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    Confined Crime Story (with Sojourn)

    Confined Crime Story (with Sojourn)

    Michael Callaghan

    Michael couldn't believe his luck. He was married to a beautiful, intelligent and sweet woman, and he couldn't be happier with her. She was like the rise of a bright day after being with Julianne.

    Not that Julianne wasn't beautiful. Or intelligent. She was actually too intelligent for Michael's comfort, to the point where he felt threatened. Her intelligence had a malicious streak to it, and, if he were to be honest, Michael was slightly afraid of his lady.

    Had Mercedes not come in the picture, Michael might have married Julianne and spent the rest of his days looking over his shoulder every time he angered his wife. After he met Mercedes, though, everything changed. He knew he couldn't be with Julianne anymore.

    Despite his fear of Julianne's wrath, Michael tried to do the right thing. He sat with Julianne, and broke up with her before even pursuing anything with Mercedes. Once they were separated, then he went for his new love.

    Things with Mercedes were easy and happy, and Michael proposed to her as soon as he could put some money aside for a ring. Her 'yes' made him the happiest man in the world. And now, they were starting their new life with a grand trip. Everything would be perfect now.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Just like Michael, Julianne also planned on starting a new life. Of course, as with every big life changes, there were a few loose ends that needed to be tied before she could get a fresh start.

    In Julianne's case, her loose ends were two, and had names and surnames: Michael and Mercedes Callaghan.

    Michael was her ex-boyfriend, and she had been planning on marrying him - until Mercedes came along. As soon as that little wench had come along, Michael had forgotten everything about her, and had eyes only for the other girl. And, in no time, he had turned his back on Julianne and married Mercedes.

    And he would pay for that. Both of them would.

    In her crusade to make both Michael and Mercedes pay for their 'crime', Julianne had taken the time to do homework. She poked around, asked questions, and learned that Mercedes had also apparently left someone behind when she married Michael. Deciding that it was worth a shot, Julianne went after the man to figure out what he was like.

    Meeting Nathaniel made Julianne see that she would have a very easy time recruiting him to do her dirty work. He was pretty easy to manipulate, as he saw himself as entitled to Mercedes, but didn't really object sleeping with another woman. And that was just what Julianne needed.

    While the new couple was preparing a wedding, Julianne was plotting revenge with Nathaniel. And now that the newlyweds were hoping for a peaceful trip... she was sure they would get it. There was no way out.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes Callaghan loved her new husband. It didn't matter to her at all that Michael had been her father's gardener. He was the most handsome and kindest man she had ever met. Much better then her ex boyfriend, Nathaniel. The difference between Michael and Nathaniel was like night and day. It was meeting Michael that had given her the courage to dump that cheating jerk for good. She felt sorry for whatever woman caught Nathaniel's attention next. He wasn't a nice man, after all. And she felt her parents were pretty happy when she told them she was breaking things off with Nathaniel to be with Michael instead. Her father had given Michael is blessing right away, something he never would have done with her ex.

    Life was good for Mercedes and she couldn't be happier. She didn't care how much money Michael had. That didn't matter to her. What she felt with him, the joy her brought into her life, that couldn't be bought. The best things in life were free. He could have given her ring from a Cracker Jack box and she would have loved it. She loved him very much and was so excited to spend the rest of her life with him.

    Mercedes found Michael and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

    "Are you excited about the cruise?"

    She asked him, she thought it would be lots of fun. She wasn't the only one who was bringing some baggage into their marriage. Michael's ex, Julianne, hadn't taken their break up well either. Julianne had been as angry as Nathaniel had been. Although, for different reasons, she was sure. Nathaniel was a possessive man, whose ego didn't take to being dumped. Julianne...She seemed more dangerous. Well, a nice cruise would do her and Michael some good. Put their pasts where they belonged, in the past. They could just enjoy being with each other and focus on their future. Which she was sure would be long and happy.
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    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel Williams was angry. Mercedes had been his and Michael Callaghan had 'stole' her from him. Nathaniel was a proud man, he didn't take to being dumped well. He was the one who did the dumping in relationships, not the other way around. How dare that little bitch act like she was happy and moving on from him? He never said it was over. And to make matters worse, he was dumped for a gardener. Perhaps, being dumped for some richer he could see. He would have still been angry, but it would have been understandable. But a bloody gardener?! That was a slap in the face. He had been the laughing stock of the country club!

    Nathaniel wasn't the only one angry, though, about the new marriage. It hadn't taken long to find out that Mercedes hadn't been the only rich girl Michael Callaghan had latched himself on to. Julianne Wells had been the first. A beautiful and fiery red head. She had sought him out and her anger matched his own. They had a lot in common and quickly became friends.

    Nathaniel would have loved to have crashed the Callaghan wedding, make a huge scene. But Julianne had convinced him to be patient. Michael and Mercedes were going on a cruise for their honeymoon. It would be a much better place to strike. Closed quarters and all. He was so eager, he could barely control himself. He went to meet Julianne to go over some plans before the big trip.

    "Hey, gorgeous, ready for a cruise to die for?"

    Nathaniel told her with a sinister grin.

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    Michael Callaghan

    Feeling his wife's arms around his neck made Michael let out a happy sigh. He couldn't help but feel incredibly blessed to have Mercedes. She was beautiful, sweet and smart, and she really loved him. He could see it in her eyes.

    Julianne had loved him in her own way, Michael supposed. But Julianne's love was possessive and dangerous. She was off balance, he was sure. But before Mercedes, he thought he couldn't do better than his former lover. Mercedes was the kind of woman he wanted, though.

