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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo was happy to know that Jasmine would get the supplies for the kids. Maybe that would keep them in school, as they wouldn't have to worry about not having enough supplies and feeling less than the other children. Hopefully, this would work out for them and they wouldn't end up like him. Not that he regretted his lifestyle, but he knew it wasn't for everyone.

    When Jasmine paused, he froze for a moment or two.

    "Damn", his voice sounded softly from the other side when she mentioned his name. A soft chuckle followed the word.

    "Yeah, I know him. I see his ugly face every day in the mirror", Lorenzo joked, with his usual self-deprecating humor.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine would be true to her word. She'd make sure the kids got the supplies. She was very grateful for the man she was talking to. He had given her quite a generous donation. It would help a lot of the kids at the school. She had another dream of getting the kids some new sports equipment, but she didn't tell Lorenzo that. She knew what it was like to grow up in this neighborhood. For a lot of kids, there weren't very many options. Live a life on the streets or join the military to escape. Few did what she did and that was go to college. Maybe, eventually, they could get some sports back in the school. That would help the kids stay out of trouble.

    Although her thoughts about what else she could do for the school and her students, left her mind when she heard the man's reaction to her question. For a brief moment she thought they had gotten disconnected but then she realized his delay. He didn't just know Enzo, he was Enzo. Wow...she thought. This was definitely the last person she thought she'd be talking to. She hadn't seen her old friend in years.

    "Oh...I....How are you?"

    She asked, a little lost for words.

    'How was he?' Definitely well off enough that he could donate a lot of school supplies. Although he had tried to do it in secret.
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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo had seriously hoped he wouldn't be identified as the mysterious donor. He had hoped he could just donate and be done with it, without anyone knowing it had been him. Hopefully, though, now that Jasmine knew it was him, she would be discreet and not tell anyone else.

    "I'm doing well, thanks", he replied after some hesitation.

    "It seems that you have been doing well yourself, with being a teacher and all", Lorenzo completed, his voice making it clear he was smiling. After these words, Lorenzo paused a little, as though he was thinking about what he would say next.

    With a soft sigh, he decided it wouldn't hurt to ask. And that this would be the first and last time. He couldn't really drag Jasmine into his life - or any other woman that wasn't already involved in his world.

    "It has been a long time", Lorenzo started, his voice a bit uncertain. "Would you want to meet up for a cup of coffee and catch up when you have the time?", Lorenzo asked, deciding to leave it up in the air so Jasmine could make a decision without feeling pressured.

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    Jasmine David

    "You're welcome and I'm glad to hear that."

    Jasmine replied, being entirely sincere. She was glad that Lorenzo had ended up doing well in life. She laughed at his comment.

    "Thanks, although I don't have as much money as you clearly do. Which thank you, again, for the donations."

    She told him. She was very grateful for all he had done to help with the school supply drive. She nodded her head when he said it had been a long time and rolled her eyes at herself when she realized that she was on the phone and he wouldn't be able to see that.

    "You're right it has been."

    It had been a long time and she realized she missed him. They had been good friends when they were younger. She had wondered what had happened to him. She smiled at his offer.

    "I'd like that. Is your mother still doing well?"

    She asked, remembering he had been close to his mom. She had liked his mother, Mrs Martinelli had always been nice to her.

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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo snorted softly - as he usually did as amused - when Jasmine mentioned the fact that he had money and thanked him. “You’re welcome”, he replied. “It’s my pleasure”, Lorenzo continued, sincerely.

    If Jasmine remembered him well, Lorenzo had always had a lot of flaws - but selfishness had never been one of those. Even if he had never really had much, Lorenzo had been willing to share what little he had with those who had even less, even if this sharing was made out of his time or company to those who were bullied.

    When Jasmine said she would like meeting up for coffee, Lorenzo couldn’t help but smile. He had missed her. It would be just this time, but he would make the best out of this time. And then, he would just go back to being too busy with his business interests to spend more time with her.

