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    I'm going to hold off on Persephone right now. It's too early for her to be up. LOL

    I'll introduce her when Helena gets the flowers for the wedding.

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    Alexia and Harrison must have bonded over their dislike of Helena.

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    Well, I think it can be generally agreed that the lady's a pain in the ass. lol

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    Helena feels the love.

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    Good, she should. She's all about love, right?

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    No, it's marriage. Marriage and love are two different things.

  7. The following user said "What?" to Sojourn's post:

    Shades (09-14-2017)

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    You have a point there, especially where Helena is concerned.

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    LOL, so very true.

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    Decided Penelope should have her mom. Denise aka Demeter.

    I figure Alexia's dad might have left Helena for Denise and thus resulted in Penelope. Loved and left her too. But Helena knows and that's why she doesn't care too much for the mother and daughter. But uses them because their best and makes Alexia get lots of the orders.

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    Looks fine to me. And damn, this man just couldn't keep it in his pants, could he? lol

    Poor girls, both stuck with Helena in some way.

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