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    Lol, her being nice would be out of character.

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    Thank you both Lady's.
    in one myth
    when He was born, Hera saw his deformity's &
    threw him off Mount Olympus & fell into the Ocean.

    in another he was born normal, at some point
    He tried to protect his mother from Zeus's advancements,
    Zeus threw him from Mount Olympus. he fell for an entire day....
    From the landing he became crippled & deformed.
    he landed in Lemnos in this one.

    Since you said they where reborn on earth, I took that to
    mean as they where when they where cast out. So he'd
    be born as he was before.

    Sojourn, I look forward to seeing how you choose to
    play Hera toward him.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    I'll bet in the worst possible way, lol
    At least Athena will have someone to split the negative attention with.

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    I think it'll be fun. But no rush on getting it started, Shades. After all, good things come to those who wait.

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    Of course you do, you'll get to boss everyone around (or try to) lol
    And they definitely do.

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    so couldn't quite help myself...
    had to see how far I could push
    the envelope....


    Human name: Avra Hera Spiros
    Divine name: N/A
    Age (human): 14


    Personality: Avra is very quite & soft spoken, Tending
    to keep to herself & preferring her books too people.
    Avra loves ancient mythology, particularly Greek & Roman
    the best with Greek winning out over Roman slightly.
    Avra loves swimming & sun shine.

    Divine mark: One Blue eye, One yellowish Amber eye

    Relation to the other gods: Aunt/guardian: June
    Mother: Lampetia, Father: Unknown(Human)
    Grandmother: Rhodos, Grandfather: Helios
    Great Grandmother: Amphitrite, Great Grandfather: Poseidon

    History: Avra's father left when Avra was very young.
    Her mother Sara(Lampetia) raised her as best she could
    till he was kill on her was home from work when the
    bus she was riding was struck my a semi truck after
    the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Avra was 8, Her
    Aunt June took her in & raise her as her own as she
    could not have kids. now at age 14 Avra does her best
    to do well is school & take care of the ailing Aunt.
    Avra gets he middle name from the wife of Zeus, Hera.
    Sara believed Hera to be a strong & willful woman &
    wanted her daughter to be as well, so she named her after

    ....... I don't know, maybe I went over board & she's
    too much....

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    I don't think too much would be it, but all of the characters are actually divine (i.e., they were an actual god/ess and fell from Olympus), and I'd like to stick to each character being linked directly to a god for this, since they'll eventually remember their divine origin and Zeus will make an appearance in the future (and perhaps we'll even have a few scenes in Olympus).

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    Ah, I understand. I merely wished to try something different.
    I thought it might be fun to Have a "half-blood" Born in the
    human world living as a human only to find out her mother
    was a god & she her self has powers & then have to learn
    to control them without the help of her mother... I tried
    to uses obscure or lesser known Gods & Goddesses for
    her bio s it would cause issues with others. I mean
    there then having to be related to one of the big three
    some how. Also thought it might be cool to have some
    one experience things like there powers/ meeting other Gods
    & Goddesses for the first time & Going to Mount Olympus for the
    first time.

    I think I'll hold onto her, She may not fit here, But maybe I can
    find a use for her somewhere else.

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    Oh, definitely hold on to her. Maybe she can even fit in an adventure of her own, or if you're inclined/have the time, maybe develop this into a concept for a roleplay? It'd be a really interesting one!

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    Sorry it took this long, everyone.
    The IC thread is up! No posting order, I'll post again as soon as everyone else has!

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