    “Great, I’m looking forward to meeting you”, he replied. “And yes, she’s doing great. Bossing me around and still insisting on cooking dinner every night, even though we have someone who can do it now”, he replied about his mother, in a fond intonation. “She would love to meet you again. How are your parents? Is the store still going well?”, he asked, adding something before Jasmine could reply.

    “If you feel comfortable with it, maybe we can have dinner at my house? I’m sure my mother would be happy to meet you”, he offered, hoping Jasmine wouldn’t think he was being too forward.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine smiled at Enzo's reply. She knew he wasn't perfect. No one was, but Lorenzo seemed to have more flaws then others, but she remembered he wasn't very selfish. He did care, even if he didn't want to admit it. He had cared about her, always making sure she got to and from school safely. Obviously he still cared about the kids that were growing up in their old neighborhood. Even if he ended up being pretty well off. It was important to remember where you came from.

    Jasmine assumed he was a busy man but she thought it would be nice to see him again. She didn't expect much, though. She would be busy once the school year started and Enzo would be busy doing whatever he did now. Still, it would be nice to spend an evening catching up with an old friend. She laughed as he talked about his mother.

    "That's good and that's an Italian mother for you. She has to make sure her baby never goes hungry."

    She was glad to hear that his mother was doing well. Mrs Martinelli was a very nice woman. And a strong woman too. Raising Enzo on her own after his father had died. When he asked about her parents, she replied.

    "They are doing very well, thank you. The store keeps them busy and my little sister is getting ready to graduate high school this year."

    Little Dahlia wasn't so little now. She had a big plans, she wanted to be a doctor. That thrilled her parents. Not to say her parents weren't proud of her as well. Darsh and Kyra David were proud of both their children. Telling them to pursue their dreams. Jasmine's dream was to be a teacher and help kids from her old neighborhood. Help them see that the sky was the limit on dreams. It took hard work but you could accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. Dahlia wanted to help people as a doctor. Their parents were proud of raising daughters who wanted to help people in different ways.

    When he suggested they have dinner at his house, Jasmine replied.

    "Sure, that sounds fine with me."

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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo did care about people. Even though he had taken the wrong path in life, Lorenzo still cared about others. He didn't want anyone else to have to go down his path and end up hurt or even dead. He had been lucky. His boss had been a good one, and had taught him how to stay safe and keep his hands relatively clean - as clean as it was possible in his line of business. Others might not be that lucky.

    For now, though, all Lorenzo could think about was to see Jasmine again. It had been too long. Their paths weren't supposed to have crossed. Still, they had, and he planned to take advantage of that for a while. One evening wouldn't cause anyone any problems, right? He just had to be Signor Lorenzo Martinelli, successful business owner, for a few hours. Nothing more than that.

    When Jasmine laughed at his comment on his mother, Lorenzo laughed as well. "You do have a point", he replied with a grin. "And I'm not complaining at all, of course. Her cooking is still great", he continued, his voice taking on a fond intonation. Lorenzo had always been very fond of, and gentle with, his mother.

    "I'm glad your parents are doing well". Lorenzo made a slight sound of surprise when Jasmine said her sister was getting ready to graduate high school. "Wow. Time flies", he remarked, thinking about how long it had been since he had seen both sisters.

    Lorenzo was happy to hear that Jasmine would like to have dinner at his house. "Great. It will be nice to catch up", he replied to her words. "Just tell me when, and I will pick you up, if you would allow me", he carried on. "It would be easier than you coming to the house by public transportation. There aren't really many bus lines here", Lorenzo explained, so Jasmine wouldn't feel that she was being a bother.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine had no idea what type of life Lorenzo was in now. She knew he had always been smart, even if he didn't always prove it in school. He had street smarts and she figured he must have made it big in the business world. She knew that street smarts were important in the business world then book smarts. Although she had no idea what type of business he was involved. If she did...Well, she wouldn't even know what to think about it.

    Jasmine smiled as they talked about his mother.

    "That's good to know."

    She remembered he had loved his mother very much and it was good to know that hadn't changed. Some things still stayed the same.

