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    Aye, I wish I had the chance to meet Paul, But he & my mum
    split, then devoured when I was 3 or 4.

    Aye, But AJ started with Ring of Honor(I belive) & TNA where
    it was about the wrestling. So the Woman's division has improved?
    I stopped watching when they where mostly Breasts & Bottoms
    to show off & no real wrestling... I miss the old days with Trish. Lita
    & the others..... Though at one point there where a few others that
    where not bad.

    P.S. Also since I have bad memory of that time & Don't remember.
    A Belated Welcome to Q&Q Anne Elizabeth Baldwin.
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    Ah, I see. That's a shame you didn't get to meet him.

    And you're right about AJ Styles. I watched TNA long time ago, back when Christian and Kurt Angle were there. Styles was definitely one of my favorites and Bobby Roode (who is now in WWE's NXT). Although I got bored with TNA eventually because I couldn't follow all their storylines. Everyone was in a storyline with someone else.

    And yes, the Women's Division has improved tremulously. It started about 2 years ago. No more Bra and Panties matches. The quality matches now remind me of the days of Trish & Lita. Tonight their having the first ever Women's Money in the Bank Match. They even had a Women's Hell in the Cell match before.

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    P.S. Also since I have bad memory of that time & Don't remember.
    A Belated Welcome to Q&Q Anne Elizabeth Baldwin.
    Thanks, Jacen I do like it here very much.

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    Your Welcome Anne Elizabeth Baldwin.

    Aye, I have no memory's for him, So to me he's
    Paul, most people would call him my father.

    Aye, TNA was good.... then they started grabbing
    every wash out from the WWE & it took a nose dived.
    that's pretty cool, it's nice to see there are finally
    catching back up, Though Ladders matches &
    I'm pretty sure a hell in a cell & or cage match
    where done Lita & Tish & the others back then.
    Aye Bra & Panties matches where.... interesting
    to say the least.... I remember a few old one that weren't
    half bad wrestling wise.

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    Daveosaurus was right; I should have come years earlier. But better late than never, right?

    I'm sorry you don't remember Paul Broken families can be tough to grow up in. {Sympathetic Look}

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    No disrespect Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, But just because
    Me parents divorced doesn't automatically mean I come
    from a broken home, I had a wonderful childhood & have
    turned out well with very little regrets.(non of which have
    anything to do with Paul.) An actual in a lot of ways I
    had a much better/loving & enjoyable childhood/
    early life then me wife did. A lot of people live with or
    only have one parent for one reason or another &
    turn out fine... In some instances it's much better
    for the children & even the adults if they split.
    rather then trying to stay together.

    (My apologies if this sounds angry or anything, I really
    have no feelings towards it, Just wanted to point it out.
    If that is not how you meant it, then I apologize for

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    No disrespect taken or meant, Jacen. I just misunderstood when you said you wished you'd known Paul. {apologetic smile}

    I know that some kids turn out better for their parents' divorce. I'm glad to hear you had a good childhood. So many can't say that.

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    No Worries, I have difficulty with words & expressing myself.
    An at some point I may get the chance to know him.
    Aye, me brother & I where very fortunate.

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