide.

All right, with the plot listed, I have the characters I need now. The ones I can't do without are before the horizontal line. Anyone is free to take more than one character if they so choose. Please, don't post character sheets here, just claim whatever character you'd like:

The new sheriff
The old sheriff's widow (taken, Shades)
The Inn keeper
The Saloon owner
One of the saloon girls, who will have a motive to want the sheriff dead.
The Mayor
The pastor
A local farmer who used to want to marry the new widow when she was single

The mayor's family (wife, children)
The pastor's family (wife, children)
The grocery store owner
The old lady who knows all of the local gossip (taken, Shades)

This is not an extensive list, and should anyone have another character idea they want to bring to the table, feel free to! Thanks for reading!