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Thread: The Affair

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    Jake Turner

    "You're welcome and thank you."

    Jake replied back to Abby with a smile. Happy she found him attractive. Although, he shouldn't be. After all, what he was doing would hurt two people. Abby and Angie. Not mention his daughter. Maybe he could do this, he thought, as the night went on and he had lots of fun with his date. Why couldn't he just have it all. Neither woman had to know. As stupid as it sounded, his mind was already trying to rationalize it already.

    It was very selfish and Jake was already trying to delude himself that it would all work out. That he could keep his family but also have Abby and her son in his life. Already one official date in and he was doomed. He was truly enjoying himself. He couldn't remember the last time he had such a good time or connected with someone. He felt like Abby was someone he had always known.

    It was like she got him. In a way his wife hadn't in a long time. When Abby found a picture she liked, he replied.

    "That's my favorite team too. Here, I'll get it for you."

    He wouldn't take no for an answer. He walked over to the cashier to pay who told them there was a sale going on the artwork. Buy one, get another half off. He looked at the artwork and saw one Angie would like. He grabbed it and said he had friend with a birthday coming up. He might as well get two since there was a sale. He didn't allow himself to acknowledge what an ass that made him. Buying his wife and his date pictures.

    Jake wished the night didn't have to end, but it did. Angie expected him home. She'd worry if he spent the night with Abby. Not that she'd automatically assume he was cheating on her. She'd probably think he was dead in ditch. She had never any reason to think he would cheat on her. Until Abby, he had never strayed from her.

    She trusted him...And Jake told himself to stop thinking about Angie as he walked Abby back to her car. With Angie and the vows he made to her put on the back burner of his mind, Jake told Abby.

    "I had a lot fun tonight. My only regret is that our night has to end."

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    Abby Walters

    "You're welcome too."

    Abby told Jake, she had a great time. She couldn't remember the last time she had this much fun with another adult. It was so nice. Maybe tonight would be the start of something wonderful. Abby was starting to hope so.

    When Jake said the team she and Nicky liked best was his favorite too, Abby said with a big smile.

    "Just another thing we have in common."

    It seemed like they had a lot in common. Well, other then the fact she was single and he was married. Jake conveniently left that part out. Abby didn't expect Jake to buy the picture for her but she could tell he was going to anyway.

    "Thank you."

    She told him after he paid for it.

    "I hope your friend likes that one too."

    Abby added, thinking that was sweet of him to find a present for a friend as well. Like Jake, Abby wished the night didn't have to end. She smiled to him.

    "I did too. More fun then I've had in a long time."

    She couldn't remember any time she and Derek had this much fun when they were together.

    "Maybe we can do it again sometime."

    Abby offered to Jake, very hopeful he'd say yes.
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    Jake Turner

    "I like it."

    Jake told Abby with a smile when she said they something else in common. They had a lot of things in common. More then he felt he had in common with his wife anymore. Being Abby made him feel like a teenager again. The fun of learning new things about a person. Without all the responsibilities of adulthood or parenthood.

    "You're welcome, Abby."

    He told her when she thanked him for buying her the picture. He wondered if Angie would like hers. He planned to tell her that he went browsing at some shops after his business dinner.

    "Yeah, me too."

    He replied when she said she hoped his 'friend' would like the picture. He was sure Angie would. When he saw it, it screamed something she'd like. It was sad to him that their fun night had to come to and end. He smiled back at Abby.

    "Same here...And I'd like that."

    He'd like that a lot. Even though, he shouldn't. He should stay loyal to his wife, not make future plans with another woman. But doing what he should and doing what he wanted were two very different things.


    Jake had called Abby a few days later, making plans for another date. Plans his wife had no idea he had made. He and Angie always had the agreement they would each get one day out of the week that was their day. The day they could do whatever they wanted and hang out with friends. Angie had her girl's night, when she'd often try a place to blog about. Jake used to use his to hang out a sports bar.

    That all changed after his first date with Abby. Jake used his day to go on a date with Abby. Every week they went out. Always to places he was sure no one would know him. He started to look really forward to those days. That became his favorite day of the week. Sometimes he'd see Abby more then just once a week. He'd just tell Angie he had to work late, he was a workaholic, after all. And she never seemed to question him coming home late. Of course, on Angie's day, he was in charge of watching their daughter. So, on that day, he told Abby he visited his mother. A lie she easily accepted. She was so trusting, just like Angie. They both trusted him so much.

    There were times when Jake thought of ending the affair. He'd look at Sally and Angie and know he should stop. He did love his family. They should be enough for him. That what he was doing was wrong. He remember all the good times he and Angie had. Think of the reasons why he had married Angie to begin with. But he couldn't help himself. He might love his family, or at least the idea of them, Jake also was falling in love with Abby. He couldn't imagine his life without Abby in it.

    Jake was truly doomed once he met her son, Nicholas, for the first time. They had been seeing each other for a few months before Abby finally let him meet Nicky. That kid was something very special. Just as Jake fell in love with Abby, he also fell in love with her son. The boy had the childhood and mother Jake wished he had growing up. The kid was amazing. Jake couldn't picture life without Nicholas in it either.

    One would think that then, he should have been able to man up and tell his wife what was going on. That he had fallen in love with someone else and wanted a divorce. Except, Jake didn't want to do that. He wanted it all. He wanted Angie and Sally in his life. But he also wanted Abby and Nicky in his life as well.

    Which left Jake Turner with a great dilemma. He wanted it all. And was a big enough of a fool to think he could have it.
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    Abby Walters

    When Jake told her that he wanted to see her again, Abby was thrilled. If she had been a young girl still, she would have probably jumped for joy. She was an adult and a mother, but she still felt pretty giddy about it. It had been a long time since she'd been this excited for something.

    "I'm glad. Definitely give me a call sometime."

    Abby told him and wished him a good night. It had been a perfect first date. And she really hoped he would call her.


    When Jake called her a few days later to make plans for another date, Abby quickly agreed. She didn't mind how much time they spent together. They both worked and she had a child. Her child was her number one priority. She liked Jake and enjoyed being with him, but Nicholas' needs would always come first. Jake seemed to understand and respect that. She assumed because his business was like his baby. She had no idea it was because he had child of his own. Or that he had a wife.

    Their once a week date plan worked out very well for her. It gave Abby something to look forward to every week. Like Jake, that day of the week had quickly became her favorite as well. Although she did love it when he'd surprise her by making plans other days too.

    Abby and Jake took things slow and it worked well for them. Abby found herself falling in love with him. After Derek, she never thought she'd find love again. She certainly had not looked for it. She had Nicholas and she thought that was enough for her. But love had found her anyway and she couldn't have been happier. Jake seemed like the perfect man for her. The man she didn't enough she had been looking for.

    When Abby knew she loved Jake, she let him meet Nicky. Her son had been curious about her 'friend' but Abby wasn't going to let any man meet her son until she knew what they had was going to last for the long term. And she felt what she and Jake had would do that. Her son approved of Jake and that was icing on the cake to Abby.

    Abby Walters felt for the first time in a long time she could be really happy.
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