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    Lorenzo Martinelli


    Lorenzo really hoped Jasmine would never learn what his real business was. Well, his restaurant was a real business, but it worked more as a cover. So, she could very well know about this one. As for the rest... it was best kept to himself for many reasons. Lorenzo was sure that Jasmine wouldn't approve of his criminal activities. He didn't want to share them with her, as she might report him. She wasn't the kind of person to cover up for a criminal, after all. And he didn't want her to be at risk by association. So, it was for the best that she thought of him as a guy who had opened his own business and made money with it.

    "Have a great one yourself. See you tomorrow!", Lorenzo told Jasmine before ending the conversation. He had to admit he was really looking forward to seeing her again. It had been way too long.


    The next day, Lorenzo did what he usually did daily. Woke up late, as he always spent the nights up taking care of business, had lunch with his mother, and spent the day taking care of his honest business. While he didn't spend too much time in the restaurant, he still cared about it, and made sure to keep the place with a good quality of food and good service. After making a few phone calls to his suppliers, Lorenzo spent a few hours in the gym he had at home. It was good for business to keep active and fit. That, and he was feeling a bit anxious about seeing Jasmine. Working out would help.

    When the clock hit four in the afternoon, Lorenzo hit the showers, told his mother he would be out to pick up Jasmine, before giving her a kiss and going to the garage where he kept his cars. He had chosen dress pants and a blue button-up shirt. It was pretty casual for his usual style, but Lorenzo didn't want to look too formal. Choosing a basic popular car, he went out to his old neighborhood, stopping where he had parked the last time and stepping out of the car. Walking into his old street brought back memories, but Lorenzo sucked them up and went to Jasmine's door - he still remembered where she lived.

    After another look around, he knocked on the door and waited.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine had been very excited about her dinner with Lorenzo and his mother. So, much so, she was at risk of looking like a fool. It wasn't like they were going on a date. But it almost felt like one. She told herself to be careful. She risked acting like a little girl. When she was younger, she did have a small crush on Enzo, but she never acted on it. They had been friends and...She didn't want to risk their friendship if he didn't return her feelings. Especially when he was good looking enough he could have had his pick of any girl he wanted. Why would he have wanted her? When he could have the blonde captain of the cheer leading squad?

    It was just a dinner, after all. Nothing more would come of it. Just a chance to catch up with an old friend. When she heard the knock on the door, she had to stop herself from running to answer. 'Fool,' she told herself. 'Act like an adult.' She told herself she would. She opened the door and smiled at Lorenzo.


    She told him and Rajah came up next to her. He looked up at Enzo and meowed at him.

    "This is Rajah, the little asshole who tried to jump you the other night."

    She told her old friend with a smile.

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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo was very excited to have dinner with Jasmine as well. His mother was also very excited, as Mrs. Martinelli had always secretly hoped her son would get together with Jasmine. She was such a lovely girl - pretty, had come from a good family, and was always kind to Enzo. She seemed to see the best in him, while other people only saw the aggressive immigrant boy who was hard to deal with. Sadly, it hadn't happened, and Lorenzo had never really settled with any of the girls he had dated as he grew old enough to have girlfriends.

    While his mother, at home, put the final touches on dinner, Lorenzo had come to pick up Jasmine to take her to his house.

    When he saw her, Enzo showed his old broad smile. "Hey", he greeted, genuinely happy to see his old friend again.

    Seeing the cat, Lorenzo laughed and leaned forward. "Oh, so that was you, wasn't it", he said, offering the cat an ear-scratch, but paying attention to see whether ot not Rajah would be receptive to it.

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    Jasmine David

    Jasmine was truly happy to see Lorenzo again. Life had taken them different directions, but she did think of him from time to time. Always hoping that he and his mother were doing well. When Lorenzo offered his hand to Rajah, he went up him. First sniffing his hand and then allowing the man to scratch him behind the ear. Purring that he liked it. Jasmine smiled.

    "Yes, he likes to sneak out."

    Although she was glad that Rajah had. It would be nice to see her old friend again. She added.

    "Shall we go?"

    She had always been taught it was rude to be late for dinner.

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    Lorenzo Martinelli

    Lorenzo had to admit it felt good to see Jasmine. And she had grown into a beautiful woman. With a sigh, Lorenzo tried to push this thought away from his mind and focused on the cat, giving him an ear-scratch and smiling when Rajah purred. "Now you like me", he joked, turning his attention to Jasmine when she said the cat liked to sneak out.

    "That's cats for you. Always getting into places they shouldn't be in, or sneaking out when they shouldn't", he joked, shaking his head.

    When Jasmine asked if they should go, Lorenzo nodded. "Yeah, we should get moving. Otherwise my mother will put us both on time out and leave us without dessert", he joked, waiting for Jasmine to get whatever she wanted and lock the door before leading her to his car.

    He had picked out a popular model to pick Jasmine up, as he felt she might feel awkward if he had brought a fancier model. Opening the door for her, Lorenzo waited for Jasmine to get in and closed it, walking to his side and starting the car. "Would you like some music? Or would you prefer to chat a little on the way?".

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