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    Sorry for the long wait, but I finally got Hades up.

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    He looks great!

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    Mine are finally up too. I think Persephone/Penelope being a florist would make meeting Hera/Helena and Hades/Harrison rather easy given both their professions.

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    They look great!
    And I agree. Poor Alexia will be stuck living with the stepmonster because she didn't think the bitch, I mean, lady, should be left alone when the flavor of the month leaves, lol
    She'll have much more to do with her uncle and half-sister, though, I suspect.

    Will try and post the IC up as soon as possible.

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    LOL, so kind of Alexia to stay. I mean, her dad did leave Helena and she is kind of enough to let the brat live with her. And probably drag into helping set up weddings and receptions. You know, unpaid step-child labor.

    No rush.

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    I think she's lucky her hair isn't red? lol

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    Lol, probably.

    Although Helena could suggest it. "Alexia, dear, you'd look so much better as a red head. Why don't you just dye it?"

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    I can see the look on Alex's face.

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    Step-mommy knows best. lol

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    If she did, she would be able to keep the guys around. lol

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