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    Nope, he was quite the player.

    Oh, I agree. Poor girls. Although Denise didn't tell Penelope about her connection to Helena and Alexia. So she thinks Helena hates her for no reason.

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    It's not a hard conclusion to come to lol

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    I got nothing to add right now, feel free to skip me.

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    So, I'm seriously considering having Alexia play accidental match maker, by introducing Penelope to Harrison.

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    Penelope would be open to the idea.

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    I'm sure that would be good for Harrison.

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    Small spoiler: What happened to the watch will bring out Harrison's angry side.

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    And I can't wait to see Harrison (literally?) raise hell.

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    Post's up. Looking forward to two things for this:

    1. Angry uncle Harris;
    2. "Mommy Dearest"'s reaction to knowing Alexia is spending time with her husband's love child.

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    Looks like memories are stirring...

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