    "Thank you and it truly does."

    She replied, it was hard for her to believe her little sister was almost grown now. She knew after Dahlia finished with her schooling her parents would most likely retire. They were getting older and lived a comfortable life. They weren't rich, but their bills were paid and they could spoil themselves and their daughters once in a while. Her father admitted they would continue to run the store until Dahlia was settled in a career. Just in case Dahlia needed something, they'd rather have more then just retirement incomes.

    Catching up with Lorenzo sounded fun. Not that she thought much would come of it. She would be busy being a teacher and he was busy with whatever it was he did now. If he was still as good looking as she remembered, she was sure he had no shortage of female company. Especially since he had money now too. It would just be two old friends catching up, nothing more.

    "Oh, okay."

    She replied when Lorenzo said he'd pick her up. She didn't have a car, many things she wanted to go to were with in walking distance of her little apartment If not, she'd take the bus. She had planned to just do that until he said the bus line wouldn't go out that far. Which made her wonder what type of house he lived in now.

    "How about tomorrow, at six?"

    Jasmine suggested.

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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo was glad Jasmine didn't know anything about the life he was living now. It wouldn't do for her to know, as she was a good girl, and not very likely to approve of her old friend having ties with the Mafia. That was something he didn't need to tell her, or anyone who didn't know about it already. For her, as for most people, he should be nothing but a businessman who had done well with an Italian restaurant. Which, of course, was real and belonged to him Lorenzo needed a cover, after all.

    When Jasmine agreed to have him pick her up, Lorenzo smiled. He didn't want her to come to his area alone. Not that it wasn't safe, but he just didn't feel comfortable. She would have to present identification, and all that jazz, and it was just uncomfortable. So, him picking her up would make the process smoother. And it would give them more time to talk and catch up as well.

    "Tomorrow at six works for me", Lorenzo replied, making a quick note on his calendar. "Come dressed in any way you like", he added with a smile. He didn't want Jasmine to feel like he had changed so much she had to dress formally. It would be a simple thing, just dinner with a friend, after all. "I will leave you to your occupations now, and get on with my own", Lorenzo continued. "See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams", he added, as a farewell. He would wait for Jasmine to say goodbye and hang up first, though, as he didn't want to hang up on her.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine had been raised to be a good girl. Mafia relations....No, it wasn't something she could approve of. Not the way she had been raised. But Jasmine was blissfully unaware of what had become of an old school friend. As far as she knew, Lorenzo was a legitimate businessman. A man that had used his street smarts to get a better life. Nothing wrong with that.

    "Sounds good, I'll see tomorrow."

    Jasmine replied to Lorenzo. She smiled when he told her to have sweet dreams.

    "You too, have a good night."

    She told him, ending the conversation for the night.


    Although he had told her to dress however she wanted, she couldn't help but fuss about it. She didn't want to embarrass him. If she wasn't working, she normally wore a tee shirt and jeans, but felt way too informal to wear. But she didn't want to wear her work clothes either. She didn't want to come to his place looking she had just gotten off work.

    Jasmine wanted to look nice and rolled her eyes at herself the next day in the mirror as she fussed over her appearance. You'd think she was going on a damn date. Rajah looked at her as he sat on top of the toilet.

    "It's all your fault, you know. Sneaking out and scaring Enzo."

    Rajah just meowed at her. She scratched his head and thought while she was glad he had scared Enzo. She was excited to see him, they hadn't seen each other in a long time. It would be nice to catch up with an old friend.

    "Up or down?"

    She said, grabbing her long dark hair, trying to decide if have it up or down as she held it up in the mirror. Rajah yawned at her and curled up on the back of the toilet ready to take a nap. Jasmine made a face at her reflection.

    "I really need to get out more. Asking the damn cat for advice."

    She said and laughed at herself. In the end, she decided to keep her hair down and wore a white sweater with dark jeans. Semi formal is what she went for. She thought it was a nice compromise as she eagerly waited for Enzo to pick her up.

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