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    A Blast from the Past!

    A Blast from the Past!

    Hey everyone, Been some time. Great to see the old place
    still up an running.... Had to admit i was a bit worried it might
    have faded into nothing well i was gone. The place looks
    awesome.... To be honest I've been thinking about this place &
    you all for awhile now... just couldn't get up the courage.....
    in the end it was Qwaring that got me to return. or I should
    say a longing to see Qwaring's story & beautiful art work
    that did me in.

    Status update....

    can't remember when I was last around & what I said then so....

    Happily married almost 4 years now, Have two wonderful children.
    oldest is my son who turned 9 in January &
    me new babygirl who turns 2 at the end of July.
    I was diagnosed with Autism at the tail end of last year
    & my physical heath (i.e. back & knees) slowly continue
    to degrade as time moves on, I now need a cane to walk
    properly & have been using one embarrassingly enough since
    before I turned 29.... I'll be 33 this July.....

    An as far as your message SF, if the offer is still open, give
    me some time to figure out the email(whether it still active or not)
    & I'd be happy to join in.

    How's everyone doing?
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Hey, Jacen, long time no see, but great to see you back !

    I have back and mobility problems too, but touch wood physio keeps me from needing a cane for the time being, and because emphysema stops me having more than local anaesthetic if surgery has to be considered, I'm a bit religious about the exercises. They're working great, though, and I'm in better shape now coming up to 70 than I was at 64 having a hip replaced.

    My maths says you've used a cane since you got married - whatever did you/she do?
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    Welcome back, Jacen. It is great to see you.

    I'm sorry to hear about your health problems but congrats on the family. I remember when you posted your son being born and now you also have a daughter. That's great. Time truly does fly!

    As for us, well, come October, Corey and I will have been married for 12 years. Teddy turned 12 in April and will be in 7th grade in the fall. He's been playing football for about four years now and is going to join the the Cross Country team in school as well.

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    Aye Xetal, awhile before we got married my wife(then girlfriend) complained about
    how she did like how it looked when I walked cause of the limp.... I had a cane at
    my place that I'd bought for my mum but hadn't given it to her yet. So it became
    mine instead. Aye Physio is good, unfortunately it did work for me. It's good to
    hear your doing good Xetal, Still a fan of Lady Death?

    Aye, time does fly. Wow, I don't remember you two getting married, but I definitely
    remember Teddy being born & the ..... Sonogram? pics you posted of him in your
    belly. It's good to hear he's active & not a gamer/ couch potato like so many others
    of his generation. Also congratulations on over a decade of being married.

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    Thank you. We got married the same year Teddy was born. He's a pretty active kid and has made a lot of friends. He likes games, he shares his dad's love of Transformers, but he likes sports a lot more.

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    I'm sure that makes OP happy.
    He's got something special there, there are times I wish I had
    more in common with my son. But i'm not even really able to be myself
    around him, a lot of times I have to make an effort to try not to be myself.

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    It does. Actually they have very similar personalities. Which on also means they can bicker a lot. They have the same exact temperament. They are definitely "like father, like son".

    I'm sure your a good dad to your son, though, and he loves you.

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    That's good. but me Wife say's, if there's nothing there then there no arguing or anything.
    when you care there is sometimes issues because they mean something to you...
    Me wife said it better & it makes more sense when she said it.
    He does & I try my best, I'm lucky I have my wife who is great at
    the things I'm not so good at or unable to do. Our personalty's are just different.
    I'm lucky me babygirl is very much different. We get along better. Thankfully
    even though my son has adhd, He understands that even though I can't show love
    in a normal sense I still love him & that it's not him, that I have mental issues
    that make me different.

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    Your wife is right. Corey and Teddy definitely love each other but they also know how to push each others' buttons. Thankfully, I'm good at defusing the whole situation most times.

    I'm sure you do try your best and that's what matters. It sounds like you have a great family, Jacen. I'm really happy for you.

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