    She was rich, but he knew she wasn't a snob. She knew what really mattered in life. She appreciated the small things he could give her, and was truly grateful for what she had. Julianne was insatiable, she always wanted more, to the point where she was consuming his life and soul.

    But Julianne was in the past now. Mercedes was his present and future.

    "I would be excited to spend time in the backyard with you", he replied to his wife's question, holding her hand gently and kissing it. He loved doing such small gestures. He would avoid them with Julianne, though, because she was always complaining that his hands were too rough for her. Mercedes didn't seem to mind that he had the hands of a working class man.

    Leaning in for another kiss, he finally replied to the question at hand. "I am, I can't wait to travel around with you before we settle back at home", he stated, his eyes lighting up. "I cannot wait to start our lives together. I love you, Mercedes Callaghan", the man murmured gently.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Julianne was incredibly excited about this cruise. She had pretty much everything she wanted on her fingertips. She had luxury, fun, a handsome man to warm her bed - even though she couldn't care less about him as a person - and the prospect of murder. This would indeed be a cruise to die for.

    Nathaniel's question made Julianne let out a happy giggle. "More than ready. I can't wait to pay our darlings a visit", she replied, moving a hand to Nathaniel's backside and pinching him. "Of course we'll also be doing some other interesting things with our time", Julianne carried on.

    If she were to admit, Julianne was having a lot of fun with Mercedes's ex boyfriend. He was handsome, wealthy, and - ironically - he wasn't half as clever as Michael had been. Michael had seen the darkness in her heart, and the fact that she wasn't well balanced mentally. Nathaniel seemed to see only a beautiful woman who was more than willing to give him whatever he wanted. For now, at least.

    What he could not see was that she planned to use him to do her dirty work and then dispose of him. But that would have to wait. For now, she had to be all smiles, bright eyes and open arms.

    "And after they are done... I'll be all yours, sweetheart", she added, playing her part as the lovestruck girl she knew so well how to play.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes never imagined she'd be so happy. What she and Michael shared, it was something special. Something out a fairy tale. So different then what she shared with Nathaniel. Her only regret was that she hadn't met Michael sooner. Michael was everything she had ever dreamed in man. She didn't care how much he had. He had a heart of gold.

    Mercedes smiled at her husband.

    "Oh, I know you would. I would too, but I do think the trip will be fun. We'll get to relax and see a little bit of the world."

    Mercedes loved when Michael would hold her hand and kiss it. She didn't mind that he had calluses. He was a hardworking man. Not like Nathaniel. Who had never worked a day in his life. Usually the only thing in that man's hands was a damn whiskey glass. She was glad she had gotten Nathaniel out of her life and found Michael.

    She happily returned Michael's kiss and said.

    "I can't wait either, Mister Callaghan."

    She loved being Mrs. Callaghan. She hoped they had long and happy lives together and a house filled with babies. Maybe they could make a baby on the cruise. That idea sounded perfect to her.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel thought the cruise would be to die for. At least for the new Misters and Mrs Callaghan. While he was still angry that Mercedes thought she could leave him. He didn't mind the company of his new 'friend'. She was absolutely gorgeous. And smart, but Nathaniel never cared how smart a woman was. Nor would his ego allow him to realize that Julianne was far smarter then him. He was just thrilled they both wanted the same thing. To make the newlyweds pay for what they did.

    He grinned at Julianne, loving her hands on his body.

    "Oh, I'm sure we can keep each other very entertained in the mean time."

    He told her, lowering his head to give her a kiss. He also loved the idea of having Miss Wallis all to himself. At least, until he got bored of her. Which would no doubt happen. It always did. He just hadn't gotten bored of Mercedes before she dumped him.

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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael showed a bright smile when Mercedes called him Mister Callaghan. He really loved the idea of being married to a woman like Mercedes. He wouldn't have cared if she didn't have a quarter to her name. He could and would work and support their family. Sure, he would never be able to give her a life of luxury, but he could provide well enough for a modest and decent life for them and their future children.

    Michael's eyes lit up when he thought about children. He was sure Mercedes would be a very loving mother, and he planned on raise their children to be good and hard working men and women in the future. Without knowing what Mercedes had in mind, Michael also thought that it would be great if they could go home already with a baby on the way.

    "I want to shout to the world that you are my wife", Michael stated, his voice warm and happy. Wrapping his arms around Mercedes, he kissed her hair and neck. After those kisses, he leaned forward and picked up his wife, not giving her time to protest.

    "How about we go and check out our cabin? I think we'll need some time to... get acquainted with it", he suggested with a wink.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Julianne kissed Nathaniel and nibbled on his lower lip before showing him a devious smile. The wheels in her head were turning even as she did her best to make the man think she was head over heels in love - or lust - with him. Truth was that she didn't care in the least about Nathaniel. He could be in Japan or dead, as far as she cared. For now, though, he was a really useful tool, and she wanted to keep him happy and around.

    "We surely can", she murmured, licking her lips in a way that made clear what she was thinking about. Julianne knew a man with the ego the size of Mount Everest like Nathaniel would definitely take well to being pleasured without having to pleasure his partner. And Julianne didn't really want to do anything that could make her get involved with Nathaniel. He wasn't worth her affection.

    "Come on", she said, her hand slipping into Nathaniel's. "Let's give our bed a warm welcome, before we start getting friendly with the lovebirds", she invited, the idea of revenge and murder making her more aroused than any man could.

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